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I'm glad they fit your aesthetic and Pinky's too, but I'd be more worried about how they'd fit my shoulders and waist.
About the only people worth reading on politics and the economy are Laura Tingle and Peter Martin. I blame the Michelle Grattan s and her ilk for large portion of the shallow analysis and politicians superficiality that abounds in our country these days.
The skirt is still being "run up".
Yeah well I could just slide it around. Its my first try - I might get another one done, I've got plenty of cloth, now I've seen it I would make a few changes and tweeks. The colour is all wrong in the pic - its a proper brightish navy birdseye cloth. The eyelets aren't shiney at all - its an artifact of the light on the photo- they are a dull blue and blend in.
For foxy the stickynose. [[SPOILER]]
My female spies tell me that Katrinas has shifted.
Dunlop Classic Volley White - Steel Toe Brand: Dunlop Category: Safety Boots | Shoes DESCRIPTION: Original canvas Volley Classic safety shoe with steel toe and original herringbone rubber slip resistant sole.
Coat as in overcoat or coat as in jacket?Overcoat should be a bit long and can come down over hand a bit.A good tailor - alterationist - can work around the working buttonhole bullshit in many ways.Altering from the shoulder isn't a good idea as the sleeve is shaped/sized differently say 2 inches down and doesn't always neatly/easily fit into armhole/armscye. Plus they can stuff up the shoulder.
gerry - you doing white night tomorrow?
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