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This is sort of like the final proof menswear is a complete joke. None of it is fresh, and nearly every bit of it is hideous. (A couple f mixed knits and a couple of plainer jackets are the only exceptions for me.) The boots might be the ugliest thing of all, but we're all so inured to Rick Owens and CCP's various exaggerated monstrosities nobody even bats an eye.
Lots of 50-year-old men buy very nice shirts; what's wrong with those if they are the size you are looking for? My brother is an inch shorter than you are and he has the same issues. If you can find a shirt that fits well in the shoulders and has long enough sleeves, a billowy body can be fixed (taken in) by a tailor. If you are finding sleeves long enough and it's the body that's the issue, you probably just have to try some new makers (though makers may change...
Some of us never imagined a world without subject pronouns, but here we are.
Jacket, pants and boots look good
RUGGED n ruff n tuff n absolutely horrid looks like givenchy by walmart
Are those Alejandro Ingelmo? I bought a pair of plain black AI boots on deep sale from Forward a couple seasons ago, they're quite comfortable and make good beater boots. The padding around the back of the ankle is almost comically thick, though.
Maybe my monitor sucks, but I can't tell what's going on with that shirt. Is it embossed? I see some Rorshach-vague thing that might be either semi-trompe-l'oeil kangaroo pockets and belt loops or a sketch of a tetherball court. (Freudians can bring it.)
I don't think I'd buy that personally because of the flapped pockets, but it looks really nice. Price under 1K doesn't hurt either. If it is for sale through Hypebeast as of 7 hours ago, does that mean it's ss14 stock? Is anybody else selling it?
NWT Viridi-Anne zip scarf/collar/bib www.ebay.com/itm/111245988951 Not clearance-priced but reasonable IMO Cheap Marni duck down puffer on Yoox, item 41350086LB
New Posts  All Forums: