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EDWARD GREEN MALVERN III SZ 8/8.5 F $675+ shipping Brand new in the box. Edward Green Malvern III Spectators, great for spring & summer. On the 82 last. These are labeled "nutmeg suede / khaki twill." Size is labeled 8/8.5 (UK/US), F width; please know your size, as I can't accept returns.
I hadn't read that before, but it confirms a feeling I've often had about Azzaro.
If it was labeled "Luxury" in the description (like this suit), then in all likelihood it was Lardini. If it was Golden Fleece, I'm not sure.
I believe they're Lardini.
Slumberhouse Kote today
How does the sizing run on these?
Is this still available, & if so, could you post the actual chest measurement?
Gothic Hippy Vampire Acid Trip
Ummm.....but they do provide measurements. Every item has a sizing tab in the description:If you click on the "size help and measurements" link, you get detailed measurements:
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