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This.Now is the time to buy.
I hope somebody buys that bomber, shits on it, and returns it with a Significantly Not As Described claim. Inflating MSRP by a bit to boost selling price is par for the course. Tripling it is ridiculous.
The shoes look like manure lumps. That's not "working" if you ask me.I agree with you the plaid shirt looks very bad in this context.Drumohr + ts(s) is coming off like Old Navy + Express.
Diemmes go on sale under $200 once in a while -- though probably not till end of season -- and at least some (all?) are waterproof. Certain models have commando tread but others have various soles, some of which supposedly slip a lot on ice. Then again, if you are particular about black, commando sole, etc., it might be unrealistic to hold out for hope that a pair that specific will go on sale in your size. Retail isn't too steep though, so 50% off would be just about in...
#3 would be pretty nice if the pockets weren't leather, as long as it has a bit of structure in the body.
Meanwhile the thing I want to buy is the one item out of 21 in my dream box that did not get the discount banner, and neither this nor the thankyou20 code is working on it. Hell.
Porter has a Missoni cardigan that wasn't memorable to me from the product pics -- maybe just because it's wool-nylon and priced over $1,500 -- but now it's in an editorial featured on the homepage and hot damn it looks t[o]asty.
Absolutely not. Something is coming.I just hope it's better than the 15% superstar week that just finished or the one-time 20% off code good till the end of the month. Fat chance, but 25% off would be stellar.
Any possibility someone could clarify the chest and shoulder measurements on a size IV Juncus, just in case?
Everything on that page looks like what you'd find in a mail-order catalogue priced from $29.99-89.99. Not even ugly, just unremarkable and shockingly cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: