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I'd like to say I do not recall Oli giving me a 1959 bottle of Grange in return for advice on elastic sided boots. WIWT - Blue V neck over a check shirt - do you think its appropriate?
Oli wouldn't the drug of choice be alcohol and choof? Like the rest of regional Australia.
Like iSurg I've been a torrents man for years. Don't forget to leave PC on for a few days and feed them torrents. Wrt GoT Ms. fxh has been addicted since we got the whole series on hard drive. I used to complain that every time I walked past I either saw someone humping or being killed. She reckoned I was missing most of it where they were humping and cutting heads off At The Same Time. I can't say I've watched an episode through.
Undies [[SPOILER]]
ernesto - you'll be ordering those gloves with a special shade of Green Leather I assume. You don't think it will be too matchy matchy with your breast wallet?
ha - a pair of expensive shoes ordered over the net?
I s'pose if they make them for you they fit well?Fit like a .........
Whenever some prick on a clothing forum cites Veblen I reach for my AK47. He's overated and a simplistic I inner city tenured vgreenie.
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