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Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher No option for functional sleeve buttons on the jacket? That should not be - the sleeves are basted and certainly allow for functional cuffs - please clarify or feel free to email us directly. Thanks... The first Benjamin jacket I bought, in the navy 150s fabric, had buttonholes which could be made functional; the second, in the charcoal 140s, did not. Still a fantastic value, though.
I'd complained earlier about the Benjamin pants that went with my Benjamin 42L jacket had a very short rise. Well, Ben now offers long-rise pants to go with his L-size jackets. Needless to say, I stocked up on pants and a second Benjamin jacket-vest-two-pant combo as well. Only small disappointment: no option to make a functioning cuff in the jacket. Still an extremely good value.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent As waistcoats look wrong worn over a belt I'm not sure how wearing it as an odd waistcoat will solve the suspender dilema... Well, that's just it. As I wrote in my initial post, when I wear the Benjamin suit, I have to wear a belt, hence the vest is out. Now, as for times when I'm wearing a sportcoat and trousers that need no belt: I'm no shill for E and R, but I really get compliments on my...
Bought a three-piece Benjamin suit at eHaberdasher. It's a beautiful suit, but I really need a belt to keep the pants up since they ride lower than I normally wear. Since I'm not a fan of suspenders, that means the vest is out. It's a great vest, though, made of beautiful navy herringbone 150s fabric. Can I wear the vest in any context other than the suit? I've got a bunch of Ede and Ravenscroft waistcoats that I like to rock when I'm wearing a sportcoat; could I add...
I bought a couple of shirts from Hawes and Curtis - before, that is, doing due diligence on SF, which would have informed me that the "new" H and C is inferior iteration of the "old" one. Anyway, I ordered the high, cutaway collars; when I got the things and tried to wear one, I realized that by "high" they really meant it - the thing came up to my chin like a rigid, suffocating turtleneck. I couldn't even button it, and I've got a long, geeky pencil neck. So to...
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv So you don't like my new blazer then. Didn't realize you'd already bought it. If that's the case, wear it in good health and enjoy it. PS: Maybe DAKS' quality has improved since I bought mine some ten years back. If it had been a nicer blazer, I'm sure I would've enjoyed wearing it more. In any case, having bought one myself, I understand your reasoning completely. I just wouldn't do it again.
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv Please can you explain the 2 + 4 brass buttons. Does that mean 6? Excuse the pic but what do you think of this DAKS? What a coincidence! It was a 6x2 DB Daks blazer that I shitcanned. In addition to being ostentatious, it really was wretchedly-made and of poor-quality fabric. This, OTOH, is a DB blazer I could live with: http://cgi.ebay.com/Ralph-Lauren-Pur...item45efb63977 The 4x1 button...
Well, opinions, assholes, elbows, etc, but I finally jettisoned a DB navy blazer because it just seemed too ostentatious. And yachties really are a pretty grubby lot, in general. The impression I usually take away is "skin cancer," because they tend to have leathery, sun-decimated hides.
PS: another blazer from Ben arrived here in East Asia today. Superfast delivery.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Wondering what country are you in, what value did Ehaberdasher put on the customs form and did you have to pay any duty on it ? No problems at all. It's really an elegant suit and a great value.
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