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I used a small flat head screwdriver from an eyeglass kit.
very nice.
uhmmmm, that ain't no poor man's watch.
They are noisy watches.
My NOS Raketa I picked up off of ebay and new leather band also from ebay. $56 total for a brand new watch.
Enjoying mixing in the NATO style bands with wearing a suit. Not going to make it a habit, but once in a while it feels good to sport a watch without a leather or metal band at the office.
Here is my weekender with the orange/blue strap.
Finally picked up a Timex Weekender at Target today.
I have bought two of this exact watch at Walmart over the last few years. The chrome finish will wear off over time. Get more compliments on this cheapo watch than any other I own.
2 Aquascutum 38R blazers and some cheap ties for sale.
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