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I thought he was LK's other ego until he posted a face shot
Go to the Met musueum, and the African wing is pretty much empty. I don't see any Asian or white people, and a few black people scattered here and there in the exhibit. That is not to say African art is not appreciated but it's so difficult to verify authenticity, and therefore has zero resale value. The "craftsmanship" is so easy to replicate that you have street vendors selling such as wares outside most museums, esp. the MOMA. African art is collected for its...
The manufacturers charge high prices for products made in China for the simple reason that over time expensive Chinese goods will be the norm for their customer base. As a customer, avoid Chinese made as much as you can. When you take a bite of the forbidden apple (finding a nice Chinese cashmere scarf or silk pocket square), you'll lose that bias. It's like dating a someone out of your race for the first time. Sheryl Crow sings in one of her songs, "the first cut is...
Is he "Russian" or exSoviet? All these people who boast "European" trained or "European" expertise in the states tend to be Russian one way or another. I have no problem with the verbiage but their version of quality is quite low.
I carry a few gentleman items on a daily basis, a Fontenille compagnon, my Drew & Sons flask and card case, my Longines Conquest watch and a PFM pen and pencil set. Now, I think thimbles are quite handy in conference meetings, when people just talk out of their turn. A good thimble, when knocked on wood, can silent the crowd and harness attention to its hand painted details or guilloched shine. If that is not your thing, it can be used as a shot glass. It is an important...
what's drow? I've never felt spider silk material up close...I hope it feels like cashmere.
good thread.
I see a lot of cool designs. Does anyone know the deal with these backpacks? Are they all made by the same manufacturer? I see a lot of original designs and the price is right. Does anyone have experience buying these from Korea? Do you have a seller or design you like?
I see them in a lot of metro areas and it's always a little different from what everyone else is wearing. For one, they use bright colors. Personally, I like their styles but I need the pinpointed details as to what makes this style work.
very insightful thread. I simply do not understand how these boutique stores survive. If I ever open a retail business, it'd be to cater to the poorest segment of society...there are just so many of them to keep business afloat. Despite what this forum preaches, rich people do not sustain a permanent style. I am not rich, but I am also not poor, and I don't think I've paid retail for anything in the last 10 years.
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