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There's no great mystical theory. Its just something I've always done. I suspect I got it from my father but I'm only guessing.Its a simple test.Drive on your commute one day with jacket on. Get to work and a have a look at jacket. Back, side and front.Another day take jacket off, lay it gently on back seat or hang on a hanger in back. Get to work. Put it on.Ask yourself which looks better.Car seats are different to work/desk chairs. They are more all encompassing - for...
I've only ever sat on the other side of the table to "investment banks". On behalf of others I hasten to add not myself. Whilst we weren't quite a large Super Fund we were a substantial customer. I can't say that I thought the myriad banks reps were any thing other than mostly modestly well dressed, mostly better than The Average Man on the Montmorency Line but not overly special. I'd advise sticking to the curriculum if you can as its effortless. I doubt a pair of dark...
If you have shoe fitting problems and haven't yet pinned it all down to an optimum brand/last/size etc - I always maintain that a good chukka is the most forgiving of shoes. It also will substitute for a shoe in even the most formal business settings. A chukka will, generally, allow for a bit more width and also "high arches" in addition it can allow for high arches and because of height of the chukkas allow you to lace tightly up higher than a shoe and pull the foot down...
Trywhitt used to always have G wide fits in a large range made by cheaney and loake iirc. I have heard from a mate that their current offerings aren't as classic or quality as they used to be. Be careful assuming you have a wide foot. It might be the shoes you've tried so far, or you might have a "high" foot.
Apropos of all that - I have a near new pair of Wrangler Slim Fit 936 proper high rise (imported) white denim jeans size 34" waist 30" inseam. Worn once washed 3 times. With tags even. Free or for a coffee or beer.
I like white jeans. I think the heft of the material suits white. For lighter materials I think an off white or cream is better suited. I really don't like stark white tailored trousers in light thin material. [[SPOILER]]
This is firmly in PoPs area of expertise.
What would you know about shoes?How about you post some nice pics of spiffy spades. To cheer me up. Or make me jealous.
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