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Sorry, I thought this thread read "Penis"
Dude...I would love to be able to justify one of these, but I don't play enough double kick to justify it! My Iron Cobra serves me just fine. I'll put the word out though. That price is a steal!
Wow, some people on here can be real dicks. I agree with not asking a woman out while she's shopping at your store. However, there's nothing wrong with some casual flirting. If you're a good salesperson, entering into conversation shouldn't be all that hard stemming from a discussion about the products. If she's interested, she'll talk. Remember though: 1. Don't be too blatant about it or your boss might get pissed off 2. If she's got a wedding band...
Quote: Originally Posted by oscarthewild +1 Need picture of mother too. Is she a prep? - Need picture of mom too. Is she hot?
To do it properly, you should render the fat and let the duck cure in its own fat for at least a few days before the final cooking stages. Traditionally, confit evolved from having to store the duck meat in its own fat outdoors during the winter, before the days of refrigeration, typically for weeks or even months at a time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Augustus Davies Thats nice!....but big timers don't carry briefcases.......... Unless of course their name is Thomas Crown and they're stealing artwork from the Met.
I don't know the town well, as I've only visited a couple of times. However, the Opera is world class, and next to the opera house on the left there's a little restaurant that serves some of the best pizza I've ever had. Also, hike up the mountain behind the old town. Play chess outdoors in the Domplatz. Get a bike. Check out the Toy Museum. Also, try Aventinus beer. Lots of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt We went as the 1972 Israeli Olympic team. BRUTAL
Quote: Originally Posted by cimabue Originally Posted by robdpittman As a proud Canadian, I suggest to simply put a Canadian flag on your backpack It was seeing so many examples of this little stratagem when I lived in Europe twenty years ago that I lost a lot respect for Canadians, which has not been regained to this day. I don't know why it bothers me, but it does. Maybe its because separating themselves with a little maple leaf made Canadians...
Check out Silvio Bresciani on 42nd between Broadway and Bryant Park. I got a beautiful tux (off the peg, but tailored) for just under 2k. I also have a suit from there which I'm very happy with. It's just a small shop that I stumbled upon once while in the city, but I've been back several times after my first experience.
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