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If it was me I'd prefer to end up here: back home.
This is the internet little buddy - no risk of being TOO pedantic - its the raison d'etre of forums.
I have meant to do some background on that defence contract. Is it RMW that has the contract and outsourcing manufacture? Was it Rossi complaining the other day? The gov is happy to hand out subsidies to rent seekers in twilight industries in the billions but can't pay 2 Bob extra per boot to give a defence contract to manufacturing that is in SA the Rustbelt. Its also the first I've heard of defence materiel looking for value for money or efficiencies.
I've been in there and looked at prices but didn't see them as my eyes were watering too much. Harrolds is the place you go if throwing money away at the casino doesn't appeal.
foxy -those high rise multiple hangers don't work that well - besides any more than two trousers gets heavy. Fold chinos and jeans, saves ironing and hang wool and linen. I find 2 pair of trousers over a hanger - one opposite way to the other works ok. I checked out those Aldi hangers ~$7 the other day - they aren't too bad at all.
Cotton or acrylic is better for washing etc. Get a wooden rocking chair - or a fancy one - more calming for all. Good luck.
Nah I never wear them on jeans - I just came in and thought I could do bigger cuffs than youse. And I know no one has boots like those.
hey me too today! Cuffs are in. [[SPOILER]]
Can't any of youse find the SPOILER button?
It used to be very common to use a few tailors. That way you often get some interesting approaches to the same problems - your body shape, your needs, colours and "house style". In addition to an extent it minimises any defects and problems if one mob isn't so attuned to your shape etc. i.e you don't have two suits that feel "a bit odd".It also has the advantage that you have a couple of slightly different fits - sometimes consistency isn't a good thing. Having everything...
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