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Hammer drill?? wtf - wasn't this the bloke who said he didn't know much about building work!! Thats like a bloke who has only worn shorts and thongs and T shirts buying a sewing machine to make himself a suit. I wonder if the cops will do an intervention if I ring 000.
Good to see the Australians posting although coxxy has led the pack in breasting the groupthink. All do a good job. Even though I have had the mis good fortune of meeting most of them I still think they mostly outshine the others. Although there is some revolting stuff:: PoP you look good - xx GN - "Thanks -Yes GN you look good too." love PoP.
Romp, I'm the opposite these days. Can't do without a belt on everything.
Matt - lose the Oli squatter boots, get some brown desert boots, cord jacket, cigarette - BAM = Beginner Alcoholic Geography Teacher! And a BELT Let us know when the whales appear.
Bennetts Lane closure strikes a bum note for Australian jazz [[SPOILER]]
foxy - its the in-between ones that are a worry. You and I are OK. They are Hobbledy-hoys - neither man nor boy.
I'm with you foxy.
Direct relationship with IQ
Trouble is DJs have hardly any Loakes at all these days and none from 1880 range last I swept through. Herring are good but foxy is talking about blokes who don't really want to think about these things. At all mostly. And will have only worn sneakers - which is a totally different experience. Just explaining to someone why a simple - ish black shoe without any fancy stuff or square toe is a good idea is hard enough. Most men ( and from what I observe perving observing -...
Guys like that really have to try them on - online is only for selected idiots. (no names - but you whistle and I'll point)The Floresheim store, (Russell & Bourke??) isn't all that bad for that sort of thing foxy. Put all iGent forum stuff out of your head, or modify it and get sensible for blokes like that. Actually I cant remember the Floresheim prices. Might be higher. Also Mountfords when they have a sale. But their different stores carry different lines, so its a bit...
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