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I'm keenly interested in anything multi-colour and mixed-gauge like the ones Synth posted (especially the first one), for whatever that's worth.This season still looks fantastic. I think the Gordon cardigan is the stand-out for me.That's funny, I just watched Beyond Thunderdome again yesterday (and the first two movies the day before that).My experience with boiled cashmere is limited to one McQueen blazer but it's incredible.
Everything you posted looks great.But I've got to know, will you be stocking any of the multi-color / mixed knits like these?
+1, these names are above reproach, or at least at the level where you are trying too hard if you're calling them awful.I like Lumen et Umbra too.This one's the worst I can think of; it doesn't sound like it belongs in any English sentence.Shades of Greige and Christian L'Enfant Roi and Want Les Essentials blah blah are pretty crummy too.
Looking at those shorts, either jersey or tweed could turn out pretty nice.
Major cringe factor.
Hey Spoo, does the Celine burgundy knit tie have a square or pointy tip?
15% off items already marked down with LASTCALL15
How about you pick one thread, and then don't post anywhere, including that thread.
Damn, I ordered something last night after a price drop -- should have waited.
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