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Great meetup last night. My meet times were stuffed up - I got out @ 6pm. Checked texts. Wandered to Victoria Street. Dodged a few users and dealers in the lane. Looked plaintively in pub window at cold beer. Decided against a drink on my Pat. Caught the 109 toward home.
Yeah that would be good - I called into see Sebastian the other day but I was on the hop and he had to answer phone.
Man up - like @Ernesto - once he stayed out till 7.30 pm!!!
I used to be anti now I'm getting to like Halloween - its promoting neighbourliness. I do hate that no one understands what Trick or Treat means. Naturally I give all the kids a rant lecture - small helpful word.
mmh - meeting @ 2pm now - likely free by 4pm
Can do Tuesday but have a meeting @ 6pm
You try to sneak up on me when I'm asleep and Ms fxh will slice you lengthwise with a carving knife. Malaka
ooops re Sam Foxy beat me to it. What more could you want - me & foxy - the student surpasses the master.
Sam & Feys have moved - just up from Spencer Street around legal area. Do a search online
And a beer that isn't alcoholic, fizzy or cold.
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