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Oli, you OK there? No local Motoring Enthusiasts Party policy analysis meeting on tonight? Open lacing or closed lacing are simple, descriptive and accurate terms for types of lacing/vamps arrangement s. Why use other confusing and non consensual terms.
Ha a truckload of spam on SF all about Australian rugby on TV or something
lachy - for a minute I thought you said NAB was offering 70% off everything!
re Zegna and a sheep station. I'd assume that Zegna want a bit more control and to use the station as a testing round for various innovations or experiments. They will be able to play around and see whether (wether. hehe) any vertical integration has some benefits. They will also have control over issues like mulesing. Its generally underestimated here how much impact the coverage of mulesing has had in other countries and impact on wool manufacturers. Zegna has eased...
WIWWT. Black leather jacket, flannel shirt, black jeans, black boots. Just for a change. I think the girls at the library were impressed. As were two of the women shopping at K Mart this arvo.
You cheapen what Sophie and I had by calling it an affair. Anyway I've got a new hot Senator from Tasmania
faux yaux all
8 out of 10
Lovely Colours. Compliments.
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