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I'd never buy anything made in "India". I feel about the same as made in "China". I try and purchase European/Japanese because quality and styling is far superior.
Quote: Originally Posted by insomb you and me both. hey at least i'm trying here... people and their posters, jeez. Posters are art too. What's your problem?
Aside from all this high brow art, what is the concensus on having one or two original, classic (40's to 60's) film posters hanging around the house? Non-horror or sci fi ofcourse.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Is this a trick question !? I come home and head into the shower first. Can't imagine not doing that - habit from my younger days. Unless I have some guests, it is usually sweatpants/round neck tee and my del toros. I never, ever head out of the house in that outift though ... Straight in the shower for me too. And with the wife if she is in an obliging mood......
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 Yeah. Smoking when sick is the worst idea ever. Even the best cigar in the world will taste like a pile of dog shit. Not a good combination by any means.
I would laugh.
Great reccies here, keep them coming.
Probably an inside job.
Bad/dangerous/rude drivers on the freeway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara The whole alligators/sharks/mutant Burmese pythons thing makes the Deep South my least favorite part of the U.S. You certainly don't want to come to Australia then.
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