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No shit people spending $700 on clothes expect to get what they saw in the pictures.
I haven't watched any videos, but you can't buy tailored clothing that's too tight and expect it to improve (stretch) with wear like a pair of raw jeans. "Too tight in the thighs" means the pants are too small, so buy the bigger size and get a tailor to take in the seams wherever there is too much looseness.
Tell us this much: Suit, overcoat, or unexpected category (Bijan necktie made of Robin Williams' original hair) ?
c4est added this:But I've tried enabling all scripts and waiting for the page to finish loading -- I still get the error if I try to view thumbs, and when I click to give thumbs up to a post it refreshes the page (though my click does get counted)
I'm having the same problem, but just to confuse things I am using Firefox.
The forum software seems to be acting up for me. If I click a Thumbs Up to see who else liked the post, I get an error about user permissions, and when I type a post, I don't see any of the Bold/IMG/Spoiler/smiley buttons/tags anywhere, just a big white box to type in.Just me?In the real world, when a psychopathic woman is shunned from every women's community, she doesn't end up in the men's changeroom blithering about denim hotpants for six months. Where are the police?
What was the name of the light blue Schneider coat that Greg posted and said NMWA would be getting in grey? I don't think it was Rock but now I can't find the post.
Ah yes. I had almost forgotten the part of the myth where Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Grandmother temporarily occupy the same body in accordance with the will of the Lord God.
I kind of wish the liner zipped out so the hood wouldn't pucker and show the edges of the lining in the gaps between the buttons. Then the zip could be hidden behind the flap that has the buttonholes through it, and all those inner buttons would disappear, making it even sleeker. Maybe a zipper would be too stiff or something, though. I'm sure this blasphemy will offend many people. Fit pics all look good though.
The colours and textures in your first photo are very appealing, and I think you earned a thumb with that alone, but when I got to the pants I found I agreed with FlyingMonkey:With some subdued brown/green trousers you would really be onto something (IMHO).
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