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GF, as CD says it depends on a lot of things. I've learnt by stuffing things up. And luckily I've been able to take apart destructively a load of high and low end clothes and shoes etc and discuss them with experienced people who can sew and make stuff.Explain a bit more your dilemma.
could be a bit painful. I'd suggest just rubbing in face moisturiser at nights.
My advice is that your time would be more productively spent contributing to house cleaning, tidying up a bit, cooking and bit more and fixing stuff around the house. hth.
I'm 300 ks down country. Using MacDonald's WiFi. Slow as buggery. Dress code; tatts on hands, teardrop, kid in pram, Guns n Roses hoodie, cos its only 8C. If I drove a few more ks I could call into the classroom and give Matt a clip over the ears, bash his head with a text book and strap him as Donnelly/ Pine recommends.
Well the date display is a bit of frippery. But its OK for a kid starting out I guess.Still; much better than some ss bracelet Rolex/sports/men's monstrosity.
All us cool dudes wear a white face weekender. Anything else is needless ostentation.
PoP they are mostly my father's old hats. (vintage thirst many years on the shoulder) Only some of his many. They fit me with some adjustments. But yes they do play buggery with the coiffure, almost as bad as a bike helmet, plus the very weather you want to wear them - at least in winter - its blowy and they blow off or have to be held on - which is a pain. Plus theres nowhere to put your hat these days - so if you go somewhere other than work - you have to hold the...
Thanks to all you gave experiences with their AeroPress. I just discovered one of my sisters has one. So I'm going to borrow it for a week or two. Picked up a small auto drip electric machine /warmer for $5 the other day. Has a removable metal mesh filter or will take the paper ones. Works well. Takes 30 secs or so for one cup. Good drink and cleans up easily.
New Posts  All Forums: