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Amazing half from Duncan.
All the shirts are discounted further, IIRC
It's not only the lengthy shipping time that's the problem. I cancelled the order, and two weeks later they charged me and shipped it. No communication, no responses to my return requests, nothing.
Avoid lerayonfrais like the plague. One of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. I ordered some things from them & they guaranteed shipping within 3 days. When I hadn't head from them in a week, I contacted them & received no response. Over the next week, I contacted them two more times, again with no response, and then sent them an email canceling the order. Two weeks later, they charged my credit card, shipped it to me, and then (and only then) contacted...
Fat Electrician
Left arm: Cologne Cedrat Right Arm: Fat Electrician today's arrivals from Parfum1.com--props to them for sending me 20% off coupons every few weeks.
"2nds" is the first word of the description.
Hmm--on me Idole lasts all day.
Idole de Lubin
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