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There's a nice cable-knit wool Carven bomber on Yoox marked down to $328 until Monday night.MSRP was $1095 one of the last couple winters so it's a good deal for a 38 US (ignore the converted size, it's tagged 48 standard Euro and fits TTS).That's how I felt/feel about the FW13 purple knit Yohji robe.When will one of those pop up in this thread I wonder
It has no substance as a meaningful "design," but other brands are charging $300+ for plain tees or rudimentary prints.
I just bought a couple of pairs of N&F including the candy weft, which I'm excited about since the hand-dyed weft eluded me. FYI, Jay, I was unable to place my order in Firefox, which is my primary browser: whenever I click "Check Out" from my shopping bag, I get an error "Your shopping shopping bag is empty" with a link to continue shopping. Then, if I click back to my shopping bag, it's empty -- but if I add anything new to my cart, all the original items show up again!...
Devious misdirection?
All right, what's a code that works on sale items and new arrivals?
That Schneider reminds me of Inis Meain's birdseye stitch sweaters: courtesy NMWA There was an even nicer one (IMO) last fall because the thicker yarn had donegal flecks in it. Here's hoping they reissue that in blue or green.
Holy $#!7
Perfect, thanks. I could swear that only two of the reversible scarves were showing up under Begg last night, but I see them all now, so chalk it up to the hard drugs -- I mean, my worrisome lack of Eidos.Jealous.I think it looks pretty exciting.Is an Ulster a wide notch lapel on a tall coat, or am I missing the distinguishing characteristic?
Are the Begg angora-blend scarves in grey/grey and navy/maroon still on the way or did they already come and go? There are four colours in the group photo but I only see two listed with 7+ of each remaining.
Goodness gracious.
New Posts  All Forums: