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For Sale Loafers Suede $120 + postage (New = $400 aud + postage from UK) Charles Trywhitt (Loake) Size 10.5 F Dark Brown Bridgewater Tassle Loafer Only worn a few times - see pics of sole. Actual shoes Stock Photos
Hasn't stopped anyone else.
WHAT? Cant you get a bit in London?
He made a joke??
Or perhaps not take off so fast from a standing start!
I have made an extensive study of this.I can predict it may go up or down or stay about the same.I've always been rightI've always thought its "true" value should be around 80 u$a - so I'd predict it flopping either side of this for a while. Much of the previous high was about the u$a as much has about aud.
All loafers - as in all slip on shoes.
Lessons You Can Learn From Others Mistakes. When changing from your suit and tie into more comfortable travelling gear you may be tempted to place your good white shirt rolled up in the bag with your nicely shined black shoes in the boot of the car. This is not a good idea as the black nugget from shoes may, aided by the movement of the car, rub off into the collar of the good white shirt. This can be especially frustrating if you leave the bag until the next day to unpack...
I can't wear loafers. They feel like I'm slopping around in slippers / clogs.
I like bias bowls. One of our local clubs has a social Sunday for free where you can do barefoot or soft soles desert boots/Sneakers and they give each group an experienced coach. They also have a cheap bar and a $2 bbq. And they are genuinely friendly. Civilised suburban way to spend a Sunday arvo.
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