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I've moved on from Vue De Monde. I now hang out in The Rue De Remarke.
Use Colinol 1919 or Diamante - Its the same stuff with a new name. Take any waxy stuff off with acetone - buy in 4 litres from Bunnings.Start with cream a shade darker than existing.Easy enough to get that streaky alternating tones look so coveted by iGentts if you are going darker. With the cream you can streak it yourself as you go if you want. Alternate with a mid brown and a burgundy or mahogany colour cream.I've done some pairs by just putting on a darker cream each...
The get togethers are classier when you're not there.
The ultimate real man's shoe the Florsheim longwing gunboats with suicide cleats can still be picked up in vintage shops in Melbourne for around $100
Its deja vu - all over again
Don't forget Wear For Success - Exclusive Fashion Sale Tomorrow - Friday 9 October 10.00 am till 7.00 pm Saturday 10 October 10.00 am till 5.00 pm. In cooperation with HoMie and with Melbourne Central. Shop with a Social Conscience For TWO Days only @ HoMie Level 2 - Site 247 Melbourne Central Win a $500 Melbourne Central Shopping...
Oli, I think you need to get out more.
In the last week I've been above the 40th floor in 2 "international" law firms. If your shoes and shirt are clean and not too tight I wouldn't be too concerned.
Re shirts. You may be obsessing too much. As JM says as long as collar and sleeves fit you'll be fine. If all your international law firm dudes are impeccably dressed it will be an Australian first and possibly an international first.
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