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Once again:No, End doesn't "have duties."The country in which you live--not the company you purchase something from--might impose import duties depending on their regulations. You live in Canada. You should email Canada and ask them.
Got it.
But the Barrie last isn't your US size. If you're a 12 Barrie, you;re likely a 12.5 US.
The materials & construction are great. The fit depends on the year it was made. During the first year, BB resurrected two old styles from their catalogue; since then, they've been made in Regent cuts.
FYI, I called about the order I placed last night; they took care of the price adjustment in 2 minutes.
This happened last year as well. The short-term fix was to check out as a guest, rather than signing into your account. You'll probably need to call customer service tomorrow to have them apply it to this order.
Ahhh--I see. I had worried that might be the case.
Thanks for this info. I've been happy with Morrrow's for years. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Roman in the shop for quite some time--I'm not sure if he's still there. I've always had great luck with Pancho, but he has;t been there for 6 months or so now. I wasn't crazy at all about the new guy, & he really screwed up one pair of pants. I'm happy to hear that Pancho's still available--I'll be heading his way this weekend.
You need to click on "View All" to get the full list.
Today is Hermes Rocabar. I have a bottle from around 15 years ago that's almost empty. I'm afraid to ask if it's been reformulated.
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