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Yoox did another round of price drops today, and there are still 4 hours left to use the GIFT20 code (10% off two items, discount increases up to 4 items)
Condolences. I saw the Ssense mail a few hours late and figured the same thing had happened to me, since the one thing I wanted only had 1 left in stock for the last week. Luckily, it hadn't sold yet and went from 30% to 40% off, which was good enough for me.
Margiela Futures, eh? You mean "Vag sneakers" isn't an official name?
wool comes from a sheep mohair comes from an angora goat angora comes from an angora rabbit cashmere comes from a cashmere goat cashgora comes from a nigora goat (supposedly a cashmere-angora hybrid) alpaca comes from an alpaca (like a llama) vicuna comes from a vicuna (like a softer llama) camel hair comes from a camel yak hair comes from a yak I have a scarf made of 50% camel hair, 50% cashmere, and a sweater from a different label made of 50% camel hair, 50% wool...
It makes sense that the "everything 50-70% off" blowout won't be till the end of the month, but are there really no more increments in between?Of the items I've got bookmarked, one is still 20% off (and it's a diffusion line, i.e. not a top-drawer/exclusive item) and some are not even marked down yet.
Late to the party, I know, but unless you have a parasitic twin hanging off your left hip, I can't see how this is properly representative of the fit on you. Fix the hem and take another photo IMO.
Not weird at all, as established above -- but no amount of inurement will convince me that any of Visvim's fringed shaman moccasin-whatevers are anything but hideous.That article everybody was passing around recently about the guy who wore Visvims to thanksgiving dinner in the boonies was to me an unwitting satire of brand-whore narcissism.I love their plainish Serra/Virgil/etc boots and I can't stand any of the other things.
New Posts  All Forums: