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That's a pretty skirt. Well done, fatty
More great apartments Piled to the ceiling, off the to left Chairs piled into the corner - Check. Hideous yellow lamp on the floor - Check. Bag of sugar to the left, can of beer nuts behind the door. Open garage can right in the open. Priceless. Oh look, more booze on top of the fridge. This woman is 40 years old, BTW. More random stacked SHIT Stacked crap, stage left
You'll find the same scenario in virtually every photo. Stacked chairs, clothes piled all over, random moving boxes sitting around, garbage on counters, countless worthless plastic trinkets, etc. These women are pigs in every sense of the word. 6 bottles of wine sitting on her counter? By the looks of her apartment she isn't having company over anytime soon.
So are we all in agreement that buttoned-up, double breasted mini jackets look silly? Thus far people have only posted pics of single breasted coats.
I'm usually pretty opinionated and overbearing, but I think I'm 100% correct when saying this; DSquared is total fucking garbage. Insanely priced, boring, bland, garbage.
I was shopping Alienware and Falcon Northwest for my latest build. FN got factored out completely b/c the pricing is in the $4k+ range. I built a few Alienware rigs that looked good for around $2000-2500. Just as a test I built my own on New Egg. Ended up $900. (minus case, fans, hard drive, power supply) If you price out the parts yourself, it gets really hard to justify the professional builds. And I think you should build to be disposable anyway. I put together a...
Since both doors are up and working, I'm assuming he didn't wreck it. Otherwise they would've been stuck shut. It also looks like the damage is purely from the fire.
It was an amendment, not a complaint.
Surely there's a smaller violin for this scenario
Quote: Originally Posted by j These rules are not new, but it's possible you haven't read them before and we will be enforcing them more closely. No swearing/inflammatory content in topic titles No swearing/inflammatory content in signatures - if a quote, at least **** out the swear words Put 'NSFW' (stands for 'not safe for work') in the title of any thread that contains questionable content, e.g. girly pics. No NSFW/offensive pics in avatars -...
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