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Is nothing sacred anymore?
Firmin, I'll come around and rip yer bloody arms off. Or send my baby brother around to ambush you at the shops and flog you with a used wet How To Vote Greens card.
Looking great PoP, as usual. A few small nits to pick- I think you'd look better with a button down collar and really, that belt doesn't match the shoes.
Well it's been nice chatting. Must get together again. See you 'round - like a rissole.
The current thing on the Country Party /Nationals is much better than I expected. I'd give it rest and watch some stuff that stands multiple viewings and is uplifting or has clothes or both Ghostbusters Vacation - the Wally World one Naked Gun The Producers Clothes: North By Northwest Bande à part Breakfast at Tiffanys The Graduate Psycho To Catch a Thief Dirty Harry - also about politics The Thomas Crown Affair Bullitt And Mad Dogs and Englishmen - up loud - just to...
You do realise that this would be a world first. I would encourage you to get in touch with Guinness Book Of Records and set up a photo shoot - in case you are successful.OTOH maybe you might find a pair of shorts you could wear in the company of PoP, Ernesto and Pink Socks.Speaking of shorts and thongs etc - anybody heard from Checky? Last I heard was a rude text from a passing train about my clothes whilst standing on Richmond Station one morning.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MRajBxbJDZa1RPNwtqhDHhkxLBkQAnakmRRRH74cKNM/edit?pli=1#gid=0we report - you decide.
Clothes have embedded stories. I have a vest, navy blue pinstriped, that was part of a 3 piece double breasted suit of my fathers. Sadly I have given away or lost years ago the jacket and trousers. It was made for my father, I think somewhere between bespoke and MTM by Fletcher Jones in Warrnambool. The vest has my fathers name printed on the label and the year it was made. Its the year of my birth. My father was 31 when I was born. My mother 26. Neither are now alive. I...
New Posts  All Forums: