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True true Oli. Except they'll wonder whats wrong with them. If they'd make RM lastic sided with non cuff catching tops I'd almost consider a pair again.
Eljimberino, at the somewhat embarrassing risk of being seen to agree with Oli, I don't think I've ever seen a Chelsea boot that comes close to RMs for quality, fit, value and looks. Except for some round toe Beatles boots in the 60 s
80% - or 81.3%? Isn't that only if you drink a glass of it each day?
mmh - I don't think I could ever get away with the hair washing......er... um* ....regime... of once or twice a week. So its still Johnsons baby shampoo & conditioner combined everyday. {sigh} *Makes note not to rub certain blokes heads.
Coxsie, I've been given that line for many years. Not sure I accept it. I wash my hair with baby shampoo every single day of my life. I'm sick of it. If I don't wash it , it is unmanageable and gets oily. Greasy like sewer rat greasy. Ratso. I keep being told it will reach equilibrium after a while and be NOT greasy. Never happens. Its just gets greasier and greasier. Longest I've gone is a week without washing and it just looked disgusting and greasy.
Again this is off the top of my head but I think poplin is a tight weave and not all that cool? Look for a simple open weave in the shirts. How far do you have to walk between your office and court? How much of it is really outside? Any reason you can't take jacket off, leave it on hanger or back of chair in court, and put it on when you come back in?
I'll assume thats a bit of hyperbole and you are not actually paranoid about suit fabric. You might try largely unlined jackets, with 1/4 lining or butterfly lining, mainly just over shoulders and in sleeves. Although with unlined, at least in theory, the interior finish has to be of higher quality, sometimes making a jacket more expensive. A looser jacket, well loose clothes in general, will always feel a bit cooler. (as to if they actually ARE cooler...)But - whats...
Oli, off the top of my head, the important thing is that a suit lining is slippery, allows you to slip sleeves on easily and knees not to catch on trousers etc. Also that it breathes roughly like wool. No point in the wonderful qualities of wool if it is negated or neutralised by a lining that doesn't breath like a poly. iirc Bemberg is a trade nĂ¡me , synonymous with suit lining, but it is still a rayon /viscose. A particular kind of rayon, cupro. Cuprammonium Rayon to be...
or viscose is a form of rayon. Complicated due to trade names. And a generic vs a specific.
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