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Thats what the Ms. says about me.....I thought St Marks was originally Marks &Sparks? or was it Target?
Heres a short version of something I prepared earlier. From another place and time:: Callahan is the only cop, perhaps only person, in the film to wear a tie done up all the time. Even running and sliding and shooting for his life in the quarry in a 3 piece brown suit. Most of the cops wear nondescript suits with the clich├ęd hard working cop loosened tie. Callahan actually looks "modern" beside them. Keeping in mind that in 71 when the film was released , a jacket, tie...
First Dirty Harry is a great clothes fillum. Harry's clothes himself. The final shoot out and brown suit. His offsider. The hierarchy. The bad guys. A lot of thought put into characters and clothes
Coxy - I agree Dirty Harry looks even better these days blahman - I don't want to state the bloody obvious - but I doubt BB had young ABCs in mind when they designed the BB Fitzgerald.
Often in the dryer on cool will remove lint
Bond's gone. He took billions of investors money by fraud and hid it in havens. He threw millions of others money at a yacht race no-one had heard of or cared about and won it. Big deal. No one remembers it now or talks about the race. Who won it last year - who gives a fuck. A populist Prime Minister (is there any others sort these days) rode the media hype as they all do. Bond got 7 years in jail. You get less for murder. He, and his family, kept this millions...
Black jacket can go with an all black look. You just need to vary the textures and/or tightness/looseness Black wide wale cord pants with jacket. Black suede boots or boots with buckles or pebble grain black. Pebble grain or stamped belt - big buckle. Thin wale cord shirt or mesh texture polo long sleeve. No shiney smooth black unless leather jacket.
Hey ho , lets go...
Chinos in Australia are interesting - not yet a staple but changing to almost. My experience (for others) is that its variable. You can get good chinos cheap in the strangest places. You just have to go and try them on. Depends if you like low rise etc. Over the years I've seen good cheap chinos in K Mart, Big W, Rivers etc. CR often has ok to good stuff. Gazman is probably the most consistent - reasonable price for reasonable chinos. But they vary from season to...
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