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I find them to be great as outerwear down to maybe 45-50 degrees.
I'd say that's exactly what professional sports are about. Every sport has its sacred narratives of players who play through injury, who transcend the apparent limitations of the human body, who suffer disastrous injury and who either return to play or who are forever sidelined, etc. Whether it's Willis Reed walking out of the tunnel at MSG, Vinko Bogataj wiping out in Germany, or Muhammad Ali crippled by Parkinsons, images of the physical ravages wrought by sports are...
INVERLALAN SWEATERS Falloch Sweater just added. 3 brand new, unworn Inverallan sweaters. 1 is a Falloch Cardigan (a new model under the Strathtay label, which is similar to the 3A, but without the cable knit) in black marl. It is tagged a 38, but measures larger (and longer): It's closer to a 40, I'd say (see measurements). The other 2 are 3A lumber cardigans, one (in natural) with the Inverallan label, one (in brown marl) with the Strathtay label. Both are size...
That discussion was about a different pair of boots (the jodhpurs), which hare made by AS.
It's an odd one. Lavender, wood, a bit of citrus & mint. People either love it or hate it, I think. I'm in the former camp.
Maitre Parfum Et Gantier Centaure.
Any word on when the rest of the FF jacket will be shipped?
Any updates on the Unionmade death march? Still haven't heard about my order.
Today, I'm wearing a sample of Masque Milano's Russian Tea. Expensive, but very satisfying. It starts off reminiscent of L'Artisan's Tea for Two (which I understand is slated for reissue), and after several twists and turns, ends up in the territory of Durbano's Black Tourmaline.
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