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FYI: Barneys has a single pair of Maltongs on sale for $239 in US 7.5
Where did you get yours? I've been looking for A USA source, but have yet to find one.
MMM recently did a series of Converse that were painted.
15% off 1t Yoox one day only: ONEDAY
I could definitely be interested--this was on the 2298, right?
No. They are different companies, each with their own factory. Sanders does make shoes for other companies: Mark McNairy and, at least at one point, Oliver Spencer.
Slim measurements: 17" shoulders, 19.5" chest Regular measurements: 17.5" shoulders, 20.5" chest
SOLD Please note that prices listed do not include shipping charges. If you are interested in purchasing any items, please PM with the items you’re interested in, as well as your location (zip code or country, if outside of the US). I will respond with a total price including actual shipping charges, and my Paypal address. If I haven’t received payment within 12 hours, I will make the items available to other buyers. BROOKS BROTHERS BLACK FLEECE NAVY SUIT...
Wow--I turned this off with about 10 minutes to go with NO up like 19. What happened?
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