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The jacket looks fine. It doesn't look at all loose or even especially drapey (certainly not in a bad way), and I really wouldn't have it taken in if I were you.The pants look good.My experience with SS sizing is minimal, but I'm a V in the few tops I've tried (usually US 40), and a VI in the one pair of pants I own (usually a US 34), if that helps any.
Is there more than one shape of the (low) heel stabilizer, or is one of these not authentic? [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
The film thread is on page 230482356 by now, so:
It begins!I had an EMS package a couple of months ago that took more than two weeks to clear customs, and then I wasn't even charged any duty fees at the end of it, which almost made up for the delay but really left me wondering what on earth they were doing all that time.
Lots of women famously wore Dior Homme back in the Slimane era (to the point where they made a women's line copying it in extra-small sizes), and even back in high school (where there were no only openly gay students whatsoever at the time) I knew slim guys who bought girls' jeans because then men's denim was all wide-leg and high-rise enough for Ice Cube to wear in a rap video. The way I see it, when clothes exist, people who like them have always bought them regardless...
Tisci's got you covered!
Entschuldigung, ich bin kaputt.I had to read that a few times slowly.Then I did a search, wondering what the heck Palace is, and the first result was a Vogue article, which hilariously (to me) began, "You’ve probably heard of Palace by now. " [[SPOILER]]
That might have been a better option, but if they continually make specific mistakes, I think the overarching "demonstration" of misuse can fairly be said to be continuous, even without taking poetic license. Then again, I suppose they do use "tactile" in a way that makes sense once in a while.
They also continuously demonstrate they don't understand the descriptive words they are using (see the constant abuse of "tactile" and "louche"); and starting this season, they are using "shell" as a synonym for "nylon" in any and every context, which sounds absurd, e.g. "Down-Filled Quilted Shell Gilet"; "Houndstooth Felt and Shell Backpack."
Well, it's definitely a red hoodie.
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