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I haven't read Neuromancer and I have no idea if "began to decelerate" is anything but a random phrase, but I would like to know what you are suggesting is wrong with it. (I notice it is a dictionary example.)Surely that use of "exclaiming" is a greater error, in any case.
All colors are now sold out, for the record, but there will be a limited stock in the regular FW14 period for the diehards.
Best of all, each reference to meeting women is hyperlinked to a website called "The Sensual Hunter Method" which includes:
That sounds good; thanks again. I almost took this whole week off SF. What a mistake that would have been!
this was probably the worst possible time in the last couple of years for a six-day lapse in this thread
I just got the second last green. NMWA: I ordered size V; I'm a US 40 and I normally look for 22" chest and 18-18.5" shoulders on outerwear, so please let me know if you think I might have chosen the wrong size. Can you confirm whether it is possible to ship via USPS/Canada Post by request instead of UPS? Thanks for stocking this and making the whole thing happen. EDIT: Am I supposed to see the words "founding member" anywhere when I'm logged in? EDIT2: This is not a...
Isn't there supposed to be cashmere or leather content at these prices? What gives? And why are people buying? EDIT: pic isn't showing up when I check "import"
I can never decide whether it's the horrid lazily misogynistic twits or the endlessly sanctimonious feminist drones who are more apocalyptically intolerable. What neither side ever seems to realize is it's a very close call.
This is sort of like the final proof menswear is a complete joke. None of it is fresh, and nearly every bit of it is hideous. (A couple f mixed knits and a couple of plainer jackets are the only exceptions for me.) The boots might be the ugliest thing of all, but we're all so inured to Rick Owens and CCP's various exaggerated monstrosities nobody even bats an eye.
Lots of 50-year-old men buy very nice shirts; what's wrong with those if they are the size you are looking for? My brother is an inch shorter than you are and he has the same issues. If you can find a shirt that fits well in the shoulders and has long enough sleeves, a billowy body can be fixed (taken in) by a tailor. If you are finding sleeves long enough and it's the body that's the issue, you probably just have to try some new makers (though makers may change...
New Posts  All Forums: