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Im 6'8 with athletic build. I have a pair that I wear all the time. They are the GAP selvege standard fit. I got 38 W 34 L and I wear them uncuffed. Next pair will be 36W 36L probably. Check those out.
What kinda of product should i use to achieve a look like that?
thanks for the suggestions.
Hey guys its another hair style thread. But I have been struggling on what to do with my dew. I just got it cut last week. I have included pictures. With what I have now do you think this would be possible: You think that is a good look? Thanks Colin
Quote: Originally Posted by bma anyone know what jacket cam was wearing in ep 8? Interested as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Macintosh I just got my pair in Standard, like them a lot ! hope they fade nicely. Should I do that bathtub thing with these or is there no point? I have the same question.
Well i have these glasses in polarized brown and like them alot!
I wear a 14 in every shoe I own but got a 13 in the beeswax. They fit great!
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