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Snob. Whats wrong with 2 minute noodles.
Looks OK blah - I no like the collar but many would.
hic burp hiccup burp
It looks good -The waist needs a bit of ease.The trousers would probably fix themselves to a large extent if they had an extra inch or so on the bottom/length and could rest on shoes slightly. Shiver or kiss.Sleeves I don't mind a bit short at all - perhaps a simple tightening the shirt sleeves might make less cuff show and satisfy those who think its too much
There is something wrong with you - but its nothing to do with Gerry.
I assumed the pills were uppers or Purple Hearts? Its a book about his music and his family - very well done - the bits about his partners are less revealing - but I appreciated that as proper - despite my prurient tendencies. My only gripe is the narrative flips all over in time and place -confusingly - unnecessarily so I think - and to the books detriment. For this fan at least.
There's a nice quote in there somewhere about how he still feels the need to wear a jacket when he goes out no matter what the heat or occasion.
Just finished Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. I have to get out all the old vinyl and play as I re read a few pages about each song
That said I do have a very faded pale lime green BB vintage OCBD that I deem a stay at home shirt. I accidentally had a friend drop in one day and she loved it "Oooh great - Makes me want a lime gelato" So. There you go. Its a funny old world isn't it.
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