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The professor returns!
Back to Black
As far as I know, fragrances are excluded, unless they're discontinuing something.
Interesting. The last ones I bought (granted, this was years ago) were imported.
I actually prefer the collar. The price tag is at least partially a result of the US manufacturing.
I have one of the new OCBDs. The roll is definitely better than before--I don't find the collar to be larger, though. I'm not as crazy about the fabric. As others have mentioned, it's fairly thin. I think I prefer the Kamakura.
Hermes Equipage today
My experience with retricker has been mixed. Occasionally, they sell first quality shoes, but usually they have some kind of defect. Unfortunately, they never describe the defect in the listing. You can scour the pictures to try to figure out what's wrong (and the pictures don;t always reveal the problems), or you can email. Often, by the time they respond (if they respond), the shoes you want may have sold. The cordovan boots from this morning sold within half an hour of...
Corner code? Never mind. It's TCDESIGNER16, good on Spring/summer items
Moi aussi
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