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Thanks for the reply. I didn't mean over the top items that will never get used, just something a bit better made, maybe custom? The investment idea is great and something I may consider in the future, however, I need something physical to order and arrive within a couple of weeks. Looking at Little Giraffe blankets and Bel Bambini at the moment. Any others?
Hey guys, Turning to this classy forum again for a few suggestions. My best friend's wife has just had a baby girl. Being uncle, I'd like to get a nice gift that would not be so common here in Australia. They are a pretty classy couple and like the finer things in life (handmade, bespoke etc). They already have the best pram money can buy and his sister would have bought up half the shops over here in Adelaide. Any help is appreciated with some online links to items...
I'm liking the SD-106!Got any fit pics or suggestions on sizing?I'm 183cm, Size 30 waist.Currently wearing 31/34 in Nudie Slim Jim, and a Size 30 in the Albam Taper Chino (if that helps).Have never owned Unsanforized jeans before, and don't want them too skin-tight or too loose in the waist after washing/stretching.Thanks for the input!
Thanks for the suggestion but I'd like to stick with Japanese denim and made/cut in Japan at this stage.Can anyone suggest some specific models, similar cut to the Slim Jim? - Not Thin Finn skinny, but good to rock with low-top sneakers (no cuff).Cheers!
Thanks for the reply Crat. I've got too much Albam stuff already otherwise I'd definitely be keen to try those out! Most of their stuff is great quality. Would prefer them to be made in Japan also. I'll look into the Japan Blue range. Don't think the cut of the Sugarcanes would suit me, but I'll look a bit further into those as well. Cheers!
Don't worry Kiya, I'm all over your website! Any others?
Thanks for the reply. I'm not on a budget and was hoping for something different than the usual, common brands such as 3Sixteen, N&F, APC, Iron Heart, Flat Head etc. Was interested in Kicking Mule until I read they were made in China. C'mon, drop a list on me someone.
Hey all, I'm in the market for a new pair of jeans. Please recommend me some of the top Japanese Selvedge Denim jean brands to check out. I currently wear Nudie Slim Jim and like that slim, tapered fit. I'm wanting something a little undiscovered and not likely to be common here in Australia. Price isn't really a concern but obviously within reason. Happy to get them proxied. Thanks in advance!
Hey all, I'm in serious need of a couple of good pairs of shorts! After one pair for casual and the other a bit more dressy. Can you recommend me some decent brands?, not so common but quality. I don't want anything that barely makes it half-way down the thigh! - Just above, or closer to the knee but not 3/4. Non-cargo preferred. Zipper or elastic waist. I'm a pretty casual guy who rocks a lot of sneakers. This is my style (even though they are cargo): I like...
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