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I submit this replacement photo for consideration:
He's probably heterosexual, too. Ugh, so mainstream. I had the same problem with Winston Churchill.
Occidental Health Goth
Between that wannabe-Balmain garbage and this short-sleeve Hawaian shirt lovingly crafted by the most illustrious artisans from the finest pure viscose in all Christendom -- available at a bargain-basement, new-mahogany-dashboard-because-I-spilled-coffee-and-it's-easier-just-to-replace-the-whole-thing price in the SLP thread -- I don't know which one I desperately want less.
I like the SLP boots more here than in most all-SL outfits. Is the knit more than one colour or is that just the light playing tricks?
^ where are you getting all the pics of the "wrong" colours? Nice boots etcThis looks cool, is it all synthetics though?
I've seen a few different commentators call Kanye's show "diverse" but one of the models put it this way:
Somebody made a fake jacket. Fake jackets come with fake tags. The jacket in your photos does not look like anything ever made by Balmain that I know of.
This is what an authentic Balmain label looks like:
You can definitely do a lot worse than Suit Supply if you're in a hurry or you've already tried something on and know it works for you (besides which they have a few different cuts, though the selection favours the slim fit of the moment) and they offer free alterations on purchases, or used to. They are a reliable affordable option. If you have the time to bargain hunt and/or experiment, though, it is possible find suits made better and out of nicer fabrics for roughly...
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