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Those are men's sandals, though I might be misunderstanding what you meant.
And from the commercial designer standpoint, who needs nuance when there's a booming marked for $1,600 bedazzled birkenstocks? (That's what sold out overnight; those weren't online yesterday. I'm guessing half-sizes were never in stock, but still...)
FW15 on Ssense: Fendi lambskin raglan jacket with "Felted cashmere paneling at front featuring a croc inspired tonal leather appliqué."
Charly, sorry to belabour the point, but was the selection of those two specific zipper options a "permanent" decision, or is it possible you will expand those options in the future?Tedious.Unnecessary.This is just as much of an unnecessary response as Gruff's, and almost as inappropriate. Pot, meet kettle.Summing up the two posts by Overstatedcomplaintsman as "no thanks" is hilarious, though, points for that.I laughed out loud.Thank you for this cogent explanation, and...
Funny, I have never been surprised by the texture of anything I've bought online (for better or for worse); somehow I always have a pretty clear sense of what it will feel like as long as the pictures are good enough. Not much by Ervell has ever blown me away except ss10 with that iron oxide print, and I liked some ss09 outerwear including the transparent-layered ("insect") jacket.
They say Large has a 21-inch chest width, and 20.25 for Medium. I wouldn't call that running big.
Rad!I'm down. Breeches, britches, bloomers, knickerbockers ...(not me)The shoes look like they might have an interesting texture, but pullover hoodies make me think of elementary school.
Does a size 12 stand any chance at fitting into Anonymous Ism socks, do you know?They appear to be one-size-only everywhere I've seen them, but I can't imagine how one size is supposed to fit both a 6-7 and a 12-13.I figure if they're made in Japan they probably cater to the small end exclusively, but I'd love to be wrong.
Even knowing your height and weight, your proportions could be anywhere within a large range, so nobody is going to be able to say anything that will help you, least of all if you don't specify which jacket(s) you're looking at. However, if you can't try on the object of your desire, a 52 should usually have longer arms than a 50. And a garment that's too big can often be taken in, but other than trousers with extra fabric left in the seat, most clothes are not...
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