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billbro - to add to all the above. I don't have a problem myself with clothes wearing out - I don't think I've ever had a pair of trousers - or anything else much wear out - I'm fairly easy on clothes. Due to a lot of reasons but partly that coming from a farm I've always changed clothes for the task. So that if in a suit and tie I'll change almost as soon as I come in the door. If i'm doing work where I might get dirty or stains I wear proper work clothes. I don't shift...
Festival Hall - only concert I ever slept through.May have prepared too much.The signs were there - he came out and meditated in silence for what seemed like an hour before starting.
So.Chicago. Brick. Window. Suits. Flight back to oz.
So as ernesto said - just like women.
good story. Could been better. What sticky yummy substance was on toe?You should end up story, after a pause, with.. Now me and my little possum have married and have a house in geelong and she doesn't have to nibble my toes in the park anymore.
Limping is certainly lame!
Ah pop. You're dreamin mate.
In breaking news. Train stopped at East Richmond. Rare. Might be an omen.
Joss Sticks? Buddha Sticks?
While we're at it and with PoPs imprimatur - these are for sale to a good home. Or a just fair home. Near new.UK 10.5. Say $100 + post
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