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anyway - what feckin' time is it over there in Syria? Or are you up for morning Salat with the comrades?
lachy - i suspect you are talking about darts that are too short and aggressive..???
I see people saying this often but I don't really understand. Unless the shirt has wide ish stripes you can't tell easily if its darted. Perhaps people are taking about darts that are too short and take in too much material?
Taking in shirts around the middle /waist is pretty straightforward to an experienced sewer. Darts in the back will clearly do it. Darts are often used more to give shape. You can have them uncut so you could let them out later or cut. You can also have it taken in at side seams. Cut or uncut. Or you can have pleats at each shoulder sew right down or a single box pleats at back sewn down.
There used to be great clothes OTR in Australia** [[SPOILER]] ** Not to mention cheap smokes. I was at the supermarket the other day at that special services counter or whatever its called, buying my sodastream refill, a young friend was behind the counter, a bloke came up and got a carton of ciggies. He paid $185. Yes. $185. - Amazing. What a bloody expensive habit.
Can you two kids stop squabbling, eat your meal in silence and then go straight to your rooms. No TV.
Moth balls are a weak method. I'm sure I've posted a complete system before. I wouldn't pack in plastic. Basically light, movement and fresh air/sunshine stop moths. Rotate wardrobe, get light in, movement, brush clothes, hang outside in wind etc twice a year. Dry clean prior to long storage. Ps. Replicants can seem kind and plausible. That's their job and talent.
I do recall some of the old more underground Goth scene around 10+ years ago had some similarly interesting experiments with drape, silhouette and asymmetrical lines at times. It seems very amenable to home sewing to me. I have a niece who has done fashion design etc at RMIT and interned in Canada and LA post grad - some of her gang do this stuff well at times. Not always.
New Posts  All Forums: