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He may have been legless but he certainly wasn't 'armless.
Foxy - {{wink}}With a good eye - it is possible to dress very well without being forum or book informed. In fact rushing into MTM and high end shoes etc can result in bigger disasters than ready to wear. Also many people are very close to the physical model that certain brands use. If you can get onto that and the looks suit you then you are on a winner - especially at sales time.A few friends of mine scrub up very well and would not have read a mens clothing book or forum...
I really admire the marketing and innovation of Apple in their new wearable device. After all these years of having to reach into pocket and pull out mobile and unlock to see the time, they have invented a radical device you can wear on YOUR WRIST!!!!!!!!. nNow all you need to do is look down andmtwist your wrist to see time. Bloody genius.
Senator Jacqui Lambie - but she has some specific requirements.
Its that funny sticky up bit too. I used to slice the pull tabs off with a Stanley knife. When I was on the farm I wore RMs all day every day except when very wet.
True true Oli. Except they'll wonder whats wrong with them. If they'd make RM lastic sided with non cuff catching tops I'd almost consider a pair again.
Eljimberino, at the somewhat embarrassing risk of being seen to agree with Oli, I don't think I've ever seen a Chelsea boot that comes close to RMs for quality, fit, value and looks. Except for some round toe Beatles boots in the 60 s
80% - or 81.3%? Isn't that only if you drink a glass of it each day?
mmh - I don't think I could ever get away with the hair washing......er... um* ....regime... of once or twice a week. So its still Johnsons baby shampoo & conditioner combined everyday. {sigh} *Makes note not to rub certain blokes heads.
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