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Thanks. There's always the tailor, you know.
I could be interested in #1--do you know the price?
Picked up the Cold Hard Cash. Now I'm EFFing broke.
Hey Mike, Any chance that the Indigo squiggle printed fabric from last time will make another appearance?
I just received the Space Ghost Driggs from the last round. The color is absolutely amazing IRL. I thought I din't need any more gray pants, but I'm so happy I got these.
Last year, I think their sale started on the 10th.
I read an article suggesting that we bring back Jason Williams.
AMEX may charge the company. The merchant agreements are not always business-friendly. And yes, the stores may blacklist you for this as well. Mr. Porter has al in in their policies about banning people who return excessively.
Were they marked as final sale last night? I don't recall seeing that when I looked last night.
Pho Bac (which was in the office building kind of place) closed a few years ago & cycled through a sushi restaurant & will soon be a burrito place. Pho King IV is closer to campus, but in a 1-story building, no offices.
New Posts  All Forums: