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I continue to love mine.
FTR, the 25% sale that BB that starts tonight (at midnight PST) is not a Corporate event. It applies across the site, including to sale merchandise (with the normal exclusions).
I find it's quite easy to work into a regular rotation, particularly in colder months.
Shipping is free for the sample pack. Dump the candle & it should zero out the shipping.
I take the same in 4497 and 2298. The 2298 is somewhat tighter in the toebox. Despite its popularity, the Barrie last is almost useless as a benchmark. Alden says it's "about" half a size large.
Nice Nakaya.
THe code 70OFF takes 70% off of everything--not just what's in the sale section. 2 problems: almost everything is sold out, and much of what isn't sold out is excluded.
The basenoter said that he got it from an inside contact. The speculation was that TF was keeping it under wraps until after the Vert series was released.
Someone on basenotes has a bottle of Ombre Leather 16 &already did a split.
I have the Stows, but can't comment on the Bourtons.
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