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What was the name of the light blue Schneider coat that Greg posted and said NMWA would be getting in grey? I don't think it was Rock but now I can't find the post.
Ah yes. I had almost forgotten the part of the myth where Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Grandmother temporarily occupy the same body in accordance with the will of the Lord God.
I kind of wish the liner zipped out so the hood wouldn't pucker and show the edges of the lining in the gaps between the buttons. Then the zip could be hidden behind the flap that has the buttonholes through it, and all those inner buttons would disappear, making it even sleeker. Maybe a zipper would be too stiff or something, though. I'm sure this blasphemy will offend many people. Fit pics all look good though.
The colours and textures in your first photo are very appealing, and I think you earned a thumb with that alone, but when I got to the pants I found I agreed with FlyingMonkey:With some subdued brown/green trousers you would really be onto something (IMHO).
Ding ding ding.Great galloping Asperger's!
Neither of those two is actually the fuckyeahmenswear guy, is it? That's what they both seem to be aping to me (but I don't think it works when they're hyping the subject instead of taking the piss out of it).Which one would be the eastward version?
Mehmet that coat looks really nice, and hardly big over a tee which means it should accommodate a chunky knit perfectly. lol @ absurd koala (sounds like a meme)
Both of those copywriters should be beaten to death, but it's nice you got the mention.
It would help your case to include mention that when you finally received the package it contained only a live, rabid wombat.
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