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The wash is ugly, the panels are ugly, and the wide elasticized denim hems are particularly ugly. Does that help?Sent from my computer using common sense.
Those are cool, but I can't tell if the bottom section is soft rubber or rigid plastic, anyone know? Is there another separate sole at the bottom or is it all one piece?I'll be interested to see how many colours get released. Prada's made a lot of butt-ugly eye-searing shoes lately but these two schemes are pretty subdued so far and there's definitely potential though I don't think I'd buy white or brown personally.These margs might have been cool with different colours or...
Damn did they have 44s or 45s when you posted? I thought all but one pair of 45 and maybe some teensy sizes sold out in fw13 or whenever it was. I had the 45s in my wishlist for ages but they recently added a notice "This item has sold out and will not be back in stock" so I deleted them. mer6 you should be able to size down one safely in any Raf or Jil dress shoes.
sample size 48 exclusive to LVR for just $18,500
As a courtesy to Shah Saint Laurent Paris SS2015
Alexander McQueen ss15 looks like a lovechild of Neil Barrett and Kris Van Assche that was aborted five months in. It's tragic stuff even if you ignore the shoes, which are strong contenders for ugliest of all time.
This conversation sucks, so here's a shaved bear.
I still wish there was a silver version
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