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I've stuck with the thin MOP buttons for the past two years and have had less than 3 buttons fail. (I machine wash my shirts as well). I like the look of the thick MOP buttons, but don't trust the quality of the MT thick MOP buttons as has been reported here.
Don't account for shrinkage. Chest looks good, arm circumference looks good. Can't tell but collar looks tight? Reduce waist by at least 1.5-2". Shorten sleeves by .5-1" and reduce the cuff size. Get rid of those ridiculous darts, MTM shirts don't need them.
Decrease:Shoulder width: 1"Chest: 1.5-2"Waist: 2"Hips: 1-1.5"Sleeve width: 1-1.5"Decreasing the sleeve width will help with the bunching at the cuffs. You seem like a fairly slender build, your shirt should reflect this. Narrow everything down and try again. Not a bad first try, probably fits better than most OTR shirts, but could be much better.
ModernTailor should come to my house with a truck full of fabric, let me inspect the fabric, measure me precisely, construct the shirt on site, place it on me and make sure it is perfect, and guarantee it for years afterward. Only then will I be satisfied. Oh wait, MT is a discount Chinese online MTM shit maker... There are lots of other online MTM shirt makers out there. Go find one that will fit your needs and quit trying to make MT something it's not. If MT makes...
I used a small flat head screwdriver from an eyeglass kit.
very nice.
Do you know whether it's a trial shirt fabric? On-sale fabric? 80 thread count? Single or two-ply? Sea Island fabric? No, you don't. Neither do I because that fabric is already not available on the site, as is the case with most MT fabrics. You are obviously wanting MT to be something it is not. You should probably find another shirt maker.
It's not asking too much. I never said that. I said the more you want the more you have to pay. MT doesn't routinely stock non-brand name fabrics with any consistency. Their non-brand name fabrics change all of the time, always have. To test each fabric for opaqueness, put it on the website to suit your needs would add time and manpower. That costs money, which in turn raises prices. I don't want prices to go up on the non-brand name fabrics that MT routinely sales...
MT "must provide".... I just love it when customers tell a company how to run their business, especially a Chinese company. Want more fabric reliability go spend more money elsewhere. There are lots of online MTM outfits that will meet your specific needs for a price point higher than MT's. The more options, variety, and customer service you want and request, the higher the price goes. I don't want the prices to go up.
measure the shirt as you want it made. If the darted shirt you own fits, then measure it from side to side. Don't "self-adjust" your measurements unless it doesn't fit the way you want it to. MT makes the shirt to the measurements you provide.
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