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Or go really formal and wear a clean t shirt
It's Sydney. Wear cargo shorts, an oversized dirty t shirt with writing on it, a big belly, and you'll fit in.
To make matters worse the fruit and vegie market has shifted to Effing and hydroponic houses have taken the market away from Griffith.
With racial profiling do you stand side on?
No.But then I don't want them with a glass of red wine in them either. I don't want them late back. I don't want them to fall asleep either. I don't want them to make decisions based emotions either. I don't want them to smell of cigarettes or sweat.
I'm inclined to decriminalise most, possibly all, drug taking. Certainly an increased intake would improve a few people.
No. Cocaine in the bathroom. Please!
Established in 1948 the Juventus Old Boys are are strong well respected club within the Melbourne Soccer community. “Juventus Melbourne” is the greatest (well we think so). We rejoice in the spirit of the old “Juve! Juve!” chant and project that spirit into the future with a fresh, farsighted and realistic approach, so come and join us if you are Over 45 or Over 55, we have teams in both competitions.Contact: Over 45s Team Manager: George Apostolidis 0413 311 262 Email: ...
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