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I'd go for an S. We have similar measurements (I'm a touch shorter than you), and the S fits me well.
Kenny Mauer taking one for the team.
I'm looking forward to the Finals. If everyone avoids injury, it should be a good series.
20% off at Kiriko. Code: MEMORIAL
That's odd--whenever I wear it, I feel like I spilled a mojito on my chest.
It's meant to look the same, but like almost all American outlets, the clothing you're buying there is made specifically to be sold in outlets (with the exception of the occasional overstocks/past season's merchandise that eventually makes its way there). It's cheaper because it's more cheaply made: fabric, construction, etc.
The Hill-Side and Hickorees 25% off with code MEMORIALDAY
Perhaps he'll end up on Sacramento's Island of Misfit Toys
I don't have a dog in this fight. Just pointing out what I've heard people saying in SF. He has seems noticeably slower.
New Posts  All Forums: