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Good early night [[SPOILER]]
High praise indeed.
This stuffing around PLUS admin fees will become the norm when they introduce lower limits on GST imports and/or customs fees.Make no mistake this is the real agenda of the Gerry Harvey special pleading protectionist lobby - to drive up the real time and $ costs to the customer of buying online from overseas.Its not dramatic to suggest the added costs of ANY size purchase will be an extra - on top of GST - $50 per parcel and at least 2 -3 weeks processing time.Not to...
coxxy - I picked that picture basically because it showed the clothes - - it was from 2013 photo shoot - I think the coming GQ cover shot is a straight on one. edit:: If I was styling Mal for that shoot* - keeping in mind leadership ambitions and not SF - I'd have got him into a blue university striped OCBD with a plain blue knit tie. * I know it will surprise Oli - but I am NOT styling Mal (currently)
Hat tip to Paul Barry of Media Watch for this: Article - spelling mistakes and all (including the fine wool suit that is a blue blazer and grey trousers) copied from The SMH. Malcolm Turnbull has made the front cover of GQ magazine – a trendy men's lifestyle publication which offers designer menswear and grooming tips, as well as other articles on culture, art and design. Business Insider spoke to Jon-Michail, a former Christian Dior designer, who is now a personal...
TTDWS* I can now say with some authority, backed up by quantitative data, that the widest tie I own is 4" wide and the narrowest 1.5" *Things To Do While Sick.
Isn't Rimsky-Korsakov a disease you get from alcoholism
*busy looking for phone no of Brisbane Child Welfare*
Keep in mind the Target shoes are not considered high end. That said - they look better than 98.65% of what you see people wearing around that cost a lot more.I cant emphasis enough that if you aren't experienced wearing proper leather shoes that you should not make your initial purchases online. Paying more for the advantage of trying them on first is well worth the money. Remember that when you go to get some better shoes than the Target ones.I think the Target shoes...
New Posts  All Forums: