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mm Sonic Youth. Me too I'm home alone
WIWT its a bit cool. Cord jacket, OCBD, white twill jeans. [[SPOILER]]
Well broke my front tooth today. Dentist gave me Hillbilly Heroin
Nothing? surely foxy is wired
So what drugs is everyone on?
Cumberbund beats vest anytime. Make sure shirt collar is turned down not up. No cuffs on dinner suit trousers - ever. No break. No vent on jacket.
Well I think that the attraction lies in the contradiction. Elegant ballet shoes really aren't they, and with a bow, yet in that most manly of outfits - the Dinner suit. I like it. Using the rules to subvert the dominant paradigm if you like. Not for me perhaps but for others I like it.
oh and to counter spectre: i'd go black plain studs, pleated front apron on shirt and cumberbund. Just do a mirror shine on your captoes. I have seen black velvet Belgian slippers work well and a mate does the full patent leather thing. I don't like the patent leather although I do like the elegant minimal slip ons with bow. I imagine Poiret wears them
lachy - depends how often you are wearing it and where you are wearing it to in what context - mainly business social? But thinking a-contextually. I like shawl collar - think Rat Pack and as spectre says Ivory DB or single for warm evening - it has that rock n roll Buddy Holly vibe.
I've got a mate who has got maybe 15 high end, Attolini, Canali, Brioni, Oxxford, etc suits off ebay for around $200- $300 each. Spends very few $ on an alterationist. Hes happy. I can nit pick stuff all over the place. But in reality he mostly looks very well dressed. As good as 60% of forumites and he doesn't fuss or read forums or worry.
New Posts  All Forums: