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Next week is National Op Shop Week.
Poor people don't need no good shoes. They wear thongs.
I've been looking for cheap and cheerful galoshes for a few years with no luck. Colour of shoes.
Easy - just click on shipping!Their charges adjust with cost so if you go slightly over $100 then it jumps up - but it amortises per article reasonably. So as others mention $99 is $27 or so but $103 is $11 extra but then that $11 will take you up to $200 I think. Free shipping offers don't work for OZ however they say they are going to change that.Returns here are about $10 to an oz address. No questions asked. So you can order different sizes/styles in your pack to try...
I'm not much of a George fan at all. Checky was rabbiting on about some album of George's the other night. I think underneath checky is an old hippie. Hopeless.
Now you ***kers this is what I all a suit. Paris 1966
Bobs Perth Set lists [[SPOILER]]
Gerry me - forever young in boots of spanish leather
Talking about shoes and loafers at back of cupboard.Near new, 5 or 6 wears? Brown suede modern sleek look tassle spiffy loafers Loake for Trywhitt, Goodyear, leather sole etc. Size UK 10.5F. $100 +post or Melbourne delivered free. [[SPOILER]]
"esparadrille boots? " careful romp - you'll have that hipster dial up around 9 or 10 and lots of bottom end..
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