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foxy - I used to have a hotkey that would bring up a spread-sheet
I pass this message and photos on from shooey.
I'm not around 20 Yrs.Street wear for me is what I mow the nature strip inI only wear the Santa Fe's to sticky carpet rock gigs.
foxy - i like the boots etc - have you given some thought to pushing it a bit and getting a high heel - maybe not a cuban if you are a bit shy but RM has a heel in between flat and cuban. The higher heel is sadly neglected these days - and it gives a nice edge and a bit of the dandy rock dog look. These forums are a bit too conservative and suburban for young blokes imnsho. edit:: I also think with that outfit either have slightly wider cuff opening on your trousers or go...
degrading - in all sorts of ways - a general judgment all over. Wurgs you are pushing me now to justify myself. I don't mind creases at all - in fact I have a lot on my face - but it must have some appeal - on shoes. reminds me of when I was a head office bureaucrat for a brief but glorious time - job interview assessments on 20, well thought out, criteria could result in a score that was on top but a candidate that no one wanted or thought was the best. I introduced,...
CD - I'm not saying they aren't better than most melbournites shoes but just not as desirable as some, mainly usa peoples, make out.
Nope - as close to a random sample as one might get in this game The AE PAs look particularly crappy on the vamp with odd creases and such. I'm talking a sample of 6 or so from different people , different sizes and colours. But hey thats more than most experts here have seen. edit: Loakes I've seen a lot more
Wurgs - my evaluation having seen some well worn AE PA s and Loakes well worn is that the AE PA doesn't degrade gracefully - most Loakes I've seen do.I think thats big issue in a shoe - how does it degrade if worn with a cheerful louche insouciance (as in normal people i.e. me) rather than baby-ed, with shoe trees, excel sheet monitored rotation, conditioners, avoidance of concrete and rain, etc, like many (I hasten to add none of the respected posters here) forumites do.
apropos of nothing in particular - lately I have come across in the wild and also in captivity a few AE Park Avenues - some well worn, others not so much. I must say, at the risk of offending some, that I'm completely underwhelmed*. I'd add that they don't seem to wear all that well. wurger? anyone else? * I feel compelled to add that my claimed status is that of a cheapskate medium timer.
I've got a wardrobe full* of zip out and button out linings of coats jackets etc. Just not cold enough here to need them. So its a good idea * slightly hyperbolic statement.
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