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THINGS I HATEQuestions without context or backgroundListsIrony
Flip the collar /lapel up.Lay jacket down on sold ironing table face down.Lightly spray jacket with water.Heat up iron. Steam will be handy. .Get Ironing Cloth, old clean white cotton T shirt material or shirt material .Dampen cloth substantially.Lay cloth on top of jacket - underside of lapel - which is now collar /lapels flipped up / or flat.Use iron to press lapel down flat - just around top button if it rolls to 3 press around there and a bit above toward collar. Ditto...
** Ringo & Freddie Mercury?
JJJ is suffocating Australian (rock??) music
Sorry - I meant to add the disclaimer.
Quite a few people here (including me) have got OH suits, jackets, trousers.Check out spandexter, foxhound, Gerry NelsonI've seen nearly all of them irl as well as on here and they are all good and I can't recall anyone being unhappy.One of the big advantages of OH here in Melb is that they have their own proper/real/genuine tailor on site - on display in a fishbowl too - so that any final adjustments are done on the spot by a person who is immersed in the business/culture...
Steve Kilbey: I listened to Triple J's Hottest 100 so you don't have to The Church singer-songwriter offers his curmudgeonly thoughts on the top 10 as voted for by young Australians: ‘Listeners have gone a bit soft, I guess http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/jan/27/steve-kilbey-i-listened-to-triple-js-hottest-100-so-you-dont-have-to?CMP=soc_567 Why this song is No 1 eludes me. Triple J listeners have gone a bit soft, I guess. It’s been easy-listening romantic pop...
Got some xmas presents from UK yesterday Posted 18 Oct 2015. Captain Cook would have been quicker.
aah - thanks.Now I've identified the problem
There's a fat possum in a nest right there - I can see his pink nose and ears. [[SPOILER]]
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