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Does any of you in the Vegas area? I need accurate data to win a bet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter No, they hate your FREEDOM! (the freedom to eat whatever and as much as you want ) Although that soon will change...
Did you use a sewing machine or did you put the holes and handstitch all the way through? It looks like your work would be much more refined with the aid of modern techology, such as a laser cutter for the patterns and heavy duty sewing wares and rivet press.
I thought Obama already knew this...Harvud law and all
It"ll all comes down to "sexual" charges to deter the reporters. One can learn sth from the wikileaks case.
I hope Jesus comes back as a traditionally dressed semitic man. That ought to piss off some hardcore Neo Nazis and these Koran burning pyros.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knowledge is King Italian style http://www.kishidadays.com/yanchamen/ Girolamo of LEON fame http://www.leon.jp/girolamo/ Streetwear http://honeyee.com/blog/index.html Thanks. I'd appreciate more recommendations if you know more.
More like Mao Whitman...you can't escape seeing her images. I was taking a load while surfing ebay...and bam...there she was right at the top with smiling grade schoolers. I was suddenly overcome with constipation.
Lol. Def. Pawnage. That idiot is entertaining to no end. Perhaps, he was thinking about this man:
Does anyone know (links) some quality Japanese language style blogs? I'm learning the language and would like to practice my reading comprehension.
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