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These retail for $400?Aren't these made by Hertling, the same folks who make Epaulet, Haberdash & Howard Yount? And if so, why the $400 retail?
What do you think of it?
I feel like I should love it. Like I feel I should love Terre d'Hermes. Just not happening. Though the Y is better this time around.
Tonight, my semiannual application of Yatagan. A few times a year, I think, "I should really give this another try." Yet again, Yatagan fails to do it for me. Not terrible this time, but still not a convert. Fortunately, the bottle was cheap. I'll return it to the back of the shelf & give it another go in the fall.
Bogue Maai today
The crazy thing is nobody on the OKC bench looked surprised at all.
Wow. The end of the OKC/GS game. 32 feet.
Lumière Noire pour moi aujourd'hui
I would guess that as well. I have two captoe Trickers & they're both 4497
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