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Do you know already that you like the way turtlenecks feel and look on you, or is this a gamble? I like the SNS, other one looks pretty boring (though that might be ideal if you want to wear it mostly under a jacket of some kind).
That plaid is really nice.EDIT: realized it's F/W14 or earlier.
Who can shed some light on the fact that Mr.Porter is selling two identical Thom Browne sweaters for $780 and $1312? I've heard of brands charging slightly different prices for different colorways of certain items (along the lines of $545 for white sneakers vs. $575 for black sneakers), but this is ridiculous. EDIT: I emailed them, the price was wrong, and the more expensive version is now $875 (though that's still $95 to change from grey to for...
There was one of these on grailed in my size (5) for a long time maybe a year ago, and I talked myself out of it but I still wonder sometimes whether I should have bought the damn thing.
I think the wavy schizo-rainbow is more garish, honestly, but it's neck-and-neck. Pretty funny they are the same brand.I hope you're keeping that. Versatility is not necessary.
Regis you're too swole for raglan. It could be that you're hunching forward a bit to take the pic, but I'm not a fan of the sweater fit. Pants and boots look good.
Hopefully, it was satire. None of Vita's photos are B&W. The fit was well put-together; the pictures are simply not inappropriate. Your indignation is more self-congratulatory than it is justified.
The colours are really nice on these.
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