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Chester Arthur and Herbert Hoover. Both were dashing gentlemen presidents by all accounts. FDR came close though.
wow. Great photography CunningSmeagol
12 years ago, I swam here (came on boat, but had to swim the last 120 kilometers or so) to the California coast from Saigon. You are fortunate to have immigrated to the the US with your family.
It looks hand-made.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I also happen to have fraternal twins, which is a very good place to experiement. for the first year are so they ate exactly the same, for the next 2 years they were served exactly the same, and ate almost exactly the same. they are the same hieght, one is 30% heavier than the other. if, between them, they have had a pound of candy and cookies in 3 years it is a lot. one of them is taking chicken and apples and...
very nice watch. ^
I'd love to see some pics of these tweed bow ties. Must be mean weather to call for one.
I should perhaps go back to the london lounge. Way too much spam here.
The answer is yes, and I've done it myself. I suppose it's like shortening a suit, where the proportion of the overall height to the pockets will be off and altering to accommodate shorter fingers will be easier than the other way around. That said, very few alteration specialists will take on the job and you may need to visit a specialty luggage store for the job. My gloves were not very expensive so I took on the job myself.
Dear Whnay, For some items, quantity is in itself quality. Such examples include socks, undergarments, and shoe laces. For other items, quality will always be a real virtue, and something I've striven for my whole life. So my answer is both.
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