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Today, a sample of Lorenzo Villoresi 25 Insieme, a limited edition released at Fortnum & Mason to commemorate LV's 25th anniversary. Unremarkable. Villoresi has really been neutered by IFRA. I haven't been impressed by any of his releases in the past 5 years, and the reformulations are tragic.
About 10 hours in & it's now pretty faint, but I'd say I got a good 8 hours.
I'll let you know--I'm a few hours in & still going strong
Tom Ford Orchid Soleil. I'm really enjoying this. There's a chestnut ream note in this (which is also in Fat Electrician) which is very pleasant.
"Prices as marked." They don't deduct an additional 40%.
Further drops at Oki Ni
SOLD Brand new in the box. Common Projects Achilles low in green. These are perfect & unworn, in original box with extra laces. Stock photo for now; pics forthcoming.$240 + shipping
BTW, there's a thread for that.
Need Supply has additional drops
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