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And a beer that isn't alcoholic, fizzy or cold.
Bloody PoP & Pinksocks & ernesto & Gerry at it again - they are already on an AVO from me
Anyone got @LonerMatt 's Oz phone number?
Its Melbourne. Its hot. A word of warning. You can meet some dodgy characters on a train. Be careful kids. [[SPOILER]]
Ditch the beard. Buy some socks. HTH
Escaped hot Saturday @ Hockney NGV. Hawaiian Shirt. Linen Trousers. [[SPOILER]] Let's talk dirty in HawaiianWhisper in my earKicka pooka mok a wa wahiniAre the words I long to hearLay your coconut on my tikiWhat the hecka mooka mooka dearLet's talk dirty in HawaiianSay the words I long to hear
Pillow not pillar.
Hey@blahman - now we can get the band back together!We have a full tank of gas, half a packet of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses... HIT IT!"
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