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Quote: Originally Posted by ArteEtLabore14 In what way do you mean? I'm not him, but some people think it's going to be Jap girl pick-up heaven combined with regular weekenders exploring the country. One guy thought he had God-like status from the natives.
I always wondered about gaol and jail. And why are they called penintetaries in the US?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator I note that many of you are still sourcing your own cloth. Please note that both Adamo Marrone and Sam Disano have been distributed with books by Dugdale. They are the last family owned independent cloth merchant based in Huddersfield. Dugdale do not sell through middle men and so you do not pay their extortionist agency fees. This makes the number one bang for your buck English cloth you could possibly buy. You can see...
L'Occitane have several colognes with a fresh, juniper/cedar/pine smell.
I love my dairy too much to give it up. But i do limit milk to only several small serves per day.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek When I was a kid we took a trip to the Okanagan Valley in BC. I spent a chunk of the week riding horses on the mountain trails. The instructor got to know me and I bonded with "my" horse. I'd done a fair amount of riding before the trip and he decided it would be ok if I took the lead for the day. Everything was fine up until we were on a fairly narrow trail with a cliff 3-4 feet to our sides. Something spooked my horse...
Those all wooden, classic, Italian speed boats are great. Forget the company name.
Tutoring - always in demand especially by Asians and Indians.
Quote: Originally Posted by EMY nope, i'm looking through the peep hole on my non-big timer wood door with no decorative glass windows. i also have a view of the front, side and backyard just to make sure they're really gone. the shotgun idea is good. i may have to try that some time. Good advice as you can't be too careful these days. Sometimes they may try and get in through the back door. Security mesh on the windows is also a must....
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon They say one of the most important is shoes, because there is a lot of glass lying around. You should get the hard type, like for construction use. The focus seems to be on food and water supplies, but they say it is not really that important to stock up on these things. I'd stock up on potable water in case the water grid gets completely destroyed. Save yourself the hassle as there'd be too many people...
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