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Ditch the beard. Buy some socks. HTH
Escaped hot Saturday @ Hockney NGV. Hawaiian Shirt. Linen Trousers. [[SPOILER]] Let's talk dirty in HawaiianWhisper in my earKicka pooka mok a wa wahiniAre the words I long to hearLay your coconut on my tikiWhat the hecka mooka mooka dearLet's talk dirty in HawaiianSay the words I long to hear
Pillow not pillar.
Hey@blahman - now we can get the band back together!We have a full tank of gas, half a packet of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses... HIT IT!"
nah - that's due to arrive xmas 2018. Ask foxy
@The Ernesto I'd remind you that in this country (most) people are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.
Ok the street was closed an hour ago. For our usual Street Xmas Party. Karzy Kids from 3 - 15 -sk8brding up and down. Just went to buy the family booze and sausages etc. Its crazy - I got 6 stubbies of Kirin for $12 = half price on a deal usually $22 (= around 6 standard drinks) then I got 2 x Shiraz + 2 x White wine for $12 all up (= about 32 standard drinks). WTF is that about???
WTF? Les Murray has nothing to worry about
RFA This is way below my usual punching division but.. Any good stores in Melb that have a decent range of models of sneakers, mens & womens, like Vans & Superga? er um - asking for a friend who is too shy......
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