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If nobody's stocking the wacky Balmain fw14 rope jackets yet, is there still hope or did they not get produced for sale? I think they are really cool and I'm morbidly curious how they would be priced. Is there anywhere worth watching besides LVR, Farfetch, Ssense, Porter, Antonioli, and Balmain.com? ()
12, I was gonna bid but I got distracted
Anybody here just buy these on eBay?
Go whole hog: [[SPOILER]] Edit: now that I clicked through to the close-ups of the CM jacket and suit I realize I misinterpreted the print entirely because of the shoes you postedhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuleshov_Effect
Have you seen Bresson's "Trial of Joan of Arc" from 1962?I recently watched it after reading on wikipedia that --However, I was practically stricken when I saw Dreyer's film the first time; Bresson's seemed too intent on its own supposed subtleness and did not move me.On the other hand, I found Soderbergh's encapsulation/recapitulation of Solaris more successful; it certainly didn't capture the awe of the original, but I thought it offered some good moments and effective...
One letter can have two accents on it !?
I think I've seen similar to identical bombers from Raf, Dsquared and Marc Jacobs. Yoox has a mainline MJ in similar techno-fabric right now: http://www.yoox.com/us/41446671MF/item?dept=men#cod10=41446671MF&sizeId=
Out of curiosity, do you have access to specialized/obscure (I don't know what the right word would be) hardware?E.g.: [[SPOILER]]
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