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blahman - come back - all is forgiven.
wombat - eats, roots,shoots and leaves.
Why thank you coxxy.
I like midnight blue but I think a Dinner suit is the only time you get to wear a shawl collar and look good . You can do peak in other styles/contexts.
mm Sonic Youth. Me too I'm home alone
WIWT its a bit cool. Cord jacket, OCBD, white twill jeans. [[SPOILER]]
Well broke my front tooth today. Dentist gave me Hillbilly Heroin
Nothing? surely foxy is wired
So what drugs is everyone on?
Cumberbund beats vest anytime. Make sure shirt collar is turned down not up. No cuffs on dinner suit trousers - ever. No break. No vent on jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: