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Foxy - none of it is meant to make sense - except to encourage feelings of inadequacy, envy and desire for presumably the brand of case. You don't have to be a Freudian to notice that he has a big bag between his legs, perhaps the main message, but you could ask what middle aged man goes to a tropical island by himself, wears a long sleeved roll necked jumper, with "beachcomber " look chinos, presumably bare feet and plonks his expensive leather overnight luggage between...
Green cords?
Slow down Gerry - nothing in unless something out!I'll be doing a clean out soon - not as swishy as CD.One lot I have is a pair of Wrangler White Jeans - new - one wash no wears size 34/30, slim fit, high rise,also Wrangler rigid denim - new - one wash no wears size 34/30, slim fit, high rise, tags still available. Also some used Denim Jackets.
Interesting. Thanks. I just checked out Target the other day for cheap shoes and didn't see any.I'm about to do another audit of cheap business/interview shoes, usually I do Target, K Mart, Big W and Rivers.To date Rivers has had the best range and sizes and for around $30. If kept just for interviews they last well.The trouble is I have to do an audit fairly regularly as they change lines, prices and range so its not constant.Happy to hear of any other places that have...
My mate has a lot of Barkers & Cheaney*. He prefers them. They are a bit different to Loake. I'd describe it as slightly less refined but its hard to describe. The 026 is a Loake last and one that suits me the best. I have about 4 or 5 pair in 026. Its hard to describe and it does depend on a lot of personal preferences, price point, styles etc.*Theres a couple of places have Cheaney in Melbourne
I love high collars.
That only makes me more nervous
Don't sweat - all sounds good. Bonus - nothing to buy. Blue shirt, swishy bright silver tie, puff the hankie, brown boots.I am assuming you are not the groom??????
Looks good HC.That second button undone always makes me nervous!I love all those old names for fabric etc like "cellulare" or "fresco"
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