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Spoo, you've got an auction for Naked & Famous Broken Twill jeans (which says "twin" in the listing title) -- more importantly, it and the silver weft jeans have all their photos swapped.
My goodness -- I thought the sawtooth was big on these suckers:When you too, friend, have been ravished by the metaphorical external genital structure of a virile scent, you will understand the wounds he bears.
The pattern matching on the jacket looks pretty bad, with a lost sliver of moon on the collar and such obvious duplication of the same astronauts throughout. I was expecting a cute dinosaur like the Jil Sander one, so I'm going to disagree with you, I think that sweater is really bad.
Those would not qualify. The ones pictured earlier are formal shoes for black-tie wear. A white / creeper sole makes those extra casual, and they are derbies to begin with, which are more casual than Oxfords, which are more casual than formal shoes.
The ribbon and the low cut of the edges (like a women's ballet flat) are what kill it for me. Personally I'd wear patent leather lace-up shoes instead, ideally wholecuts but cap-toes wouldn't raise any eyebrows today.
Does this look like a valid address in Sweden, does anybody know? I've altered the digits for privacy, but are there supposed to be two numbers separated only by a space before "Stockholm"? Is anything (like a district or postal code) missing? Code: Fname Lname Hornsgatan 18 102 28 Stockholm Sweden
Where is the work being done?
IMHO, a brown corduroy suit with big peak lapels is not likely to change anybody's mind about DB. That is, unless the thing that put them off it in the first place was seeing skintight, crisp navy jackets paired with cropped skinny pants and monk straps by the GQ legion. I'm not a big fan of double-breasted in general but I've seen enough examples I like that it's not anathema to me. But that Eidos hits pretty well all the wrong (fusty) notes for me.
Chanel does outrageous themed sets every year, and one show featured a "supermarket" set. As a mainstay of their business, handbags are featured prominently. INA is just a consignor (and as a rule their product descriptions suck); I believe MSRP on the shopping baskets was at least $25K.
New Posts  All Forums: