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blah - posting information implies neither condemnation nor recommendation.
Baldry was a well respected influence on a lot of people who'd been through his band, Rod Stewart and good old Reggie Dwight.
Not to mention any names (but you whistle and I'll point) But if anyone was looking for 60s inspiration in wearing a high buttoning DB jacket - here you go. You need a TALL collar too. And yes a Bacchus hairdo.Too much short hair around these days. Long John Baldry @6 ft 7 in as well for tall peoples.
Please post headshot of yourself alongside all Beach Boys headshots. Thanks.
I'm looking forward to the Beach Boys movie - probably next week.Isn't just this the perfect summer silhouette.Its the best of Ivy or California Beach Ivy.Neat wide striped shirts. Short sleeves but not too short. Fitted but not body tight.High rise flat front slim white chinos/jeans. Not skinny but slim. Not nipple hugging high but a good high rise.Neat, smart, shows care in dressing but relaxed, casual, clean, modern (whatever era you are in) but timeless, youthful...
matt - fight the good fight. How old are these kids - teenagers?
That was me- waiting for my protection money
in that case you won't need much. You probably know what I'm going to say. Try opshops many have materials and offcuts. You can just buy a garment with interesting material and take it apart. Your local alterations place will have lots of offcuts. Sometimes Spotlight has OK stuff. There's also a few vintage shops and markets around. Or just use some old garments of yours.Otoh if it's a barbour wouldn't a greasy old rag from the local mechanics be more appropriate?
is it a tailor or an alterations person? What exactly are you proposing to get done? Why did they try to talk you out of jt- because they can't do it or because they can but it's the wrong thing to do or because they think it will stuff up the jacket?The suit owes you nothing and even if it did it's sunk costs. Even on a new rtw suit I'd allow $180 or so for sleeve alterations, trouser length and trouser waist.
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