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In keeping with my usual lack of compatibility with the average Australian, excepting PoP & ernesto (the Sporty Spice of SF) of course, I only understood today there was some sport on at the MCG on Saturday or Sunday with 93,000 in attendance. Thank you Radio National for keeping me in touch with the man on the street.
Foxy, you're coming on well with the dad's jokes. Timing pretty good, setup good. Plenty of time yet to practice . watch PoP and Ernesto for examples. If you have to do the TAFE course for Dip of Dad's Jokes tell them you know me And you'll get RPL.
Go to the party as SpongeBob Squarepants
Funny little shoe story. Ms. Fxh asked to help her shoe shopping today. Looking for a slightly higher heel than usual - she's around 5'9" or more and usually doesn't do heels to any extent. Anyway her fav pair is an Oz brand. So we look up who stocks them, basically the big 2 dept stores. We look up size. Straightforward = size 10 C.. She/We trys about 3 models of shoes in patent, glove and suede each model. They all fit different. She ended up getting a 8.5 C in...
Fred - I'm no watch hound but that looks great.
WTF? Who are you knocking up for a potential wedding next year? Does she know? and Does she know you are ordering a suit made prior to even knocking her up? Now thats what I call dedication to menswear. Getting your priorities right. Even that old cynic PoP will be impressed.
Especially for Pink Socks and Oli - (and blahman, foxy et al)
tbm - traditional advice is: ask the wedees what they understand it to be. Usually the answer is that they don't understand.
If you don't know where to go for the reception I wouldn't be too worried what you wear.
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