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Prada makes a zillion shoes every season, so it's likely you can find plain black quasi-wholecuts any day of the year, but they will probably move/angle/detail the seams, change the elasticized gore to a zipper or switch up the sole between one release and the next. If those are recent, it may be helpful to know they were using a nearly identical sole on leather shoes as early as 2008.
This is a really annoying spam tactic!7/29/12:
Ultra-chunky Dolce & Gabbana dreadlock-level knit, lined with jersey, on INA NYC (Medium, $425)
Technically 50 EU is US 34, but the one pair of OL trousers I have are that very size and they run smaller than any other pants I've ever had. They are about 16.5 inches across the waist, with the front and back lined up perfectly flat. I keep meaning to find a tailor to let them out a bit. Theoretically a perfect size 34 should measure 17.0 inches across the waist, but I find most from other brands are 17.25 - 17.75, so if I ever buy more pants from OL I will probably...
It exists, but it's not common.If you are hot in a restaurant, why not avoid sweaters completely instead of looking for a short-sleeve one? Edit: Unless by any chance you mean thin cotton knit polo shirts (short sleeves and a collar)?If you mean thick knits: [[SPOILER]]
Now seal the deal with some kind of terrifying, inhuman top.
This is tangential to "clothing and style" but it foregrounds the importance of appearance and self-image which is SF-relevant. Most importantly, it's just a well-made, touching video.
That was the line that opened the door for Die Another Day! Otherwise, the thermal imaging satellite was an adequate reinvention of the "dozens of senior figures discover Bond boinking lead female" finale.Off the topic of 007, the cinematography & scenery are breathtaking in The Hunter with Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill.
Oh yeah "Dr. Christmas Jones" I always remember Sophie Marceau and the crazy buzz-saw helicopters first. I like the theme song by Garbage, too. It was a strange and sad coincidence that Q "introduced his replacement" in that movie, because the actor died afterward in a car accident.
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