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I Think I heard that the bloke who wrote the Headless Body headline just died.
Inspired by all that - well really the 12C top forecast. Tomorrow I shall wear a vintage 60s ivy jacket, hook vent, natural shoulders, swelled seams, 2/3 roll,no darts, strange black/red melange colour, OCBD blue University stripe shirt, maroon silk knit square end tie, non vintage navy horizontal cord/twill Borrelli narrow trousers, burgundy chukkas, and vintage London Fog 60s plain beige fly front cotton raincoat. I will not be carrying my Muji fold up two ways...
When I could I used to insist on another absolute final criteria /rating "Is this the best person for the job" As most PS criteria are unrelated to the whole big picture. That is; someone can score high on each criteria and yet be an obvious complete prick and/or unsuitable for the job. Naturally HR didn't like it. We won't go into appeals. The last first refuge of the incompetent but entitled.
I hesitate to remind you - but - I was in SES for sometime . I have insider knowledge.
Of the top of my head whilst waiting for a meal:The French term sacque has referred to, at least in one interpretation, a garment that hangs from the shoulders. IIRC there is still a womans dress style that is called sacque and has something akin to a bridal veil draping/hanging from the shoulders. The english language term sack I believe derives from this and essentially refers to the departure from the form fitting jacket - say for instance the frock coat, as opposed to...
I think there will be a swing back.After all its a time tested look - the wide strides.I don't think these blokes have nailed it yet.There is s place for the tight/loose look top/bottom but not this snap anyway.Trousers need to be more fitted around hips and drape a bit better.
Thats why you have the 3 as cannon fodder to mark down on spreadsheet - saves re-advertising. Feedback on phone after PS interview: Unsuccessful Applicant: I'd like some feedback PS interviewer: OK thats fine. We had a lot of highly qualified and experienced applicants and unfortunately although you did well we had suitable people to pick from with directly relevant experience . Applicant: Another question if I may? PS: Yes certainly. Applicant: Was anyone acting in the...
When people complain they have 100 applicants for fairly specific position I always reckon you haven't worded the advert or the job description properly. Although it does depend on supply/unemployment levels.Shouldn't need to interview more than 3 to 5 people.Still in Public Service where the result is known prior to advertising - you'd only need to interview 1.Although you need 3 more canon fodder to markdown on the spreadsheet against key criteria I guess.
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