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Nice post. I especially like the two I spoilered.The blouse[?] in the photo below reminds me of the Canadian public broadcaster logo (the textures and accessories are très cool)
Could be worse, amirite [[SPOILER]]
I've only ever heard it compared to cashmere, not alpaca or the other specialty yarns. Not that that helps.vicuna : cashmere :: cashmere : wool. (That sort of thing.)If anybody knows, (probably more likely in MC,) I'm curious if adding 5% vicuna to 95% cashmere accomplishes anything with respect to the hand of the fabric (e.g. in my experience, adding 5% cashmere to 95% wool doesn't improve very much) or if it's a luxury-realm up-charge gimmick.
I just calls em like I sees em.The moc seam isn't quite so bad on 2 and 3, but I am not kidding when I say I think the first pair is just as ugly as Crocs.They look like a Dutchman and a Native American collaborated on a feces-coloured moccasin-clog for a midget clown. They're repulsive.
I'm bumping this because somebody has to say those are truly grotesque. They look like some of the worst offenders by Louboutin and Zanotti.
I wouldn't get any of the first three. Awkward leather colour [navy], hideous moccasin seam, cheapo-looking sole and chunky stitching à la Doc Marten, and a green label to top it off. The last three are all okay, but they don't really seem interchangeable to me, it depends on what you own.
I've heard a bunch of times that Lanvin runs one size big, so I don't doubt there's something to it, and my own experience is they are on the roomy side if anything, but since none of my pairs are a full size large and I own a bunch, I thought it would be worth sharing my dissenting opinion from the common wisdom.(Speaking only for myself...) On my monitor it looks like beige and grey, kind of a moldy colour scheme, and I don't think it would look good with either dark raw...
I've owned at least 8 pairs of Lanvin sneakers produced 2009-2014 and none of them fit more than half a size big. I'd estimate 2 out of 8+ fit exactly a half-size big, and the rest all fit true-to-size, meaning they were/are tagged size 11 on the tongue & box, which makes them a UK 11 = US 12, which is my regular size in everything. Dress shoes and sandals also fit true to size in my personal experience. I've also owned one pair of Lanvin boots marked 10 [UK] that were...
I think someone posted about these MMM sock-shoes (for women) either here or in RFT, and I think someone said they would have bought a men's version. Well, I've seen two variations in the men's section on eBay, a heeled shoe and a sneaker:
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