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The Second Coming is probably my favourite poem - its about life - everything - every reading it seems fresh and relevant to whatever is going on. Personal, local or global. Think of SF or politics in OZ or the workplace. The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.
Depending on the fit a heel edge can be very hard and cutting. A bit of suede on the heel inside will help - you can buy stick on bits of suede that are slightly padded - women use them. A band aid on you heel until its worn in. Apply loads of conditioner to the edge - inside and top will help. Maybe you are used to wearing sneakers or athletic shoes?
I like real patina not manufactured patina on shoes and all clothes - but I have a problem with suede - I like it as pristine as possible and still associate it with a somewhat delicate careful louche lounge lizard inside look. Unscuffed. Don't brush it with a wire brush if possible - an old nail brush is fine. Or a stiff toothbrush or a plastic bristle brush. A pumice stone if needed for stains or a soft white rubber from OfficeWorks. Spray liberally with protector....
I've just been binging on 5 Philip Larkins books, including a biography. He's good and highly accessible. I like Seamus Heaney a lot but then I would wouldn't I? The usual suspects Yeats , Keats are good. Les Murray is a bit of a nut politically but I think he's australias Heaney. That is the best we've got and world class. Clive James can be OK but he's not my cup of Earl Grey. JM and PoP will have others.This bloke Frank, is a good friend of mine; I can't...
Ernesto give me a few days and I'll. Send you a spreadsheet. Might be more britpop./ Beatles imitators you might like.
OK - off you go - I'll O Pun the door for you.
Thats my joke Gerry - a classic from the Dad's School of Puns and Jokes - but I think its almost a single entendre. Cleaning out the shed I came across (came across - fnar fnar) a bunch of old Viz comics - as well as old Q magazine and Rolling Stone Mags from the early 90s. Anyone want some? I'm gunna put some on ebay - 4 with INXS on cover and features , ditto BLUR, REM, Jimi, 2 x Beatles, some with Keith Stones, the odd one with Slash, Morrissey , Pet Shop Boys,...
Sounds like Viz magazine - "give it to your girlfriend" - fnar fnar
Peter Singer tonight on Q&A with great looking jacket over a pale blue open necked ocbd. Jacket looks to be unstructured mid grey melange woollen flannel. Looks smart and relaxed and informal. And suits his face and hair. Can't see what he has on underneath.
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