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Did you even search "Ralph Lauren Litchfield" on eBay? Here's a Medium: $1000 Polo RALPH LAUREN Military Down JACKET w/Hood _ MD _Army Litchfield OLIVE The plaid shirt is ugly and looks like every other $19 snap-button mall-brand plaid shirt.
I used to have a (completely illegal) switch-blade, sharp as hell, that I bought at the market in Prague when I was in high school and brought home in my checked luggage, i.e. it didn't come onto the plane with me personally and I guess it was too small for them to notice it in the general luggage metal detector. I kept it at home and it came in handy all the time (shank, shank). Eventually it broke, but even if I ever go back there I don't think I have the balls to try...
What's the context here? It looks like pictures of my cat I took against a TV background with an MP3 visualizer on:
I love the internet
I saw this much in the text preview from the main page and had to make sure it wasn't about a discount code for the slave trade.
Nice post. I especially like the two I spoilered.The blouse[?] in the photo below reminds me of the Canadian public broadcaster logo (the textures and accessories are très cool)
Could be worse, amirite [[SPOILER]]
I've only ever heard it compared to cashmere, not alpaca or the other specialty yarns. Not that that helps.vicuna : cashmere :: cashmere : wool. (That sort of thing.)If anybody knows, (probably more likely in MC,) I'm curious if adding 5% vicuna to 95% cashmere accomplishes anything with respect to the hand of the fabric (e.g. in my experience, adding 5% cashmere to 95% wool doesn't improve very much) or if it's a luxury-realm up-charge gimmick.
I just calls em like I sees em.The moc seam isn't quite so bad on 2 and 3, but I am not kidding when I say I think the first pair is just as ugly as Crocs.They look like a Dutchman and a Native American collaborated on a feces-coloured moccasin-clog for a midget clown. They're repulsive.
I'm bumping this because somebody has to say those are truly grotesque. They look like some of the worst offenders by Louboutin and Zanotti.
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