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I'm pretty sure the one I was at was Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay 30 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000. I can tell by the entrance photo. It was nicer inside than the photos I can see online suggest. Pic 3 on the photos. Plenty of options for working including tables and /or couches etc.The coffee shop bar is in the lobby to the left as you walk in. We just schlepped in out of the rain as we were walking past . Stayed about an hour and read all the papers...
Most large business orientated hotels have good lobby/cafe facilities. Pick a chain and check out their Melbourne set up. It will pretty much be the same in all their hotels. Most of them you can see online pics anyway. I used one in Sydney a while back - was fine - cant remember what it was called. Had multiple levels and plenty of free tables and couches, but enough people not to feel deserted. Good range of newspapers etc. For the price of a coffee, not much more...
Thanks for your encouraging response. I sometimes feel my emails and suggestions go unnoticed. I am available to come along to the next meeting and present. Looking forward to it.
ernesto - i think you can download a psychedelic pillow on your NUC high definition TV or facebook thingo app. Hope that helps
PoP yeah - its not as if NSW Labor isn't into grime and corruption up to its pussy bow. Hell even I knew not to have a quiet chat and drink with Eddie Obeid years ago and I'm not even from NSW
Just don't get why he denied it - makes me suspicious he was a bit dodgy and just hoped it would go away. Why not say " I don't recall on a quick scan - but its possible - I'll have to double check or ask the commission if it can refresh my memory"
"Innocently inadvertently mislead the corruption inquiry." Abbott - blah blah yadda yadda spin spin - honest man - great friend - man of honour - blah blah. Note to staffers: Please cancel photo ops with O'Farrell and those royals and me and any airport announcements etc etc. And will someone check my feckin' wine list
What sort of TV you already got? What sort of suits you already got?I can tell you that you can do without an aerial - theres almost nothing on "live" TV worth watching*. And anyway you can catch up with everything off the net via iView or whatever. All except old news broadcasts. So its important to get a decent box that picks up the wi-fi and a HD for storage, just as you must have shoes, shirt and tie to wear a suit, so factor that cost in.* although I must confess...
Do you know anyone who drinks that many bottles of vintage grange who cant remember the older ones? And if you cant remember the vintage Grange why is it worth so much? Marketing? Perhaps. Hell I'll bet even John Elliott remembers a few of the Grange he's drunk.
I'm just amazed at the spin emerging from Abbott and others - that this somehow proves O'Farrell is an honest man of integrity!
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