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Prices dropped
1 Remaining
The gift card promo begins today.
Beggars: try eBay.
You are a wise man. This is also my SOTD.
You need the card to get the 40/25 in store. Anyone can get 25% off online using the code DECBC16
I'v actually become a big fan or Sartorial. I agree that the marketing is pretty awful, but frankly that's how I feel about most fragrance marketing, which often reads like bad copy from an undergraduate creative writing class. Aas for the longevity, I'm always surprised by Sartorial: I think it's gone & then suddenly it's there an hour later.
That's a great jacket--I have one. At which outlet did you find it?
Odin Cyber Monday sale: up to 30% off, but you;ve got to dig around to find the stuff that 's on sale.
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