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Paul Ryan seems to agree.
Alden is excluded. Also, the code is actually "FRENSANDFAM"
Need Supply 25% off FRIENDSANDFAM. Excludes 48 brands.
Decisively incoherent.
AS others have suggested, the sleeves will be a little long (as is the intended style). For the record, I'm also a S in TS; I ordered a S in the jacket. The last picture that oynag posted above is mine--you can get a sense of the length there.
Idole de Lubin today.
I continue to love mine.
FTR, the 25% sale that BB that starts tonight (at midnight PST) is not a Corporate event. It applies across the site, including to sale merchandise (with the normal exclusions).
& don't forget about his stamina.
I find it's quite easy to work into a regular rotation, particularly in colder months.
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