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Does this look like a valid address in Sweden, does anybody know? I've altered the digits for privacy, but are there supposed to be two numbers separated only by a space before "Stockholm"? Is anything (like a district or postal code) missing? Code: Fname Lname Hornsgatan 18 102 28 Stockholm Sweden
Where is the work being done?
IMHO, a brown corduroy suit with big peak lapels is not likely to change anybody's mind about DB. That is, unless the thing that put them off it in the first place was seeing skintight, crisp navy jackets paired with cropped skinny pants and monk straps by the GQ legion. I'm not a big fan of double-breasted in general but I've seen enough examples I like that it's not anathema to me. But that Eidos hits pretty well all the wrong (fusty) notes for me.
Chanel does outrageous themed sets every year, and one show featured a "supermarket" set. As a mainstay of their business, handbags are featured prominently. INA is just a consignor (and as a rule their product descriptions suck); I believe MSRP on the shopping baskets was at least $25K.
They're taking on Marc Jacobs and Chanel in the Veblen Goods arena.EDIT: Maybe not. Knit deer leather is cool.Let me get on this shoe-hate train.- flip-flops- the vast majority of all sandals- New Balance worn as a would-be fashion statement instead of the mundane utilitarian garbage it is- most Converse shoes on most people (but kids and the folks who look utterly natural in them get a pass as far as I'm concerned)- boat shoes- almost everything with a moccasin seam...
to have a dog in this fightto have a dog in the raceto have skin in the gameto get these motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking plane!
Did you even search "Ralph Lauren Litchfield" on eBay? Here's a Medium: $1000 Polo RALPH LAUREN Military Down JACKET w/Hood _ MD _Army Litchfield OLIVE The plaid shirt is ugly and looks like every other $19 snap-button mall-brand plaid shirt.
I used to have a (completely illegal) switch-blade, sharp as hell, that I bought at the market in Prague when I was in high school and brought home in my checked luggage, i.e. it didn't come onto the plane with me personally and I guess it was too small for them to notice it in the general luggage metal detector. I kept it at home and it came in handy all the time (shank, shank). Eventually it broke, but even if I ever go back there I don't think I have the balls to try...
What's the context here? It looks like pictures of my cat I took against a TV background with an MP3 visualizer on:
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