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G Firman has a blow up doll if thats any use?
Oil - based on that pic you are a natural to go the FULL IVY.Check out my good mate -Worried Man - the drummer - on FNB in Index » Talk Ivy » Ivy League style for today @ http://forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewtopic.php?pid=361318#p361318
Gerry - and other inner west hipsters - whats the Substation like as a venue? Not to worry - I'll book a table at the Caravan Club I think - more my demographic.
Oli - your shot reminded me.Those who are interested in The Ivy look and similar era music might like to know neo/retro Nick Waterhouse has an Australian Tour coming up early March - 3 gigs in Melb IIRC 03/07/15 Perth Perth International Arts Festival Australia03/08/15 Victoria Golden Plains Festival Australia03/09/15 Adelaide WOMADelaide Australia03/12/15 Melbourne Northcote Social Club Australia03/13/15 Melbourne Substation Arts...
My usual advise is Admit Nothing.But Y'all in good company Oli baby
And lets not talk about the woeful ties of our pollies.
Back from down the Peninsula. I'm sure it was more than 23C down there. I don't mind Annabelle on Kitchen Cabinet - I'd like to see more civil interaction with pollies from the media. I cant stand the macho attack dog mentality of interviewers which only encourages the pollies to be similar or deflect and disassemble. In the kitchen cabinet you get to see if the pollies actually do have another more human side - most do some don't - Shorten is a notable example of one who...
Never seen that before but I clicked through - a bit cloying but even stranger was the pics of this blokes Wednesday and him spending time with close friends on Wednesday in what appears to be Italy for lunch, New York for street poses and then a Melbourne lane for pics of Christian!!!! Busy Wednesday.
What I meant was something like this: The politicians respond to the MSM by reading papers each morning, TV and radio (strangely they are influenced by that vile low rating parrot on sydney radio) - for along time the MSM has not analyzed policy at all. It has rather commented on gossip and internal party machinations in Canberra and "reported" these as if it was a football match and he said she said reports. I cant remember when I last saw any real degree of policy...
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