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wtf why did the translation-mixer spam-bot pick the same message again?
This is the most crass thing you've ever posted. Got any lynching jokes up your sleeve?
2 weeks, 1 day ago 23 minutes ago
What about it?
I see LN-CC still hasn't sold the $6,596.00 Thamanyah Men's Frontier fanny pack murse Shoulder Bag after many moons.
RFT: Chanel makes truly crazy tweeds/textures -- menswear needs more
If you send them a polite message immediately after you order, they will mark down the value of the package. I got a delivery from them this week and it was the first time I ever didn't have to pay the DHL man at the door.
If you're a Yoox Superstar, the 20% off and free shipping is only activated at certain times (every 2-3 months). Early access to the private room was Dec. 6 - 11, and it was the kind of boring over-priced selection of basic crap I expect from Mr Porter.
Prada makes a zillion shoes every season, so it's likely you can find plain black quasi-wholecuts any day of the year, but they will probably move/angle/detail the seams, change the elasticized gore to a zipper or switch up the sole between one release and the next. If those are recent, it may be helpful to know they were using a nearly identical sole on leather shoes as early as 2008.
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