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Rad!I'm down. Breeches, britches, bloomers, knickerbockers ...(not me)The shoes look like they might have an interesting texture, but pullover hoodies make me think of elementary school.
Does a size 12 stand any chance at fitting into Anonymous Ism socks, do you know?They appear to be one-size-only everywhere I've seen them, but I can't imagine how one size is supposed to fit both a 6-7 and a 12-13.I figure if they're made in Japan they probably cater to the small end exclusively, but I'd love to be wrong.
Even knowing your height and weight, your proportions could be anywhere within a large range, so nobody is going to be able to say anything that will help you, least of all if you don't specify which jacket(s) you're looking at. However, if you can't try on the object of your desire, a 52 should usually have longer arms than a 50. And a garment that's too big can often be taken in, but other than trousers with extra fabric left in the seat, most clothes are not...
Good call. I have tried on elasticized Schneider trousers before and somehow it still didn't occur to me that the waist measurement would be without any stretch in them.
FYI, the Score coat and Album scarf are showing up at the very bottom of the list for me -- below sale items, unlike all the other new releases -- where people might be less likely to notice them.[edited out confusion to avoid possibly confusing others]
Yoox has the grey version of the jacket in 48 and 52:http://www.yoox.com/us/41554037GU/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=41554037GU&sizeId=
Leave out the tie, ties always look out of place (at best) with jeans & sneakers, and the rest would be fine. Oops, CyC & MoK said it better already.
The homepage thumbnail for this thread doesn't appear to be from any of the last few pages -- or from p.1 -- but that purple especially is
"Don't get too carried away with the shirt design" makes it sound like he's planning to get some weird rig customized with rhinestones and zippers.Since "designer" in this context practically means "not traditional," and since he is only talking about the design of his shirt in the sense of trying to find something appropriate to match the traditional tuxedo and accessories he's already got ready, I think he is worrying to the correct degree about his shirt and that he...
New Posts  All Forums: