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Apparently, a team of researchers at Notre Dame was able to use E.Coli to manufacture spider silk. You guys think we'll see some fine spider silk scarves or socks in the next few decades? Look at how nice this stuff is:
I love California but I can't stand the people, esp. the Los Angeles junk activists who impose their version of morality on others. There are so many rules and regulations that make absolutely no sense. New York is not far off from CA. The South is still my favorite part of the USA.
By 2060, the world's white population will be less than 10%. If you guys got a huge one, it's obviously not working.
NYC+San Francisco I'm seeing so many Asian guys with white girls lately...but it's weird as hell to see Asian girls with ghetto black guys
What do you guys think? Bad economy makes Asian dudes with stable jobs more attractive?
Pathetic? She's very attractive FIY, just not altogether in the head that's all. Come on, plenty of girls are like that.
I'm not sure about the custom but sporrans are cool for storing small items, and my point is that they should be more popular for casual wear rather than ceremonial wear.
I'm not Scottish but I have several sporrans made from exotic furs. I've worn them casually on and off, and most of the time I've caught people's attention. Why do you think they stare? I really think men bags should be more decorated, and fine sporrans certainly go well with leather shoes and accessories.
And you know because?
Is there such a show? I'm sick of seeing white people and their family jewels.
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