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Henry Bucks usually has some loverly ones but not cheap. Bonaparte Mens Boutique in Carlton used to always have a selection but I haven't poked my nose in there for ages.
Tch tch - the young people these days. Whats wrong with a shaving mirror and razor blade.
The size is wrong, I don't need shoes and I don't wear tacky loafers but I must say a seedy alley drop in Sydney sounds enticing. I assume you are throwing in something worth smoking, sniffing or injecting?
Confidential PM to PoPBugger - we'll have to think of another scheme to make $.You told me they would never twig.Whats next? Leather jackets?Vintage Italian ties?Let me know.fxh
Thats a clanger
I did like this one..Can't see the point ??
I thought you'd be in bold as brass.
If he owes you $ he wont remember you. If you owe him $ he will remember you.
So" PoSo. Were you singing: PoP has Got A Brand New Bag" ?
New Posts  All Forums: