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Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD 5 miles in the light snow. It would of been one of those beautiful NYC night runs but for some reason there were 5 seperate people walking their pitbulls all spaced out in intervals. Plus the pitbulls all were on edge (because they could probably smell the other bulls from afar). I've actually ran with my handgun during the summer because of dangerous dogs. My scariest animal encounter was running in...
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 Just bought some cheap direct from the warehouse over the weekend. I can't imagine paying over five hundred for a item I am going to walk on and wear out. How they can last generations I would really like to know. Please enlighten me. I really can appreciate that someone would put months into making one by hand. But then I couldn't bring myself to use it. Handmade furniture, flatware, etc I am down...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip From the international category I'll throw in: City of God (Brazilian) Das Boot (German) Downfall (German) The Lives of Others (German) Amelie (French) Cinema Paradiso (Italian) I know many of these are pretty standard on any movie buff's list, but you still find that many others haven't watched them. I was going to post Downfall - brilliant movie. "Reigne Margot" was also enjoyable if bloody.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sesame Seed Sir, you have good taste. That's a great film. It's probably my best McDowell. Well, equal with "˜The Caller' which is also criminally underrated/unknown. Thanks, i'll look out for the caller. What year was it made?
Quote: Originally Posted by Milpool 1) Healthcare 2) honestly, I'd like to get away from the healthcare industry, into something else. Kind of hard though due to my work experience and education, plus the crap economy. If you plan to move to or trade with people from Western Europe, parts of Africa or Canada, then French is a good choice. Still the second most studied language worldwide i would say. French also has global reach and is...
"Figures in a landscape" with the great Robert Shaw.
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 What's wrong with canned oysters? Makes for a nice snack every once in awhile. When making rice in a rice cooker, drain a tin of sardines, flake the fillets and add them to the rice and water. If you like also fry up a sliced onion and slices of tomato and also add to the mix. Proceed to press cook. It's a Ghana-West African thing. Adds quite a bit of taste (the fishy smell goes away) to otherwise bland...
Had a local friend choose one for me in some Singapore back street and it was very nice. No nasty smell at all.
Although not strictly a pub, but an "English Restaurant and Wine Bar", Chimes of Pimlico has fine draught and keg ciders, traditional pies and Polish waitresses. http://www.chimes-of-pimlico.co.uk/index.html
Quote: Originally Posted by DukesofStratosphear Spielberg's The Sugarland Express. Rarely mentioned, but a great little film. Also Duel by Spielbergo. Probably my fave of all his films.
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