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Ms fxh (and the kids) are all talented & successful (artistically not necessarily financially) artists. She was good many years ago then after having kids she went to university as a manure aged student and did a Fine Arts degree. Double major in Painting & Photography. She won the Photography Prize for her final year - best of whole school. All through her own darkroom. She now hardly even bothers with a digital camera. I take all the family pics. She still paints. Well....
Following your passion is the sort of "positive" nonsense that infests the world. Its the sort of Key Selection Criteria for people who sell mobile phone plans or retail homeopathy fairy dust . "Must be passionate about mobile phone plans and good with people" What if your passion is sex in public toilets, train timetables, laying in bed or injecting heroin?
It is possible to accidentally take a great photo - its not possible to accidentally make a great painting/drawing/sculpture.
Tackyness exists the world over! The globalisation of tacky
You are just too fluffy & cuddly for this society LM
Oli- you need to be more specific about which chukkas which size and what you have already and what fits etc. In general chukkas are the most forgiving of shoes. Suede chukkas even more so. Open laced shoes are next most forgiving. The width of a shoe - really gives you more volume around the middle of the foot. If the length is OK then a wide fit will give you more volume for high arches and wide feet. Open laces give more volume. Chukkas even more so. And yes shoes...
You've escaped!! good work. [[SPOILER]]
Ageing your own whisky?No way a bottle of any kind of hooch lasts very long in our house.Except 2 stand out. One a small bottle of Chinese hooch I got for about 3 dollars in Beijing because it was what all the labourers were drinking. Often while working. It was sort of drinkable drowned in coca cola. The other was/is bottles of prized Taiwanese spirit/wine from the island of Kinman - valued as gifts and repeatedly given to us by friends from Taiwan but originally...
I might decant a bottle of Ardbeg over xmas.
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