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If you're Asian and are reading this , don't be shy, say "hello".
I get the feeling that there are a lot of Asian posters on this board but I don't know why so many don't post on a regular basis. I only know two: foo and LK...
The foods in China are not that great. Street foods in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the best...I still don't understand how a little old lady vendor can make such a mean noodle soup in Hanoi or Chiang Mai....
I moved to France because of him....
I have some antique royal worcestor service wares of excellent quality but they have lead in them. I still eat with them every day though. Since I don't smoke, I may as well enjoy another health risk.
The thing is that CEOs will always get hired when they leaving a failing company since they have insider knowledge in a certain industry. This is also why they get hired to a certain company in the first place.
I like ripley
I've gotten SAB cases and some nice RL ones for less than $1200. Then, the nick guy on ebay got some nice vintage croc cases that go for not much higher....patience is nirvana.
what I don't understand is that when these bullies go to prison sucking another man's stick isn't a bad thing anymore. Am I right?
What is his name, what doe he do, how old?
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