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Really? I also ordered the cream houndstooth. I guess they're not going by fabric, then. How does it look?
I also haven't received mine. I was hoping to wear it on Thanksgiving, but no such luck.
When he's 34 feet from the net?
THe new Hyde shirt they've listed says "Proudly made in Portugal."
There are a few Northern American stockiest that I'm aware of. You can order direct from LAFCO: http://www.lafco.com. New London Pharmacy (also in NYC) http://www.newlondonpharmacy.com, and the perfume shoppe (in Vancouver, BC & Scottsdale, AZ) http://www.theperfumeshoppe.com also stock Villoresi.Barneys began to stock some, but never got past home fragrances, IIRC.Villoresi is one of my favorites. In addition to PN, Yerbamate and Incensi are part of my regular rotation....
2 more swatches not in badsha's list:
Grandpa kicks ass.
Please sir, I want some more.
They're pants. You should have hemmed.
New sweater added
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