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For non forumites and beginners I would seriously suggest the $80 Target range.
You want to be careful about getting an arm and a leg in shirts. Most people just stick with arms. Although I think PoP likes to go the full monty.
Totally unstructured feels like a cardigan. And for all intents and purposes probably could be called a cardigan. Buggy lined, shoulders, and arms and canvas plus shoulder pads doesn't wear as light at all.edit: I doubt I'd have to point out to you, of all people, that an unstructured Thornproof or Donegal Tweed will wear "somewhat ", to understate the issue, differently to an unstructured light linen jacket.edit 2:: I think its appropriate to tell here that one day the...
Imo and a few others Herring has got a good design eye and a Herring shoe by most makers they commission will be better designed and nicer leather than the makers brand shoe and mostly at a better price point. You can usually tell who makes the shoe by the last number and often Herring even says who makes it.
I checked out the Aldi shirts - they had some non conventional sizing from memory. The best budget white/business shirt is Target - they always have a basic @$10. Not for the forum crowd but affordable to get 2 or so for unemployed blokes for interviews, casual work etc etc. Also I think i mentioned the Target cotton/linen suits @jackets $99 and trousers $49 or so are a good low cost option and they look better than a lot of more expensive stuff. Target has a good...
Bone Pete - I don't think I've ever purchased a pocket hankie full retail. Most - if not all of 30 or so - of mine have been 50c to $1 from opshops etc. at least half hand rolled edges. Not that it makes that much difference. Many of them still in packaging. Even if not remebr thay are never used for anything except plonking in pocket in a blue moon. I might have a spare .. I'm next in the city next Thursday??? Cal Dreamer. I've spent lots of money and ruined a fair few...
oH yeah. Let me see you do it with a few beers, whisky s and 3 bottles of red!
However from what I know of current day Chicago it's probably a step or two up in sophistication.
Perth is composed of thousands of white South Africans, pommies still on UK welfare and fifo mine workers in flouro safety vests, steel capped boots and arrears child maintenance payments to at minimum 3 ex defactos.It's also hot.High end fine dining is macdonalds or Sizzler.
Gerry - I wish I could take pics like you - but alas I am not interested enough. The suit /tie/shirt colour is somewhere in between the dark pic and the sunlight pic. I do feel relaxed but dressed in the outfit. I do like slouchy louche linen. Its important to not have linen too fitted/tight.
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