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What would be the non-Western/non-European equivalent to the Harvard Classics? Does anyone have a list? Great works from Africa, Asia, Middle East, etc..? It could also be works published in the Western world but written by non-white authors.
I'm a paranoid schizophrenic and I stock up every summer with canned/nonperishable foods in case of major disaster. Are there any "luxury" canned goods lasting up to 18 months? I saw a Bourdain episode where they served him supposedly delicious canned seafood in Spain. I'm wonder if there are similar products in the states? Thank you all.
This is the most asinine comment I've read hitherto. You can thank many Eastern cultures for something as basic as a button hole, stiff collar, and of course handkerchiefs. European barbarians didn't have paper or fabric to make anything substantial until they steal it from advanced Islamic and Eastern civilizations. As for the new superpower language; it's definitely Chinese. Africans learn it. Latin Americans learn it. Everyone tries to learn it; and Chinese is the...
I know it's a fad right now to shave straight razor or blade but electric is where it's at, much more convenient. If you have to wet shave, nothing beats the third generation Gillette Fusion. Also if people tell you going old school=save money, punch them in the face.
I used to spend a ton of money on Western products such as wingtip shoes, accessories, and suiting goods, not realizing that I am supporting western imperialism. I'm going back to traditional menswear, which IMHO is more easy on the Earth.
I have to wear one to work and I am wondering of this rule is a result of colonialism.
can you take a picture of the new fit? Just for posterity sake?
how do you make a living selling buttons and collar stays?
I just moved back to the states and I'm surprised how many Asian chicks are hitting on me now. Weird. I thought they were all going for curly haired white guys. the mouth piece is unique to the pipe? Damn, I thought I can buy a new one to replace the chewed one already on the pipe.
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