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When I decided to order this I wanted it primarily for the hood, but I think the Merinos are best worn more the way GDL does it, open front with the knit lining showing and hood back to match, rather than filling the spot of a "hooded winter jacket" for Toronto winters -- though it would be perfect for the coldest months in lots of the US and probably Vancouver/BC. Since I already own a bunch of green outerwear and I couldn't see myself getting a worthy amount of use out...
I have an eBay notification set for a few magazine back-issues. One issue in particular has been popping up every week for a few months, i.e. nobody is buying the thing even though it's $5. I finally got around to asking the seller for a shipping quote from Pennsylvania to Toronto, and he told me it can't be shipped to Canada. It's a five-dollar magazine, and I'm right across the border.
Sneakers are ["still"?] going supernova à la Veblen goods. There are a bunch of Versace high-tops on Ssense now in the $2K range (studded etc. but not exotic leathers), and drkshdw canvas high-tops (i.e. not mainline, not leather) are well over $1000. Those are the Canadian prices, at least. Weird, [ ' still ' ] with no spaces is some kind of invisible entity.
Tacky yes, but in a Mountain Equipment Co-op kind of way (I don't know if that means anything outside of Canada) and still wearable if it's your style. That guy is making it work. It looks like polyester fleece, though, which doesn't always keep a nice hand after a few washes.
Looks great. Is the zipper at the side hem or the back of the sleeve somewhere?
There is always a better option than chukka-anything. In a perfect universe they would not exist. Even the serial number is trying to hide in shame. (The navy suede would be nice in a low-top or maybe slip-on, though, IMO.)
I don't think there is such a thing as a brand that makes every product available for sale in one place online. Maybe at a B&M flagship store, but most labels don't offer everything even there AFAIK. Sometimes I wonder why brands don't keep public galleries of all their past (major) items, though, without the sales element. Usually all that's left for posterity is the runway pics, which often don't accurately represent what was then made/sold/bought.
Specific size and colour is a tall order once a couple seasons have passed.If a Merino coat would do instead ... That fabric is almost literally to-drool-for.Do you know the name of the jacket? It looks a bit like the hooded layer is cropped short like the Memory(?) coat, but I can't really tell for sure.I'm surprised they got two jackets so similar in the same fabric. The only difference I can see is covered vs uncovered placket and semi-hidden slash pockets vs big patch...
3.1 Phillip Lim wool-cotton trousers, size 36 Description A very interesting pair of pants from Phillip Lim, with tons of details - unconventional panelled construction features curving contoured seams and an integrated waistband instead of a separate piece of fabric - oversize clasp closure at zip-fly front - zippered side pockets with chrome-silver hardware - interior buttoned waist adjuster straps for whenever you don't want to use the belt loops - a nice, thick,...
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