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If Barnsey "sings" I'll be shifting to NZ
JM, that calculation is priceless. I hope the Mad Monk suffers in his jocks. I'm a bit the same as coxxy just don't want an idiot there. Now to get rid of Shorten and put in Penny and Tanya. Atm, I've got something more important to study. On SBS, should I be binge drinking or spreading it out. Or both as I do currently.
Jeff Kennett dressed dreadfully.
White shirt semi spread half Windsor knot.
Malcolm's suit fits well across the back and shoulders.
5 Prime Ministers in 5 years.
Sinodinos is backing Mal
Tony might find out tonight what shirtfront really means.
Sadly Malcolm has dressed in his worst nondescript dark suit and silly liberal member shiney blue tie.
I think Julie is backing Malcolm
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