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Just wanted to make sure this wasn't lost like Vox's words
You don't have opshops up that way?
Its a ref. to an old Dads Joke:: Maitre d' to customer:: "Excuse me sir but do you have reservations?" Customer:: " I certainly do after looking at the decor - but no other places are open"
You'd be wise to book before you go if you want reservations.
Today I was wearing my single shot latte weak coloured cotton 3 /2 button Canterelli suit, 8.25" cuffless leg opening, no break trousers, dark brown suede chukkas, blue lines checked Zegna shirt with a cotton black knit square end tie. I also managed to slop some mayo from my Subway 6" with extra jalapeƱo and salami on the sleeve. Fixed it with a Baby Wipe.
a Barbour would need to be about $5 or less for me to buy as workwear on the building site. otoh I think ernesto wears one with a tie to work
In other news - was in American Tailors today - Sebastian is back from Pitti and they have a sale.
s'ok - I'm not up with what the young people are doing these days - except when I go to the doctors and read the waiting room magazines - and then I've never heard of around 80% of the "celebrities" featured. I'm well aware of Djangos lack of digits - I'm unaware of any guitar achievements of Mr Fariss approaching Djangology - although I do recall he was in a middle of the road pop combo called Over tha Top or something and he married a surfer lady or was that another bloke?
faux U 2
rolled up jeans look too rockabilly/docs to me - can't do it much. The J-PG exhibition had a pair he'd done for a collection with cuffs up to knees. I was thinking "I could see PoP in those"
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