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So - I hear in Sydney the bars close at 6.30pm and you have to be home in bed by 8.30pm
Rodd & Gunn x Suitably Connected Thursday, September 8, 2016 6:00pm 8:30pm Rodd & Gunn @ St Collins Lane Suitably Connected is excited to be partnering with Rodd & Gunn to help celebrate the launch of its St Collins Lane store. Situated in Australia's latest luxury retail mall, the new Rodd & Gunn store plays homage to its New Zealand heritage. Taking inspiration from the country's picturesque landscape the interior is finished with lodge-like furniture and accessories...
PM PoP - Oi Terry - you said you wouldn't post that pic of us. Anyway you think you can bodgie up a computer bag for ernie? He'll fall for any thing if you hype it up as a Pitti special or Simon Cromptom or Rake approved. We should make a few easy squids from him. See ya - arthur
I'd bet that your niece could play better than you anyway
How ridiculous? Just, very, super or absolutely bloody ridiculous?
Never been a great sneakers fan - and perhaps erroneously formed the view that if you were over 17 you probably shouldn't wear sneakers and if you were over 35 you certainly shouldn't - but I may be slightly out of touch. Although I look at a the sad 45 years old or so blokes at gigs and around town trying to look youthful and hip in black jeans, sneakers and a band t shirt and can't see any urgency to revise my prejudices. Certainly if you are over 50 - don't wear sneakers.
Forgot to add - with that sort of trouser you really need a bit of heel on your shoes to work best. SVB would look better with a higher heel.
Add to list - washing machine and bottle of Oxyclean
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