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I think Min New York stocks Frapin, but I don't know about their shipping.
Frankly, I wouldn't recommend ordering anything from LeRayonFrais. Do a little searching, and you'll find many tales of their truly god-awful service.
You should have saved up for the new $498 dress chino.
GIMME25 for additional 25% off Hickorees sale
Additional 20% off sale items at gravitypope as well
Note as well that sale prices don't show up when you hover over the images--you've got to click through to see them (most seem to be 50% off)
This code is from January.
Majda Bekkali Fusion Sacree (Lui) today
They (or should I say you) have exactly 18 items on sale. If you just added more, how few did you have before?
Majda Bekkali Mon Nom Est Rouge today.
New Posts  All Forums: