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foxy - for that sort of look - why go Alden instead of say Redwing? - Not a trick question.
That article was saddening and maddening. That stuff isn't rubbish its history and examples of practical skills people will be seeking grants to re invent in a few years. Upsetting as I have just been following Peter Crisp's, of Sustainable Wool in Australia Group, attempts to get the CSIRO to let him have the last worsted wool equipment left in Geelong/Australia at a reasonable price. They are pigheaded and ignorant.
I thought you'd crossed the Rubican just by living in Canberra!Pink shirts if on drugs or otherwise chemically enhanced. Recommended.Congrats on the anniversary.Tell her I said to remind her how lucky she is.
d 'red, it looks more than fine to me. Especially on the shoulders. They are just right. If I have a medium sized nit to pick - I think the waist is a bit too nipped. But its what a lot of people like.
Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/probe-into-fake-letter-claims-at-centre-of-paramedics-pay-dispute-20141004-10qb55.html#ixzz3FePwKwSFWtf??PoP and Gerry!!!!!!!
Wot JM said. I'd call it a dobby weave. Its a bit like a waffle???? From memory pique is a dobby weave. The lightness as a jacket is likely due to weight of fabric, and structure, or lack of, rather than the dobby weave. I.e. you are using shirt fabric to make a jacket. Not that unusual, Oxford cloth can be used for jackets and trousers, similarly seersucker, linens generally and other examples
I'm sure I saw blahman on If You Are The One.
I have one almost the same. No structure, same colour, unfortunately lined in cotton. It does wear a bit hot but can be thrown in washing machine and drip dried and /or ironed. Washed makes them look nicely worn after a while.Cotton is funny - makes great trousers - jeans, chinos, great shirts - in all weather but as a jacket /outerwear does wear a bit hot or a bit cold (as I discovered yesterday) if it isn't lined and a close weave. As a jacket cotton is great for mild...
WIW Tonight [[SPOILER]]
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