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I'm interested in photos of that if you have any. I haven't followed SNS too closely; have they done anything like it before?And is their preorder imminent, since Schneider (pre) fw16 is happening now, or on a completely different schedule?
Who is making mixed-yarn or varied-gauge knits these days? @gdl203, @Synthese, @LA Guy? (I don't see a reason to spoiler these even if some may already be in the thread somewhere)
split the difference --Ralph Lauren Purple Label $2,495 Black Chalk Stripe Cashmere some reason the image is showing up huge [[SPOILER]]
Did anyone who saw Holy Motors find it to have any merit? I'm all for weird topics and opaque formats -- Baraka; Zardoz; The Daddy of Rock 'n' Roll; Under The Skin; Sweet Movie; John Dies at the End; The Last Circus; Tree of Life; etc -- but I really struggled to get anything at all out of that one, despite a certain fondness for Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue. It has 91% on Rotten Tomatoes with a massive 8.2/10 average rating.
Don't mind my playing devil's advocate, but what is the term "Horizontal side" supposed to mean? Are "vertical bars between the ass" anything other than standard trouser rear darts transplanted onto jeans (and moved slightly closer together)? And if "nobody will ever be able to patent" this feature, does that not mean SLP (and anyone else who wishes to attempt it) is free to produce this without Hedi's involvement?I wonder which one of the posts below will turn out to be...
If you think it's pure coincidence that SF loves GMTOs, and GMTO is like GMO + T, where T is for Trump, then either you never took conspiracy-theory math or you still haven't finished solving for Palin.
I first heard about Primer when I was following the making of Looper, because apparently Rian Johnston called in the writer/director of Primer as a consultant on the time travel aspects. I still haven't seen it, but it's on my list -- and there seem to be much more complicated charts about it:
For clarity, I meant "image" literally (the way the MPAA treats it, i.e. what is shown on screen). The Revenant is chock full of ugly characters doing ugly deeds, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a frame of the movie that's independently controversial.I would say the rape in The Revenant is shown, not implied, but all that is actually seen is two faces beside a tree trunk; there's no visible skin or blood (at least until she castrates him just off-screen a minute later)...
Sipang is absolutely right -- especially about the dreamy flashbacks. But that woman sounds like a complete and puritanical idiot. It's "emotionally vacant," absolutely (because the muddled storytelling sacrifices clarity on the murky altar of verité), but The Revenant is not at all remarkable in its violence. If anything, I'd be prepared to argue that it treats the subject matter with a certain amount of restraint (if in part because long takes in wide shot don't permit...
Those snaps look like a poor substitute for a drawstring
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