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Worn all of two times before I realized they're just too small for me. In great shape, with very minimal wear (as you can see from the photos). The shoe bag and cloth they came with included. Price includes shipping in the continental US. Would also consider a trade for size 10US Stubbs.
Size: 50R(IT) Drop: 8 Fabric: 50% Wool, 45% Cotton, 5% Cashmere Lining: 100% Cupro (Partially lined) "Sailor" Base (Similar to the "Cortina" base—generally short and slim, with a minimally constructed shoulder—but with just a touch more room) Retail - $2K UPDATE --- Measurements: Shoulders (seam to seam, from back): 18 1/8'' Chest: 21 5/8" Length (bottom of collar to bottom hem): 29 1/4" Sleeve: 25 3/4" I'm deeply disappointed that this thing doesn't fit me, but my loss...
Can't really argue with a navy jacket. This is actually one of my favorite pieces. Just have to admit that it's a little too slim for me, finally. Unstructured, washed 78/22 Wool/Mohair blend. Worn, but in great shape. The darkest photos are most representative of the color in person, but a couple included show it slightly washed out so detail is more visible. Key measurements: Shoulder: 16 7/8" Chest (laid flat, pit to pit): 20 1/2" Sleeve from shoulder: 24" Length (top...
got APC NC in 31 and 32 (wasn't sure which I wanted), and settled on the 31 (i think). also got the shipley and halmos leather jacket they stocked (geezer, i believe) for just under $500, which i'm pretty happy about. getting stuff presale was the best decision i could have made, though. when i went to pick up on monday evening i thought my brain was going to burst from all the activity in the COOP on 18th.
got to, support bbc, jeanswear. (every time i see that thing i think "crotch fox. it's like crabs but bigger. and fluffier. and far craftier.)
robbie: where did you get those jeans for $16. wherever it is, i need to find it.
they look quite nice. i'm impressed. i think that reworking the shape of the back rise is a very good idea though. that denim wedgie look is just bad for everyone. i think it puts the pockets at a bit of a strange angle as well. i'm excited to see the sample.
a friend of mine's brother is in the band, so you'd be supporting him by seeing man man, which would be supporting me because he's a friend, which would be supporting styleforum because i'm a member. thus: supporting man man = supporting style forum. go for it. (hooray for deeply flawed logic)
this thread is fantastic. ok, that said: hanging out with a hot girl as friends just to get to her equally attractive friends doesn't seem to work out that often. i've found that a lot of the time it's a kind of closed ranks, "don't try to force that boy on me" sort of situation. maybe it's just my experience, though. i'm in support of the idea that simply being willing to sleep with me is a redeeming factor.
i have unread PM's and....and.....dammit dammit dammit! if this is one of those "hey, we're going to be down until the rest of your life" things again i will be deeply bummed out. though i've noticed that sufu only really crashes when i've got fuck tons of stuff to do for class, so maybe i should be happy about this in some respect....
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