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you look healthier in the first picture. did you try to lose water weight to get ripped? it kinda dried your face out too.
need these for summer. what color do you guys have? i only see blues but those are good enough. is there a cream or grey?
love the color of those suede shoos!
why not take something thai in concept but go modern? i think the grand thai houses have big courtyards and seperate areas for kitchen, sleeping, dining. living that are a few minutes walk from one another. perhaps you could do that if you have a huge property. here's a nice singaporean colonial. house. a little bit more modern but still decidedly asian. what do you guys think?
one of the most stylish performances i've ever seen. he's wearing one of richard anderson's sequined dinner jackets and pulls it off very well IMO.
would you guys buy a painting of a pair of jeans? i thought it would look cool in my closet but that may be a bad reason to buy it. this would be my first art piece i did not buy from friends/family. do you buy whatever you like or do you think of specific places to put art?
i could put an art piece instead of a tv. still undecided on the coffee table. maybe i could put ottomans or daybeds instead. i don't have an x box and there are tvs on both rooms just not in the living room so if people miss tv that much they can watch there. for those without tvs in the living room how is your setup?
i think the chinese is off because it is not the year that tells what the person is like but it is something called the DAYMASTER. the daymaster is the equivalent of the sun sign in western astro, while the BAZI chart is equivalent to the natal chart. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are both Ren Water Daymasters. Here's mine... Xin Metal is represented by fine jewellery, small knives, diamonds and glittering gold. Think...
should i put a couple of 2 seaters face to face? get an L shaped sofa? should i just get an awesome audio system and put that in the place for the flat screen? my place is a small 2 bedroom.
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