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Now, let's not sell SF2016 short. After all, I can click at random into the SLP thread and find an illuminating exchange like this incisive, fact-based discourse on a $700+ rtw shirt:
Margiela scarf thing on eBay for $79 cc @RegisDB9
No, don't rip the man, he's only just passed on. sorry
Token post for sig.
Louis Vuitton did a bunch of dégradé runway coats back in 2007 and the versions that went into production (that I saw, anyway) were 99% wool, 1% cashmere.Personally, I don't get out of bed for less than 15%. A bit like --
I'm interested in photos of that if you have any. I haven't followed SNS too closely; have they done anything like it before?And is their preorder imminent, since Schneider (pre) fw16 is happening now, or on a completely different schedule?
Who is making mixed-yarn or varied-gauge knits these days? @gdl203, @Synthese, @LA Guy? (I don't see a reason to spoiler these even if some may already be in the thread somewhere)
split the difference --Ralph Lauren Purple Label $2,495 Black Chalk Stripe Cashmere Robewww.ebay.com/itm/291662493267For some reason the image is showing up huge [[SPOILER]]
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