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That's the memory coat, not the merino coat, FYI.
I like this. For some reason, the pose (I guess) gives me the idea you're casually ignoring something.
Live in Pompeii version is good tooAnd of courseAnd come to think of it:
The SNS should be very warm. If you overheat, turtlenecks might just not be for you. Or look for one in linen-silk/lightweight fabric? Personally I'd wait it out for something I had no misgivings about. I get hot easily too and I'll never wear a turtleneck again (last time I think I was about 10), but I also don't like the way they look or feel so there's no conundrum involved.
I think I kind of like the tie, actually, on its own terms, but with respect to the ensemble I could not agree more.@NewYorkIslander, do you have any other close-ups of the tie (like your last pic, but with more teddy-bear and less crotch)?It's clearly a very informal tie, but with an aged, beaten-up "brown and denim" outfit (especially IMO with multi-denim and the western styling of the vest), no tie is casual enough to fit the rest of it.
Would you rather have a shiny golden serial number or a second pair of shoes?
Do you know already that you like the way turtlenecks feel and look on you, or is this a gamble? I like the SNS, other one looks pretty boring (though that might be ideal if you want to wear it mostly under a jacket of some kind).
That plaid is really nice.EDIT: realized it's F/W14 or earlier.
Who can shed some light on the fact that Mr.Porter is selling two identical Thom Browne sweaters for $780 and $1312? I've heard of brands charging slightly different prices for different colorways of certain items (along the lines of $545 for white sneakers vs. $575 for black sneakers), but this is ridiculous. EDIT: I emailed them, the price was wrong, and the more expensive version is now $875 (though that's still $95 to change from grey to for...
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