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Where did you get that from? There s no duty - only GST IIRCDepends what it is too - you can say - get some shoes Loakes, shipped from Pediwear/Herring etc to a friend in UK FREE then they can ship them as a gift to you in Oz - GST free. But in that case you will pay UK VAT - which is higher than oz GST
What JM says is true from what I know. The $1,000 threshold is per order or what would be considered a complete set. So a bike cant be separated into wheels, gears etc to lower the limit. In theory.In practice it can be spread over a few weeks as frame, gears and wheels maybe (usually) are different brands.With clothes - I'm guessing only - a suit is one item.But a shirt , suit, tie etc can be legitimate separate orders. You'd need to spread them a bit. Keep in mind -...
OK thats summer - what about winter?
17 KGs loss is a lot.At the risk of stating the obvious if you were @ 100KG its a 17% loss.Be honest with yourself and think if this is your long term weight - otherwise you may easily go back to a bit more weight.It also depends where you lost that weight. Not all weight loss equals width/girth loss. Its most likely from stomach, waist and hips thighs.In general its wisest to dress/alter for the size you are RIGHT NOW not what you hope to be. Just ask wedding dress...
Word is the big retailers are not shifting winter stock at all - especially here in Melbourne - the never ending election won't help as people slow down retail spending until election is over. So we need either/or both an extended cold snap of at least a week to stimulate sales and the election to be over for sales of heavy coats etc to pick up.
In my comprehensive 3 monthly audit (wander) of Melbourne s clothing retailers men's and women's - I've made the observation that Burnt Orange (and other less attractive variations) are this seasons new black.
Or Midsomers Murders
If MJ BALE suits you - I noticed the other night I walked past an MJ Bale warehouse/popup sale with millions of genuine $100 jackets, $30 ties, $199 suits in Little Bourke or Little Collins just above Elizabeth I think.
@md2010 any chance you could make those pics bigger?
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