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Until I saw this, I was thinking honeydew or watermelon, but maybe you're onto something here!I ate a delicious half canteloupe for breakfast this morning.Kenezis, I can't imagine why you think the answer to this question would help you unless you are planning to purchase sunglasses online. If that's the case, you are much farther ahead to go into some stores and find out first-hand what shape suits you (regardless of the fruit-or-vegetable-name of the shape of your head)...
For plain trousers, if you don't need luxe, I'd head to Club Monaco or the closest equivalent. People seem to recommend Uniqlo for cheap button-ups, sweaters, and pretty much everything but trousers (hah). Might be worth a shot? I don't have any experience with Uniqlo, though, aside from one Jil/+J blazer.
Jil, Raf, Prada, MJ, Lanvin sometimes Separate RFT: unlike Junya and Thom Browne, Nick Wooster does not seem to know how to make a wacky patchwork jacket that's wearable, let alone desirable.
This is so good.
If they look looser to you in the photos, trust your eyes, but Ssense product copy is not a credible basis for much of anything -- for years they described almost every pair of trousers as "pleated," including flat-front pants, which don't have any pleats.
Clearly you aren't interested in newcomers.
^ nobody could pull that off. (Yes, Lorcan, that's a challenge.) Adidas Superstars look gross IMO -- the straps and top look okay, but the contoured white toe and sole don't work for the top, and the rear strap is all kinds of sloppy. Plus the logos. At least the all black things are all black and unlogoed (and according to an earlier search I think they were $39.99?), the toe is weirdly pointy but in a tech-ninja fit they'd probably look cool. Mr.Porter has these new...
That's really nice. Mind linking me? I can't seem to find the product page, just not-cashmere-lined stuff.
Any size 50s of smaller stature (or with T. rex arms), the blue Donegal coat NMWA had last fall is on eBay. Sleeves are 23.5 inches with less than an inch to let out. (It's not my auction -- I inquired.)
I don't think any kind of top is best tucked into jeans, so I guess that's our point of divergence.But I think you are dead wrong about WAYWT. I don't see a single belt in the last few pages -- or a single tucked-in top -- and I can't recall ever seeing a comment like "needs more belt."I stand by the idea that "always wear a belt with jeans" is thoroughly unhelpful advice.Caustic Man has made clear he intends to do his own thing after taking in everyone's thoughts, so I'm...
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