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This was alI could see through my cell window. [[SPOILER]]
JM - if rotting was going to occur it would be in those uncivilised tropics in which you reside with the high humidity and heat. Think of all the RMs used for "real" work on stations etc in NT, QLD, FNWA and FNNSW.
I don't know if they care about Topy. They'd be fools if they do. Anyway you could just chisel it off yourself. It's easy. I doubt they would care, keep in mind most of them in Oz are still used as semi work boots in rural areas. You should see pics of some they have fixed.
The bit about leather rotting under Topy has to be a bit of iGentt mythology. I've never seen it and I've got Topy shoes 20+ years old. Maybe more. Never even seen an alleged rotted sole picture posted. The mechanics/science of how this might occur are in the realms of vitalism /reiki/homeopathy. Rotted souls are another matter and there's ample proof online and at meet ups that this is a very real phenomena.
One off my sisters has just had her RMs refurbished. I think it was $120. Great job I must say. Uppers looked great. 'lastic brand spanking. She'd worn them to death, holes in sole, cracks in uppers etc. Tch Tch tch. She wouldn't take my advice if I paid her. I'd still topy but I'd say the refurbishment is worth it for the ' lastic.
CD - has hotcosmetics stopped trading - website doesn't come up?
Royal Mail has to be the absolute best - 3 or 4 days from UK at reasonable cost. USPS isn't too bad. about 4 or 6 days from USA. I wont deal with anyone who wont eave on front verandah without signature. Otherwise its a rip off. Traveling an hour across town to pick up.
GW from my experience with him is an ok bloke.But.Topy is a must unless you are going to send your shoes back overseas for re furbish. At great cost.A Topy takes 2-3 years at least to wear.Then just strip it off and apply another one = $45No one except an obsessive iGent down on his knees sees your sole. (your soul OTOH is a different matter)But .Just as importantly.Topy is an OH&S issue.Stop falling arse over tit in the marbled foyers of power.I always Topy, shooman...
Luke. Champagne lifestyle there?
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