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Good lord this stuff says fashion victim as loudly as Givenchy ever did. Hedi sure knows how to put the "despicable trash" in "Western." I can't wait to hear it defended on the basis of "quality" and artistic vision. Meanwhile:
Does that mean the ones pictured are faked based on some (obviously subtle) giveaway, or the ones in the photos are real and he just sends fakes in the mail? The counterfeits I'm accustomed to are the gross Versace fakes (etc) that are horribly made and pathetically designed and flashy and trashy beyond belief -- so it's disconcerting to see a picture of what appears to be a cleanly constructed higher-end shoe/boot and then hear that it's fake. That and I want some Visvim...
I see some ties I like but they're going to get bid up all high just because you're selling them.
Missoni seems to offer a pair of knit wool casual trousers every winter now -- I guess this season's are probably sold or selling out already. Not to take the detour too far from Schneider, but were these Invelleran bottoms for men or women (now that I look again and see they appear a bit cropped)?
Oh, it can't be very far off, now...The colours do look great, and I'm a fan of the hood & placket, but that hemline turns me right off.Is that a cotton version? The thicker woolly ones are perfect IMO.
It doesn't look too big.
Are Mr.Porter prices actually going back up (reduction ending) in 5 minutes? If so, how long will it be till the Christmas markdown brings things back to the same price they've been at this weekend?
I always thought shipping was included in the price along with customs, like LVR, but I just tried to purchase an item on a whim and when it added ~$40 in shipping at checkout I decided not to buy.
Does anybody have an idea whether Ssense is doing its next price drop Tuesday morning?
I think in the last few pages somebody said SL high-tops fit large, is that right? Some or all? And is the low-top version of something that exists as a high-top going to fit the same? (Specifically the black studded "Stan Smiths")
New Posts  All Forums: