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This isn't a result of being in the ME I hope?
CD - a bloke at Camberwell Market has a huge belt stall with millions of belts and will make one on the spot. Tends toward the thicker jean belt/buckles etc iirc but the leather is nice and I'm sure he could whip up something more refined. His prices are very low from memory.
Not scritchy? I've never really gone Fresco etc - I recall "that sort of thing" as scritchy stiff and see through? But I must admit I haven't felt the material for years.
Huh?Wait till I get out my pantone grid and my race card.What about Cork - Asians?
Seriously if the shoes are tan then going to light brown is very low risk. Then to say middle brown. Add some burgundy. I use Collinnol Daiment or 1996 or whatever they call it now. But just start off with a tube and applicator thing with a shade or two darker.
Spandexter, you just can't go wrong taking you shoes a few shades darker. It's been done forever. I'm sure even PoP could manage it.
Oli, the protectionist idiots like gerry Harvey will push and push and Abbotts government are like a crude mob of not too bright private school students who have read a few pages of Ayn Rand while at the family beach house. So there is a policy analysis free zone. Even the IPA wouldn't support this. The end result will be a $50 charge for admin, customs charges and handling by couriers on a 20 dollar item not available in Australia. Which is just the consumer...
Just do it yourself - with darker nuggett or even better cream polish - has a bit more colour in it. If you are nervous only go one shade darker at first. If you are confident or foolhardy hit them with some black or burgundy or a mix of both for a loverly dark reddish brown. Yummo.
For my amusement I'd like to see you order a special TOJ leather jacket, a vintage thirst silk tie form our friend Gianni, some trousers from Ambrosi, a pair of bespoke shoes and a green leather breast wallet. Also a trip to Napoli to get a cheap suit from one of Tacknaccies ex old age pensioner houseboys.
too late
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