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"Angora" on a label means hair from an angora rabbit. Hair from the angora goat is called mohair. In terms of the source animal, cashgora is half cashmere [goat] and half angora [goat]. In terms of the fibre produced, cashgora is (in a sense) half cashmere and half mohair. An angora-cashgora blend is a mixture of rabbit and goat hairs.
An escarpment is the opposite of a fjord. Any skier who visits southern Ontario will know the Niagara escarpment.
Good thing too, because that's probably the only race you can get away with saying that about.More seriously, Asians are the only group I never hear (in person) complain about racism. People I encounter from other groups, and women, often seem to have a clear and potentially dogmatic understanding of themselves as 'oppressed'/victims, but all the Asian people I have ever known have been more the type to just get the job done than spend time complaining. [/nonsequitur]
Presumably they decided to stop paying to be a forum affiliate, as they are no longer in the list. However, on the face of it, it is ridiculous for StyleForum delete* the entire thread and destroy all record of the conversation and information within it. * The thread was at www.styleforum.net/t/69315/www-ehaberdasher-com-affiliate-page/2535 and for what it's worth, it doesn't say "invalid thread," it says "Insufficient Permissions: You do not have permission to view this...
I haven't popped in this thread in a while, so what's the difference between Luxire and LuxireStudio (users) and is there a difference between messaging one versus the other with queries or are they simply separate accounts for two colleagues?
When fakes start to look like that, there will be no reason at all to buy real ones.
Dries coat on yoox: US: www.yoox.com/us/41516608GT/item?dept=men# CA: www.yoox.com/ca/41516608GT/item?dept=men# YOOXMENOT is good for 15%, so assuming the US price is the same ($578), that's less than 500 for our Amurrican friends, and no currency conversion.
Malo many-ply cardigan -- it was just returned in the last 72 hours I think (there was only a 56/XXL left the other day) and luckily the price drop, which I assume was automated and preordained by some pricing algorithm, came almost immediately after it was relisted.
New Posts  All Forums: