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What I neglected to show was my pink socks and black suede chukkasWhat you are both missing is a carefully constructed and excellent example of a man with a 34.75" waist wearing 34" waist trousers combined with slightly too slim shirt..
Sunny Sunday [[SPOILER]]
lachyzee - short sleeve why not go one piece collar long floppy points, sleeves down to elbow, loose fit, short enough to untuck, long enough to tuck, straight across at front and back with long side vents, front shorter than back by a fair bit. The short sleeve shirt is inherently casual - don't make it too business like. Think Hawaiian and only dial it back a little bit
foxy - for that sort of look - why go Alden instead of say Redwing? - Not a trick question.
That article was saddening and maddening. That stuff isn't rubbish its history and examples of practical skills people will be seeking grants to re invent in a few years. Upsetting as I have just been following Peter Crisp's, of Sustainable Wool in Australia Group, attempts to get the CSIRO to let him have the last worsted wool equipment left in Geelong/Australia at a reasonable price. They are pigheaded and ignorant.
I thought you'd crossed the Rubican just by living in Canberra!Pink shirts if on drugs or otherwise chemically enhanced. Recommended.Congrats on the anniversary.Tell her I said to remind her how lucky she is.
d 'red, it looks more than fine to me. Especially on the shoulders. They are just right. If I have a medium sized nit to pick - I think the waist is a bit too nipped. But its what a lot of people like.
Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/probe-into-fake-letter-claims-at-centre-of-paramedics-pay-dispute-20141004-10qb55.html#ixzz3FePwKwSFWtf??PoP and Gerry!!!!!!!
Wot JM said. I'd call it a dobby weave. Its a bit like a waffle???? From memory pique is a dobby weave. The lightness as a jacket is likely due to weight of fabric, and structure, or lack of, rather than the dobby weave. I.e. you are using shirt fabric to make a jacket. Not that unusual, Oxford cloth can be used for jackets and trousers, similarly seersucker, linens generally and other examples
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