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I swear the Suns have only 4 players on the floor. GSW has 3 players open at all times.
Anyone ever love a sample, only to find that the full bottle disappoints? Years ago, this happened to me with Bois du Portugal, and more recently with a bottle of Italian Cypress. Not sure if I got bottles from a bad batch, or what.
Cue jetsplosion in 5...4...3...2...
If you go to the Fed Ex website, there's link in the left column to "Access FedEx Delivery Manager." One of the options is "Hold at Fed Ex Location," which gives you a list of available locations. I'm not sure how it works elsewhere, but when I do this, the package is always there by 10:00 AM.
You can have Fed Ex packages held free of charge at any Fed Ex/Kinkos store, not just at the distribution center.
Do you have a date for this?
& apparently no US shipping
Nice pants, zippy. In today's comic relief department, a $1200 pair of Tricker's on eBay
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