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Porter has a Missoni cardigan that wasn't memorable to me from the product pics -- maybe just because it's wool-nylon and priced over $1,500 -- but now it's in an editorial featured on the homepage and hot damn it looks t[o]asty.
Absolutely not. Something is coming.I just hope it's better than the 15% superstar week that just finished or the one-time 20% off code good till the end of the month. Fat chance, but 25% off would be stellar.
Any possibility someone could clarify the chest and shoulder measurements on a size IV Juncus, just in case?
Everything on that page looks like what you'd find in a mail-order catalogue priced from $29.99-89.99. Not even ugly, just unremarkable and shockingly cheap.
LN-CC had those marked down to about 800 before the end as I recall, and Yoox's starting prices are climbing ever higher.
It looks good, Newcomer. I wouldn't call your fit oversized, and I don't think the pics suggest it should be any more "fitted" whatsoever. Too bad my size is the one that sold out right away.
I should have bought the 50 sipang or somebody was selling last year
^ Think so. He wears lots of Balmain or was it Dior jeans with Visvims iirc, but is he also the guy with the Jesus bling / jewellery connection or was that somebody different?
That piece in particular (Yoox item # 41458590IU btw) is like a more refined and frankly more luxurious (no cotton jersey) version of what Balmain has been making the last few seasons:
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