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WIWT Only one of us can be trusted
Thanks. I'll check it out.Still not sure I can pay those prices for jeans. But they do have have highish rise.But I can't get my head around a Jean that will stretch 1.5inches in waist after 30 wears.First off , wtf is 30 wears and secondly how do you wear jeans 1.5 inches too small in waist?I'm too old for all this.I might have to get foxxy to mentor me on what the young folks do. oh the shame!
Thanks. I know about them. I was looking for something in Melbourne.
Sugar Cane jeans in Melb?
Nope.The reason they call me the silver fox is because I only ever tip, 5c, 10c, 20c or on big occasions when I want to impress companions - a 50c coin.
Oli - no idea why you are asking me. I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted. I am not a squatter and do not wear 'lastic sided boots.Many years ago when I was on a a farm and owned a semi trailer I wore RMWs for work and they were good boots.I am of the opinion that RMWs are over priced to buggery for real work boots these days.I mostly cleaned them with Kiwi nugget.I do currently have 2 x pairs of RMWs in the back of my cupboard. They are a sad relic of my rock...
I couldn't afford slippers from Aldi.I waited outside cocksackie's Toorak Mansion on Wednesday bin night.Luckily it gets dark around 5.30pm.I waited until his man servant trundled out the wheelies then I dived in and snaffled the fluffy slippers, brushed off the caviare and truffle stains and then they were as good as used Ugg boots off Gumtree.
Forgot to mention. I'm stepping into cocksackie's shoes.
Cold.City. Long Lunch. Overcoat. Rain. Umbrella.
One word - galoshes
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