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I quoted miran and my post was deleted too. I'm not convinced that was appropriate.
That's DH right? Belongs in "Should i buy" (with the printed Junya), not in "Awful but I like it" -- IMO
Are v2.0 merinos going to drive down the resale price of v1.0 merinos? Mine is still NWT and I've been thinking about letting it go to somebody who will appreciate it better.
I still just see the Valentine's Day promotion everywhere (Yooxinlove = 15% off) so it must be US-only. What is it?
Personal codes are only for Superstar members AFAIK; he's probably out of luck
Stanley van Buren Stanley van Buren — miran! Stanley van Buren
Knife goes in through the jacket vent(s) so as to disembowel without rumpling the outer layer.
I can't believe there are still three in stock. Yours looks great.Of course the only sizes sold out are the two I'm in between.
Yo soy un hombre sincero De donde crece la palma, Y antes de morirme quiero Echar mis versos del alma.
Looks like Number (N)ine x Davy Crockett, and not in a good way.
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