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Because it's terrible garbage.
Ssense is showing $1,295 USD. Before the site upgrade, when they showed Canadian prices in CAD the USD prices were usually lower (Givenchy leather shoes were 1900 CAD / 1450 USD). Now it looks like everything is in USD even for domestic shipping, and I'm seeing the same prices browsing from Canadian and American IPs. But it seems silly to me to be looking at American dollar amounts when I'm in Toronto buying something from Montreal.
If one jumbo chain at a time wasn't enough for anybody, Giuseppe Zanotti now offers two per foot now. [[SPOILER]] I almost like the gaudy way these Versaces embrace their own ridiculousness, but not in that $$$ ballpark. If the soles were slimmer and all black, and the hardware was silver, I might have kept an eye out for them during sale season. [[SPOILER]]
Anyone who refers to "toxins" or "cleanses" in discussion of dieting or perspiration is almost guaranteed to be clueless.
Were these actually up for auction or was it just an illustration of what the size 9s looked like when new?
Next time just ask the guy instead of surreptitiously photographing his bum? It's probably some mall-brand that starts with B and wishes it was Diesel. I'd guess Buffalo, but they have a Buffalo logo patch. If it's the pocket stitching design you like (as opposed to what looks like a Balmain-wannabe pocket zipper detail), have a search for Diesels on eBay. For your reference, Balmain pocket zippers: classic (mid-2000s) Diesel pockets:
If you know you like the ties above, and this is for your wedding, is a $60 price tag seriously an issue? Your tie doesn't need to be "high-end" it just needs to look the way you want it. (Put another way, don't worry about the label, be glad the thing you like is cheap.) I hope the bride has a more self-indulgent mindset approaching your most special, most glorious, most photographed day together.
The YSL customer would never have dreamed of comparing Rive Gauche to Supreme. That says a lot right there.Your assertion about "items Hedi has overseen" versus "mass produced factory runs" seems awfully questionable.I agree about eBay, though. SLP, Balmain and Givenchy are taking over the counterfeit market from LV, Dsquared, etc.There was a one-of-a-kind piece so just keep your eyes peeled.
If you have shoes, boots and sneakers, you don't need boat shoes or loafers. If you sincerely like them / already wear them, go for it, but otherwise (i.e. you have a vague notion boat shoes are "part of a complete wardrobe") consider putting that money toward a jacket etc instead.
Dries pants are on Yoox in size 40; here's a closer look courtesy of their photography: [[SPOILER]]
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