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A buddy of mine worked for a Las Vegas bar and grill and found a wallet left on the counter by a client. He took it to a shop to pawn and the owner told him it was made from Iguana skin which is illegal for him to sell and that only Russian Mafia guys have them. So my buddy took it back and put it in the lost bin...a few days later, the owner came back and gave him $200 in tips. The only bizarre thing about this story is that somewhere in the world people make wallet...
Where do you guys go to buy insanely expensive home interior goods? Like a lead crystal planter and shagreen service trays?
I've been wanting to get a frog silver buckle but they're so hard to find. Are there other makers out there besides kieselstein?
how do these shoes compare to Lobb/CJ in terms of price?
I think the quality of life in Canada is probably the best in the world. I really envy them. I wish I was born in Canada.
I dropped out of law school and plan to do something more fun with my life. Right now, I have two options, attend culinary school or join the military. I think option 1 seems like a better fit.
I got this Gloverall and I want to replace the OEM toggles with Native Alaskan made baleen/whalebone. Does anyone know a source? Are there any manufacturers who collaborate with Native Alaskans to make clothing products in the US?
USPS is still the only reliable carrier. I've shipped and received packages from them for years and only "1" time was there a delayed package.
What makes Asian people gravitate towards site like this? Speaking as an Asian guy, I notice that most of my Asian friends don't give a shit about fashion/style but as soon as they finish school (in their mid to late 20s) they don't even shop at J. Crew anymore and want everything bespoke. I think Asian people really appreciate quality but they tend to also be more realistic when the time requires it.
If you're Asian and are reading this , don't be shy, say "hello".
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