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So even though it was directed at another post, this:came immediately after this:And indeed, Monsieur l'ambassadeur opens his Mr. Porter box to find a tissue-paper-ensconced second box, which he opens to discover ... a third box (cushioned generously with the foam used to package laptops and computer parts), which he opens, revealing a dust bag, which contains ... a single small leather luggage tag?
^ In that case you might be able to pull some of the fluff back out if it's brushed over with only the tip sewn down (but that could potentially loosen the stitching)
Versace Collection isn't main-line (runway/showroom) Versace -- that stuff just says "Versace" on the label and is made in Italy. Versace Collection is made in China in my experience. If the pair you found fit you / suit you, enjoy them. Versace doesn't have much of a following on this forum, so you're not going to get a lot of feedback on either authenticity or style. (But I don't see any reason to believe they are counterfeit, for whatever that's worth). If you really...
You've seen Ninja Scroll?Literal spoiler alert (first act, not major) -- [[SPOILER]]
Lanvin fw13 100% cashmere coat with removable mink fur collar MSRP $10,495
If it's any help, I've seen a half dozen episodes of You're The Worst and most of them left me ambivalent, but season 2 episode 10 "A Right Proper Story" (in which the protagonist's UK white-trash family come to visit unexpectedly) is one of the funniest things I've seen on television in a long time.Is the main character a man or a woman?
I got it mostly for the colour. And in person it feels pretty nice. I know what you mean about double zips; I forget what jacket I was wearing yesterday, but I wanted to unzip the bottom an inch while out walking around and couldn't. All the same, I usually unzip/unbutton outerwear when I sit down unless I'm outside. As for warmth, I've been wearing down jackets for the last few weeks, so I'm looking forward to >0°C days to go back to wool.
Feit has shearling lined boots on sale at Mr. Porter. Probably mostly sold out since sale went up to 70% the other day, but there might be other options there.Diemme has made boots lined with fleece at least twice (the ones I had fit a size small FWIW).And there used to be YSL fur boots in a bunch of sizes on eBay.
Burberry gloves (cashmere blend with touch-function underlayer) Brunello Cucinelli cashmere & silk blazer Club Monaco wool bomber Givenchy double-strap Richelieu wholecuts Lanvin tech runners
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