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You got it. I rewatched that last year but obviously couldn't place the scene for the life of me. Thanks!
Can you fellows help me identify a movie? I have had a scene kicking around in my head for a few days but I haven't been able to place it even though I don't think it's obscure. What I remember is a character being dangled (head-first I think) out of an upper-story window by assailants, and I think before they hang him out the window they also stick his face in a toilet. That's the core of it -- I'm not sure if they are trying to get information out of him or seeking...
Got enough slack to hide a tunnel back there?[img]
What is going on with this Vetements jacket on Mr.Porter? It doesn't say anything about a removable panel, zip-off coattails, etc., but the worn view looks awfully different from the product shot. (There is a telltale seam bulge running around the waist, but I still see no method nor location for detaching the bottom section) and while I'm asking MrP questions, is this Berluti wool sweater actually [supposed to cost] nine thousand dollars? It's sold out in all sizes...
Since this is a Yoox pic, does anyone have an idea what brand the jacket might be? (Sometimes they feature the pictured item at the top of the sale page, but not this time)
Like vintage but it was used for S&M
I wouldn't wear it but I think the Emporio is kind of cool.Then again, I own a CKC megaman jacket. [[SPOILER]]
Q.E.D.Here's another way you might have broached the subject (this guy even sounds as pretentious as you do) without convincing your entire audience immediately that you are a cunt:
Your ignorant aesthetic and cultural judgments are in perfect proportion to your writing, which is very poor and riddled with grammatical errors.
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