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Malo chunky cardi off Yoox. It's about as thick as my TBxBBBF cardigan, which is supposedly 24-ply. You're right, but I was waiting for drops/codes due to the horrible exchange rate. (It was my current most-wanted but I dunno about holy-grail status.) Funny thing is, I almost pulled the trigger on the 50 a bunch of times over the last month but if I had bought that one it might have been too slim.
Synth's jeans look fine. Betelgeuse, that blue shawl cardigan is great. Does it have some linen/silk/cotton in it or am I just imagining things?
My most-wanted knit sold out in my size, so as a Hail Mary I bought one size up (the very last one in stock), expecting I would likely have to return it. But it turns out one size up fits perfectly, so I am greatly indebted to whoever took the size I originally thought I needed. So much cashmere . . . .
Is that tee quilted or embossed or is the pattern part of the weave (knit?) ? I don't remember seeing it for sale. All three of those look good.
This is a common expression across the English-speaking world. It is not exclusive to the United States, or even North America.
Thank you for the best laugh I've had all day.
Trying to reconcile the first picture with the second picture is very confusing. I think the first one is two jackets rather than a layered jacket, and the second photo shows the patterned jacket alone with shorts that match the sheer jacket.
That's funny, it has always seemed to me the merino could have used a redo with a longer lining I like these pants a lot, but I don't know if I'd actually buy/wear them. The fact that the patterns on the two legs aren't mirrored/symmetrical bothers me slightly.(If the big diamond shape were centered on the left knee [models' right] the way it is on the other, that would make it significantly better IMHO.)
That's what I've been trying. UPS.com homepage tracking box; UPS.ca homepage tracking box; using the website's "Tracking" sub-menu.No matter what I do, it asks me to log in.Does that not happen for you/everyone?
New Posts  All Forums: