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Some big drops in the last 12 hours, and the code LUNAR10 is working for now, but I never got an email about it so I don't know when it ends (possibly tonight).
I love the idea of taking this away from them.With the weird green background/lighting I can't tell if that's orange or pink, but it's just a crewneck knit top -- you are over-thinking it.Avoid the Vineyard Vines catalogue look and you're probably fine.
Preorders typically can't be returned, so financially speaking it seems like it increases the risk to the consumer.I suppose it decreases the risk of not getting what you want, which is a more grievous problem around these parts.
Now, let's not sell SF2016 short. After all, I can click at random into the SLP thread and find an illuminating exchange like this incisive, fact-based discourse on a $700+ rtw shirt:
Margiela scarf thing on eBay for $79 cc @RegisDB9
No, don't rip the man, he's only just passed on. sorry
Token post for sig.
Louis Vuitton did a bunch of dégradé runway coats back in 2007 and the versions that went into production (that I saw, anyway) were 99% wool, 1% cashmere.Personally, I don't get out of bed for less than 15%. A bit like --
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