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Whenever I travel to India and East Asia, I keep seeing fancy buildings in the Beaux Arts style. To me, they are incredibly ugly. Why are these modern Asian governments so eager to "preserve" them? Discuss.
I'm looking for a handheld mirror for shaving/barber uses. Ideally, it'd would be a squarish shape with handle. Does anyone have a suggestion? There must be a ton of these on the market but they're made for women. I want the batman version of this accessory.
Dude, the actual rate of unemployment is MUCH higher, and we're not even counting resident "citizens" from Mexico.
Then you're certainly not "American" to anyone but Chinese people.
hi everyone, I came across some very beautiful pocketsquares dating back to the 60s or perhaps earlier. Were these made for ladies? Any of them made for men? They all have fancy edge embroideries and the ones I have carry tri-lettered monogram.
psst...most of the issues are "in your head". Asian people run businesses just like any others-if you're a team player, WILLING to learn Chinese, respect our women, and drink snake wine, you'll be living the life. And what do you mean by referring to yourself as "American"? Are you a white guy? Just say so man.
you idiot. I was referring to instead of writing down "attoliniforever" for a password I can use a323asdfas323 and still manage to decode it back to attoliniforever when the time comes.
This is terrible news because black cashier clerks are by far the coolest--always let me return Xbox games.
I keep a master list of over 200 + passwords to physical and virtual locks. I've developed my own ways to hide the password but are there books out there that could lend more expertise on the subject?
What would be the non-Western/non-European equivalent to the Harvard Classics? Does anyone have a list? Great works from Africa, Asia, Middle East, etc..? It could also be works published in the Western world but written by non-white authors.
New Posts  All Forums: