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I just heard David Bowie has died. I finished rewatching The Prestige about an hour ago by happenstance and he is great in it. It's one of Nolan's better/best films. RIP sir.
He's Snufkin on this side of the pond.
Halfway on-topic, tonight I found what I take to be moth egg casings in a Malo cashmere sweater (16-ply, bling bling) and I picked off everything I could see by hand, now do I seal it up in my freezer for two weeks, take it to a specialty cleaner, or soak it in a five-year-old boy's pee?
Uniqlo for cheapRLPL (via eBay / B&S) for nicerPolo RL also makes plain cashmere sweaters (no pony/logo) which are hardly distinguishable and should be cheaperYoox stuff is seeing progressive markdowns, so if you're up for digging and/or waiting around, you can search by material
I believe that's roughly the amount. I figured it might be marked down but I was still braced for fees because the seller shipped via FedEx without mentioning it ahead of time. $1 value made my day.
I just received the most undervalued package in the history of international shipping. Declared value: $1.00 USD Duties paid: $0.00 MSRP: $4,635 USD = $6,468.14 CAD at current exchange (Admittedly, it's lightly pre-owned.)
that's not bigotry, it's humongotry
Sun is coming from the left though
Okay, but if you watch 13 hours of WWII movies, you will probably see more than one bazooka used once.New weaponry is fun to watch, I just think it could have been better justified and contextualized. As I mentioned, a primary issue for me was that the basic premise of this weapon wasn't even possible in the universe until now as far as I know, and it's not really treated as if it's anything remarkable.
It's no leap at all to believe he would want to do it / do it if it were feasible, but I don't think I ever understood that to be possible in the Star Wars universe before. What can repel a lightsabre?If it's possible to build a laser nunchuk thing that can go toe-to-toe with a lightsabre for use by a stormtrooper grunt, then why not shields, body armour, etc using the same technology, and why not for every stormtrooper? It is obviously incredibly powerful tech, so you'd...
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