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Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 Yeah. Smoking when sick is the worst idea ever. Even the best cigar in the world will taste like a pile of dog shit. Not a good combination by any means.
I would laugh.
Great reccies here, keep them coming.
Probably an inside job.
Bad/dangerous/rude drivers on the freeway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara The whole alligators/sharks/mutant Burmese pythons thing makes the Deep South my least favorite part of the U.S. You certainly don't want to come to Australia then.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD I like his writing style. Here are some fragments I selected a few years ago (for another forum) for one reason or another (informative, funny, whatever) from his ABC. Hardy Amies, ABC of Men's Fashion (originally from 1964) Hardy Amies Hardy Amies is a fashion house at №14 Savile Row set up by English dressmaker Sir Edwin Hardy Amies (17 July 1909 - 5 March 2003) in 1946. Amies retired in May 2001, selling to...
UK 11-12 or about 46 European.
Bought some pana de casa bread. Sliced it, put some English blue stilton on, and placed under a hot grill until cheese melted. Nice.
Maybe a common recipe but add some bacon bits and worcestershire sauce. Put under a hot grill for a little bit. Oysters Kilpatrick.
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