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For nicer men accessories, where do you go?
I have haviland mandarin set from bloomingdale's. Affordable and very is a great color to invite women over. Items are priced by individual pieces so just get a service for two and you should be set. The colors on the internet are always a shade different in person so check them out in person.
I feel bad for HK folks. First colonized by the white men. Now colonized by other Chinese. I can converse a little in Cantonese but you won't believe even in NYC my Cantonese is now scorned. Mainlanders are everywhere. That little SA biotch at the Louis Vuitton store now doesn't even give me a glance. I need to speak Mandarin to get proper service. What a crazy world.
Well, when I started dating her, she was pretty straight. Then, she cheated on me with another woman. Being the idiot that I was, I thought that was sexy and perhaps my chance for a 3some would come knocking. Looking back, I totally regret my inaction. All I can say is that knowing her has neutralized my perception of homosexuality...
Where are you in the city?
Suppose, an individual, one day, decides to try something new, finds it not that great, and go back to a straight life, how likely will the experience weigh on his/her consciousness? My current love interest is a bi femme but desires surgical transformation to be a man.
Are there any US maker currently producing a swiss style tool knife? I just need a blade and scissor and I want to support our stagnant economy.
Not sure if I'm turning gay but I am no longer affected by really hot women. No more sweaty palms, my guy stays put, and secks does not even enter my mind when I talk to them. WTF?
I'm looking for a well made table lighter and I see on the net are Yibaos...I just don't think you can produce a quality lighter for $8. Any rec?
Front, back,or sideway?
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