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Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD I like his writing style. Here are some fragments I selected a few years ago (for another forum) for one reason or another (informative, funny, whatever) from his ABC. Hardy Amies, ABC of Men's Fashion (originally from 1964) Hardy Amies Hardy Amies is a fashion house at №14 Savile Row set up by English dressmaker Sir Edwin Hardy Amies (17 July 1909 - 5 March 2003) in 1946. Amies retired in May 2001, selling to...
UK 11-12 or about 46 European.
Bought some pana de casa bread. Sliced it, put some English blue stilton on, and placed under a hot grill until cheese melted. Nice.
Maybe a common recipe but add some bacon bits and worcestershire sauce. Put under a hot grill for a little bit. Oysters Kilpatrick.
Johnny Walker Blue Label. It's okay. It was a free bottle so i'm not complaining.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheFish I am approaching my mid 20's and my hair has been thinning since I was about a junior in high school. I started off with a LOT of hair so it was not all that noticeable until recently. Now I am faced with the situation of my old hair cut really not looking all that great. I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions as to styles/cuts I should go with to help the hair I have left look as good as...
Agreed. That she is average.
Did Morgan Freeman win one for Invictus? Or is that next year?
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr Thanks to you I will never look at a Toblerone again. I will have to inspect each triangle for worms now. FUCK YOU. No worries! It's always better to check what you eat before you eat it. If it makes you feel better i ate a couple of triangles before i noticed the worms. There's also a more upmarket version of Toblerone, made by Goldkenn swiss chocolatiers. Picked some up at the duty free last...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stavros This has been the case for almost 30 years now. Excuse my frankness but that's why nothing works and the country has been f-u-c-ke-d for that long. The potential is there but the "system" will never work. This coming from someone that lives outside Greece and can compare. Thanks for your comments Stavros. Hope your family get through this crisis as well as possible. I have a good friend in the...
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