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As a courtesy to Shah Saint Laurent Paris SS2015
Alexander McQueen ss15 looks like a lovechild of Neil Barrett and Kris Van Assche that was aborted five months in. It's tragic stuff even if you ignore the shoes, which are strong contenders for ugliest of all time.
This conversation sucks, so here's a shaved bear.
I still wish there was a silver version
Nobody criticized the fit. it's a moldy colour in an ugly configuration with enormous lapels, and in that photo the fabric looks pretty unpleasant to me. You can play devil's advocate as long as you want to, but in any reasonable selection of suit styles and colours that thing will never escape the bottom 20% on a scale of attractiveness. I've never seen the movie, but I have a sneaking feeling it was intentionally selected as an ugly suit.
That makes sense. Nobody else heard from "Districity" today for the first time?
Does Amazon own Antonioli, oki-ni and SSENSE?I noticed the other day that the URL for Antonioli's homepage Rick feature graphic was https://antonioli-prod-1.s3.amazonaws.com/home_page_elements/4/original/rickmen.jpgThen today I got an email out of the blue from something called Districity advertising all three sites --Subject: "Up to 50% off Antonioli, oki-ni and Ssense"Sender: "Districity.com via eu-west-1.amazonses.com "The Lemaire looks interesting, but Jim Carrey's...
Some of these, well, ... there are a few really good ones.
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