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I imagine your credit card company would have a different opinion, if you wanted to press the matter.
No idea. I assume they're clearing inventory. THey may get more, but I doubt they'll be the same price.
FYI: Haberdash in Sweden (not the one in Chicago) has a few pairs of Maltons & Stows on sale. THey work out to about $360 shipped to the US: http://www.haberdash.se/en/art/brand/trickers/
Sorry, I thought you were referring to the jodhpurs, which are most definitely Sargent.
The ankle boots are Sargent. I'm willing to bet the wingtip boots are as well.
I can't discuss that at this time.
For those of you who were looking at the suede chukkas, they are indeed made by Sargent, not Loake. Last 87D.
THe jury's out on those, as no one seems to have see them first-hand. I have a pair on order; I'm betting they're Sargent.
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