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There is a nice textured-weave Cantarelli 3B SB topcoat on its way back to Yoox in size 38 (item 41443722VT)Made of 38% Angora wool, 34% Cotton, 28% Virgin WoolThe size 40 I'm keeping has a tag for 1485 EUR on the sleeve [[SPOILER]]
To about the same extent as sweaters with buffalo on them (or whales or dinosaurs, Jil) and Converse shoes (including designer clones) and fun little caps?
I don't know how welcome it will be to begin looking ahead to the new year before Boxing Day sales (and specifically all the way to FW15 collections, at that), but is it at all reasonable to assume there will be another Inis Meain MTO beginning sometime around March? Is there any chance you can prevail upon them to offer the birdseye sweater in Donegal yarns again? (Here's hoping a super-early-pestbird request is worth something.)
I've got three pairs of Lanvin trousers (c2011-13) and there is no way I could size down on any of them.They fit TTS throughout, IME, and the cut is on the slim side if anything. For clarity, on all of mine the waist is 17.5-17.75 inches on a size 34.YMMV.I agree about the quality & price -- I haven't been disappointed by any of the Lanvin I've bought, but I probably would be if I paid MSRP for it. Their winter-weight and distinctive/embroidered/etc. trousers are creeping...
Dear N&F, make more like this:
That's a lot of eyelets! Looks good.If this isn't a case study in Asperger's aggravated by idiocy, I don't know what is.At what point are you going to follow through on this and shut it? Nobody cares what you think about CXL or anything else.
It looks pretty cleanly constructed and the tag is on straight (and in English). The obvious giveaways are absent. But it's exactly the kind of thing counterfeiters like to make, and it is neither trendy nor stylish, truth be told.
You (can't) abide a thing. You (can't) abide by a rule.
Every time I click a Yoox link on this website it was posted by an Amurrican and I get logged out automatically since my account is on Yoox CA. Annoying.
I prefer the silver/gold/pewter chains to the blue, but all-the-way-around blue chain (the only blue version) still beats just-the-toe silver chain.As a statement of fact, this is indisputable. But as an implicit judgment, it's questionable.The shirt is no less gimmicky. I think the fit works.
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