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Brendan, I take that back. At least 37 swanston is precisely where one might expect such a person to be. I'll ask some of my clothing/textile/shoes etc, contacts there next week when I return to the city. Private message me with some more details about the person, what you are looking for, and your contact details.
Brendan, nice to see you here. I'm up country for a few days and on the grand new NBN WiFi on tablet so ironically its a bit slow. Its very hard to read your posts without paragraphs. Even just break it up with a bit of white space would make it easier. I'm sure between us here we can find someone in the trade. Maybe a private message with a few more details would help. Swanston street does seem an unlikely address for a few reasons. There is an ex savile row bloke semi...
Brendon - 27 Swanston Street - where??? Australia is a fairly big place with more than one city.
Pinky - mortgage - then kids - one income - then interest rates go up........ [[SPOILER]]
No whisky here but I'm drinking Lapsang Souchon tea pretending its a peaty single malt. Avante guarde, au courant, out of date, retro, vintage, ancient Which are you?
You might enjoy living in Canberra then!
Compliments. Great colours. Deets on the glasses PoP.
tbm - not sure what you are saying re hats. Can you post again with different words? I have fair bit of experience passed on from my father who was a lifelong multiple hat man and diy experimenter like me. I also have slouch Army hat experience and boy scouts experience of obsessive shaping of hat.
I think only PoP wears a hat* when hes on the internet. edit: *tinfoil
Careful or I'll get PoP to stick a pink windowpane up your alley.
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