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No idea. They're about 10 years old
Actually, they're some old beater J Crew jeans. Sacrilegious, I know.
I did not read "button" the first time. Thought it was an edmorel post.
& I am wearing Tilda Swinton
Just got the moto jacket yesterday. Unbelievable.
Yes, Villoresi still owns it, AFAIK. However, post-IFRA, his sauce got weak. Piper Nigrum is possibly my favorite fragrance of all time, but the new formulation (in the clear bottle, not the frosted bottle) lacks the depth and complexity of the original.
I hope it's a pre-formulation Lorenzo. The new versions are painfully pale.
25% off Cardholder Event happening now (in the USA--don't know what's going on up there in Canada)
Nahh. I just don't like the metal loop that's visible on the back of the top button.
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