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If you're spending over $500, the 15% code is even better (but you need to have the item in your dreambox).The difference between 15% and 10%+shipping is pretty negligible below $500 anyway.
Those flecked ties are really nice. Personally, I like the blues and the grey even more than the brown. Claghorn, once the final price is confirmed with everything (shipping etc) factored in, can you confirm what that will be and also clarify what the deadline will be to commit?
probably a typo of 18.xx
Currently on sale at Mr.Porter is a Jil Sander striated waffle-knit tee. I can't figure out why there are two material combinations explained on the tag when the entire thing seems to be made out of one fabric and there is no lining nor contrasting application. Fabric content: 1: 76% cotton, 18% polyamide, 6% viscose 2: 60% cotton, 30% polyamide, 10% viscose Any guesses?
I believe they do adjustments for price-drops (but not discount codes), if the item is still in stock. Give them a call. Unfortunately the CAD exchange rate is so awful the weekend code is almost inconsequential.
I don't know what's wrong with some of you people, that hoodie is hilarious.
model of the moment Cara Delevigne ('the moment' may have been in 2013, I don't really know)
Pre-teens with spray-cans come up with cool-looking graffiti tags; I've known children to produce impressive doodles and sketches; so why must designers' use of handwriting be juvenile even next to the work of elementary-age schoolkids? The scribbled-on clothing is ugly and pathetic. That said, I like the long coats and the knits, but still wouldn't call anything from this collection impressive.
Where is that from? I figured fw15 presentation but the background's wrong.
You don't say . . .
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