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Where I live, the Asians make up 80% of the high end customer base, yet many of these boutique retails still hire mainly clueless Russian blondes...and it's always a woman, even for such classic men's items like shoes and watches. They need to hire an Asian person multilingual in at least Mandarin or Tagalog to reflect the market or a white dude that knows his sh!t inside out.
Yeah, most are blondes, but it's infinitely more annoying with the clueless Russian ones I mean there are plenty of American blondes why hire these boring broads when they clearly 1. don't speak English well 2. can't even tell me the material or history of the product 3. always sigh like I waste their time They need to be sent back to Novosibirsk pronto!
1881 are nice shoes. The snobbery here is beyond belief.
It seems like Alpaca is much more expensive when a designer is attached to it, be it throws, scarves, or sweaters. Can someone recommend a reliable no-name source for genuine alpaca wares? Specifically, winter wares since my balls are freezing over here.
Well, I haven't shopped in a physical store in ages. I just visited a handful of established stores, Brooks Brothers, Zegna, Burberry, Neiman Marcus, Wilkes Bashford, etc. etc...all now have significant stocks made there, all at prices made to tease me. What seems strange to me is the inverse relations between cost of labor and price tag. BB has these Chinese made wool duffle coats starting at $600 USD, which is 3x more than new Gloverall duffles on ebay. Tsk Tsk Tsk. ...
is that a guarantee? I know the British royals get paid to put their endorsement on certain products, from the supreme to the ordinary. However, are endorsements made out to only British Made goods? Just curious if anyone knows.
Wut u guys think? How would u awthenticate if it's the real faiber from the goat and not some cheapo man-made blend? Funnily, I just visited the Tom Ford store the other day and I believe this cashemere scarves retail for like 900 USD+...seriously...I'm not
I wonder where he gets his clothes. We're of the similar proportions...
I still leave all the tags on my dress shirt. It's on the inside, why bother?
come on now, how many of you guys born knowing this? OP is just a newb that's all. It's like how I started folding my umbrella properly ONLY after I purchased a Brigg...that came with the instructions on how to fold the umbrella canopy correctly.
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