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Or you can do what me and The Duke of Windsor* do and fold 2 x pair of trousers over each hanger - each pair cuff opening different side.* he's a bit dead now.
@Ernesto - you got the address of MaryAnne's Hammocks?
What do you mean?
Lately I've been inspired by Gerry too
FFS PoP - he's going to a wedding not joining The Masons.
Palm Beach USA?
Wednesday 27 July 2016 In the next edition of PBS' monthly film series, Stryka D and Mohair Slim present a free screening of Duke Vin and the Birth of Ska at The Spotted Mallard.The night includes a Q&A session with director Gus Berger, and the screening of a short film about Stryka D and Melbourne's sound-system culture to start the night. This comes in the lead-up to August's sound-system special edition of Jamaica Jump-Up, with Stryka D's Heartical Hi-Powa system set...
nah - its a step up from that - more the Assistant Principal Dressed Up for Parent Teacher Interviews.
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