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For clarity, I meant "image" literally (the way the MPAA treats it, i.e. what is shown on screen). The Revenant is chock full of ugly characters doing ugly deeds, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a frame of the movie that's independently controversial.I would say the rape in The Revenant is shown, not implied, but all that is actually seen is two faces beside a tree trunk; there's no visible skin or blood (at least until she castrates him just off-screen a minute later)...
Sipang is absolutely right -- especially about the dreamy flashbacks. But that woman sounds like a complete and puritanical idiot. It's "emotionally vacant," absolutely (because the muddled storytelling sacrifices clarity on the murky altar of verité), but The Revenant is not at all remarkable in its violence. If anything, I'd be prepared to argue that it treats the subject matter with a certain amount of restraint (if in part because long takes in wide shot don't permit...
Those snaps look like a poor substitute for a drawstring
But Fok doesn't hate Alpha-M like so many people here. As for random and fashion, I'd say this email I just received checks both boxes (note the dates):
Are you talking about the touch of the surface when you brush your fingers against it, or the thickness / heaviness of the material? The opposite of a "soft" material would normally be a "rough" material, so "hard" makes it sound like you mean structure and rigidity of the garment rather than its hand. It looks like it's soft. If it's pure cashmere, I can't imagine why it wouldn't be unless they made it on the cheap out of low-grade yarns. I have a couple of overcoats in...
I guess the ending was supposed to be poetic, but there was something I didn't quite understand:Never mind, I saw it again and it made sense.
I just heard David Bowie has died. I finished rewatching The Prestige about an hour ago by happenstance and he is great in it. It's one of Nolan's better/best films. RIP sir.
He's Snufkin on this side of the pond.
Halfway on-topic, tonight I found what I take to be moth egg casings in a Malo cashmere sweater (16-ply, bling bling) and I picked off everything I could see by hand, now do I seal it up in my freezer for two weeks, take it to a specialty cleaner, or soak it in a five-year-old boy's pee?
Uniqlo for cheapRLPL (via eBay / B&S) for nicerPolo RL also makes plain cashmere sweaters (no pony/logo) which are hardly distinguishable and should be cheaperYoox stuff is seeing progressive markdowns, so if you're up for digging and/or waiting around, you can search by material
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