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But he sometimes quit smoking for the playoffs.
There's a store at 67 Jermyn Street that might stock a few Trickers. Now if only I could remember the name...
The Mastercard
Half of what you paid.
I generally find that they process the return within a week of receiving it. If you use their in-house return label, it can take a while to get to them. If you have Shoprunner, it goes much more smoothly.
You can always buy multiples & return what you don't want
I had no problem.
Yikes--I just discovered that there are/were multiple sizes for some of those Rivets.
Mike: is the sizing on these different? My slate tennis trainers were listed a sUS 9/ EU 42 (which is, I believe, standard). The are listed as US 9 / EU 41.5.
Wow. Those pants went fast.
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