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Ah the stories I could tell of my times with Chifley.
Malcolm is wearing double cuffs and cuff links. No pocket hankie
Me and Julie..... I want to thank Tony (whispers. Hand me that sharpened wooden stake and hammer)
Question time tomorrow morning predictions. National Fraud Band, Godwin Gresch........
so you'll be putting the sign back in your cupboard?
Luke Simpkin on TV in a classic John Howard green and gold tracksuit.
Haven't heard from Chrissie Pyne. Apparently Morrison did a deal last week and bought 5 votes over to Malcolm.
JM, you don't live in Victoria. I live in a Lib stronghold and work with Liberal Party members. I can't tell you how much Abbott was loathed here by his own people.
A momentous occasion. Not since the mighty PJK have we had a Prime Minister who could dress himself. It's a new bold era for Australian Menswear.
Joan Baez is looking good on Q&A.
New Posts  All Forums: