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Joss Sticks? Buddha Sticks?
While we're at it and with PoPs imprimatur - these are for sale to a good home. Or a just fair home. Near new.UK 10.5. Say $100 + post
Matt to Matt
No one will see the belt and shoes close enough together to judge. Unless you wear them to yoga class! All you really need is for your leather, belt, shoes and watch strap to be close enough in colour, tone and hue to not look contrasting. The don't really need to be exactly the same. You'll get away alright with a dark brown belt and black shoes but not so well with a black belt and brown shoes. I think a reversible good quality dress/formal belt is a great...
This photo was used to illustrate Zegna Su Misura- starting at $4,000!!!!! with the following caption - Ermenegildo Zegna's top-of-the-range Su Misura tailoring experience. Photo: SuppliedZippered ticket pocket, faux elbow patches and its not even a suit.There will be a prize for anyone who can say what exactly the tape is measuring.
Was good to see you at MCC Members
You don't need a stylish shoe horn. Get a cheap one free when you get your shoes.
Depends how bad they crease.Hang them up each night. Sometimes a big bulldog clip on the end can help stretch them out.If you must iron - just try holding the steam iron up close to the tie while its hanging and steam the tie not iron. Or hang in bathroom while you shower.If you must iron it make a small cloth roll and stuff it up inside the tie to avoid ironing it flat.Don't press hard.If you tie the knot in the same spot each day - no one will notice.Or even better - get...
Its hard to tell from the photos - although when I embiggened them it looked to have a bit of grey - perhaps dark charcoal . Its often hard to tell in real life.I do it all the time - take it outside in daylight and/or put it up against something you know to be navy or something black. Then it becomes clear what colour it is. Whatever it is it certainly isn't French Navy. It does look like it has a self stripe perhaps.The term Casual Funeral did give me a small smile. I'm...
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