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I was in cognito
I thought garry was in cotton
The lamb - you like?
if you get a chance to see the Melbourne Ska Orchestra it's the best fun you can have with you pants on. Last time I saw them there were 30.musos on stage. They do all the classics, My Boy Lollipop, Rudi, Tide is High, etc
Pressure Drop Dread ina Babylon
Foxy with ernesto & Gerry [[SPOILER]]
Looks like ernesto is doing a spliff split too.I would suggest a white T shirt is better. And the pencil stripe shirt's formality clashes with the inherent casualness of the zippered suede jacket.Which raises the question - is the activity inherently casual or formal? Winter or summer? City vs country? [[SPOILER]]
For PoP - I really think a button down OC would have been a better choice
wtf? Warning to all students.
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