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is that a guarantee? I know the British royals get paid to put their endorsement on certain products, from the supreme to the ordinary. However, are endorsements made out to only British Made goods? Just curious if anyone knows.
Wut u guys think? How would u awthenticate if it's the real faiber from the goat and not some cheapo man-made blend? Funnily, I just visited the Tom Ford store the other day and I believe this cashemere scarves retail for like 900 USD+...seriously...I'm not
I wonder where he gets his clothes. We're of the similar proportions...
I still leave all the tags on my dress shirt. It's on the inside, why bother?
come on now, how many of you guys born knowing this? OP is just a newb that's all. It's like how I started folding my umbrella properly ONLY after I purchased a Brigg...that came with the instructions on how to fold the umbrella canopy correctly.
Why is it that every store stocks mostly 42-48 suits? This is really pissing me off. MOST SF ballers are small and skinny. This is a verifiable fact on the WAYWRN thread!!!!
racial jokes that originated from the US are rather violent in nature...so some Latinos might take offense. And to be fair, if you're a white guy, you should not be going around telling racial jokes. It's something white people have done for ages and most people don't like it...I for one cannot stand any jokes about blacks or Mexicans...just not funny to me.
Getting bombed by terrorist is like the 200th thing on my mind in any given day. I almost got bitten by a baby shark yesterday...I could die then too. Besides, a few buildings get blown up=cost a few millions to rebuild. How much does it cost to send military personel to a foreign country? That said, I fully support the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our troops provide an outlet for the use and distribution of US made goods, which in turn stimulate the economy.
Paleontology is a pseudoscience. I accept that there some things fundamentally unknowable.
Decadent in what sense? You are still poor since you have to perform time-consuming and dirty tasks with your own two hands wearing 2nd hand clothes. I thrift too but I never let what I wear get to my head....I keep telling myself: you are nothing but a piece of $hit. You are no better than the average Joe until you hit that 10M mark in disposable income.
New Posts  All Forums: