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Just got a pair of elephant 2 skinny guys, sized down one like the size chart on blueowl indicated but I’m worried about whether or not they’ll stretch enough. I can barely get the last button done but none of the others. I’m considering soaking them to get them to soften up a bit but I’m thinking it might just be better to send them back and get them TTS. What do you guys think?
Hollows makes some amazing stuff. Here's a quick shot of the wallet he made for me: Used for a little over a month now, just applied some Obenaufs LP
price dropped
price dropped! get at me
Didn't really like the fit. Worn maybe 10x. Hot soaked once when I first got them. No color loss or fading and very minor creasing in the thighs, cuffs, and back of the knees. The leather patch came undone but I had it sewed back on by a local tailor. Haven't had a problem with it since. $270>$250>$235 shipped excuse my poor photography
It'll make it a bit darker but apply a coat of Obenauf's. Stuff works great.
Quote: Originally Posted by UNDFTDGee You gotta love Supreme. I think it's one of the top brands today. dude's got my name and he's making it look bad
Fuck the top, look at those pearls. Steez for dayz
Get some tighter pants and let them stack. This is your only option
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