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I bought a chunk today with several items in it, including an old Dunhill pipe. Can the tip (contact with mouth) be changed? Is it safe to just wash the head part with water?
No offense to you but you're in retail and you get paid for doing shitty work. It's like a postman complaining about dogs. I don't fold clothes because I know someone gets paid doing that job. In fact, I purposely leave everything I try on unfolded so people like you could have a job.
Seriously, this is the first time I've heard of a person actually say this "my gramps never wear new clothes....servants..." in conversation. Thus far, I only hear these lines mentioned briefly on this forum.
Is this a real person? I like some of their stuff but I am really confused when a quote is signed "J. Peterman" on their website. I thought this dude is a Salingerian "phony". Colonel Littleton is at least a real fire breathing, holster wearing dude.
This sounds dangerous. Why can't you just have the baby watch you? Like lifting weights while making funny faces (that will burn some calories as well).
Doesn't have to be industries. A single misspell of "Dunhall" lighter would cost individual seller on ebay some money as well.
Over time, the creases get worn out. How do you restore the folds on silk?
What do you guys think is the worst sex-related disease one can get at the age of 20-40, not married, with yearly job relocation? No, I don't have anything on me but just curious to know.
Der Asians have way too much money. I feel sad for them. They seem to spend money mostly on status items.
This guy is going to get his ass kicked dressing like this in my township. Doesn't matter if it's "bady boy" look. Quote: Originally Posted by ShaneB How about the Regency 'bad boy' look:
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