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But Fok doesn't hate Alpha-M like so many people here. As for random and fashion, I'd say this email I just received checks both boxes (note the dates):
Are you talking about the touch of the surface when you brush your fingers against it, or the thickness / heaviness of the material? The opposite of a "soft" material would normally be a "rough" material, so "hard" makes it sound like you mean structure and rigidity of the garment rather than its hand. It looks like it's soft. If it's pure cashmere, I can't imagine why it wouldn't be unless they made it on the cheap out of low-grade yarns. I have a couple of overcoats in...
I guess the ending was supposed to be poetic, but there was something I didn't quite understand:Never mind, I saw it again and it made sense.
I just heard David Bowie has died. I finished rewatching The Prestige about an hour ago by happenstance and he is great in it. It's one of Nolan's better/best films. RIP sir.
He's Snufkin on this side of the pond.
Halfway on-topic, tonight I found what I take to be moth egg casings in a Malo cashmere sweater (16-ply, bling bling) and I picked off everything I could see by hand, now do I seal it up in my freezer for two weeks, take it to a specialty cleaner, or soak it in a five-year-old boy's pee?
Uniqlo for cheapRLPL (via eBay / B&S) for nicerPolo RL also makes plain cashmere sweaters (no pony/logo) which are hardly distinguishable and should be cheaperYoox stuff is seeing progressive markdowns, so if you're up for digging and/or waiting around, you can search by material
I believe that's roughly the amount. I figured it might be marked down but I was still braced for fees because the seller shipped via FedEx without mentioning it ahead of time. $1 value made my day.
I just received the most undervalued package in the history of international shipping. Declared value: $1.00 USD Duties paid: $0.00 MSRP: $4,635 USD = $6,468.14 CAD at current exchange (Admittedly, it's lightly pre-owned.)
that's not bigotry, it's humongotry
New Posts  All Forums: