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For those of you who were looking at the suede chukkas, they are indeed made by Sargent, not Loake. Last 87D.
THe jury's out on those, as no one seems to have see them first-hand. I have a pair on order; I'm betting they're Sargent.
I tried one on a few months ago. It was very nice; I remember thinking that I could never justify the $1600 or so they wanted for it. It did fit on the slim side.
026 is a Loake last.
Frankly, this is the only reliable indicator.
Thanks for the answer--what identified them as Loake, if I may ask?
I'd still like to know if anyone has firsthand knowledge of (i.e. has seen and handled) a recent BB Peal shoe that 's made by Loake.
That thread is a perfect example of the speculation that drives these discussions. The shoe that the first person links to is, according to one post, "too cheap for C&J," and might be Chaney. In fact, it's made by C&J. The rest of the thread largely recycles information from years past. AFAIK, no one has confirmed that Loake currently makes shoes for B&B. The only Peal shoes I've seen this season are C&J or Sargent. I just wonder if anyone who has actually handled these...
Has anyone confirmed that these are actually Loake & not Sargent?
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