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Hello Sailor!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy cow! A dream date: FIRM + access to drugs and knowledge of kick in times, titration, good /bad combos, high/low mix, recovery etc. And ......................... it appears.......... female - now thats a bonus. To me that adds up to a loooong weekend, sunday morning coming down - say 2pm brunch. Congratulations. Let us know Monday how you are recovering. My only advice - clean sheets, plenty of bubbly stuff in fridge and some coffee, chocolate and cigarettes.
Please update facebook etc and here with pics in real time. Advice follows later today
Clothing Music - Ivy - New release steaming up the charts from supergroup - The Hook Vents - from http://forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewtopic.php?id=17626 [[SPOILER]]
Just read about Gerry stealing hearts and on the radio is fa fa fa far fa fa, ,yi yi yi yi, run run away, oh oh........
Gerry, what opshop was that outfit from? Re loopy ideas. I have had trousers in the past with side tabs inside. Then the different material doesnt matter. Or you might get material from excess under cuffs. You can minimise material by making the buckle end just short and directly attached to waist band. The buckle can be attached in different material as it won't be seen. A proper tailor will soon tell you yes or no. Edit:: I forgot the obvious easy one. You could get a...
I do take paypal.I suggest we have a week where people here post outfits from opshops*. I'll also try to do a few short pieces on fast fashion, clothes recycling etc. And some info about Wear For Sucess.* I realise that Oli and PoP already do that.
Next week is National Op Shop Week.
Poor people don't need no good shoes. They wear thongs.
I've been looking for cheap and cheerful galoshes for a few years with no luck. Colour of shoes.
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