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Most people here will tell you that this looks too much like an orphaned suit jacket to work as an odd /sport jacket. I will tell you that too. If it wasn't striped you could get away with it as a navy blazer jacket. It does seem to fit well.Look on the up side. You now know a brand and style and size that works for you. This can now work well for you if saying buying one off ebay or from somebody here. Or new from Herringbone. Or if you see one in another opshop.In an...
Pics or it didn't happen!
I was more thinking that just looking in these places is a good thing to do - furthers an understanding of good men's clothes. And its fun.
Matt - as JM says - you are in the home of "country clothing" which is what moleskins and cords etc are. One thing about UK is that there are a lot of small stores around that have good clothing, shirts, tweed jackets, trousers, shoes even in very small towns/villages. You'll just stumble across them. When I say a lot - I mean not in every place but in what would seem here to be unlikely small places. Like say Camperdown or Terang but not say W'bool. Peter Christian has...
Dear Mr Pope Francis - please consider beatification for a Mr Oli of Australia.
C'mon I've seen you at Suitably Connected between Foxy and Pinky. Perhaps not exactly a crowd but.....
Ah yes. On the day malcolm has abolished the Tonies awards our minds turn to a well remembered Melbourne Cup. Comrade. Kerr has the honour of single handedly ending top hat wearing in Australia from that day on.
Some racing dress inspiration [[SPOILER]]
In other news - I was nearby so I dropped into a LEOs Grocery store. Felt a bit guilty but hey I was on holidays. I stopped feeling bad about the 50% Leo's markup when I heard through almost decent speakers - Buona Sera Signorina - and not some crappy watered down version but the man himself. Ernesto's relative - Louis Prima. Whens the last time you heard Louis Prima on your supermarket sound system?
New Posts  All Forums: