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Technically a Black Tie invite should mean not just any old black suit and any old black tie but a Dinner Suit, or what our american friends call a Tux, short for Tuxedo or Tuxedo Suit, and a black bow tie. No ifs and no buts. But I must say the small number of black tie events I've been to in the last 5 years or so I've never seen more than 20% of men in a dinner suit. They were all small events of less than 100 persons and actual dinners. In that time of also been to...
Prostitution rackets are running hundreds of illegal brothels from massage parlours, hair and nail salons and karaoke bars** in Melbourne, in which police say trafficked women and teenage girls work in secret. Police investigating the city's illicit sex trade executed one of Victoria's largest operations against illegal brothels on Friday. Officers stormed five suburban massage parlours and arrested two suspected brothel madams aged in their 20s. Raids were carried out...
Ah The Prospect.
I do know who smith is, not that I'm over 35 or so, but was a bit surprised Matt was emulating. I remember jump. You mean Vernon Reid, Living Colour?? Didn't know they toured here. I liked them. I also like PiL better than Cure. In fact I don't like Cure.
Disinterested or uninterested or no interest?
not that theres anything wrong with that. I'm in thick Kmart wool socks, kmart t shirt, rivers undies, old cords trouser, gazman shirt, kathmandu fleece, watching The Tunnel.
The blunny 059s are their "dress" boot. With rubber sole its a good knock around work boot or street boot. You can pick em up for $90- $110 new at farmers/ work suppliers. I don't know a Robert Smith or his nephew.
Matt, you'll need two pair of red Explorer socks, a pair of 059 Blundstones, and a Kathmandu fleece jacket. Then you'll fit in down there.
Anyone here using an Aeropress for coffee? No elaborate rituals just good simple quick coffee in the morning? I can't find any straightforward reviews. A lot from people faffing around and stuff and mostly by Americans. And taking advice from Americans on coffee is akin to asking an AFL player about suits or PoP about real denim suits
New Posts  All Forums: