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Raf Simons fw07 high-neck metallic sweater, 46 http://www.ebay.com/itm/371210940842 Prada ombre patent leather runway oxfords, 7.5 UK http://www.ebay.com/itm/271705176781 Carven wool check bomber jacket, neoprene lining 44 XS $245 http://www.ebay.com/itm/281514592651 (Vintage Missoni Sport?) Jacke Gr. M L Kapuze wattiert gefüttert Strickjacke Wolle Unisex $30, 4h remaining http://www.ebay.com/itm/281514592651 Missoni Knit Reversible Bomber Size 48 It Small...
^ Thanks, do you know when it ends?
^ The navy pair looks like a decent throwback to 2010-11-ishThe shoes that turned me onto designer sneakers were the Prada gradient ("ombré") leather low-tops. I just checked the season and it was fw07, good grief that makes me feel old.They didn't have any branding except the red stripe on the tongue (under laces) and on the sole.Freshly sold out on Yoox: [[SPOILER]]
What's the point of proxying if he doesn't want to be anonymous? Is he just too busy to come here and bid?
This is great, both the individual pieces and in sum.What is ET short for? It's probably obvious but it's not coming to me.
If you mean the white leather high-tops with the beige suede "harness" at the rear, buy them, they're hard to find and all the new colorways suck. (Actually women got one or two decent pairs a few seasons ago, but that's it.)Did you get the highs or the lows? edit: oops, you said low-tops.Either one will probably look great with all the stuff you wear. [[SPOILER]] Allow me:I don't like the design of the sneaker at all, but the leather is kind of neat. That said, there's a...
I asked another seller if a Battisti tie he is selling has the secret pocket feature:"Missy, you just talked yourself right out of a sale." -- Principal Skinner
A++It's been a good couple of pages
The Lemaire is better by a mile if you ask me, but I'm not really a fan of any of the Pier Wu jackets I've seen (they are pared down to the point of monotony) and I don't think that one is doing your silhouette any favours, at least from that angle / in that photo. Possibly worth noting that the PW is obviously going to be a lot better for turtlenecks.
Yoox did another round of price drops today, and there are still at least 4 hours left to use the GIFT20 code (it often works until the next morning even though they say discounts end at 11:59pm)
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