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Shoes from British Makers Crockett & Jones, Paul Smith, Alfred Sargent & Grenson, size US 9D All shoes are brand new & unworn. All come with shoe bags and boxes, though shipping with the box may be more expensive. Please note that prices listed do not include shipping charges. If you are interested in purchasing any items, please PM with the numbers of the items you’re interested in, as well as your location (zip code or country, if outside of the US). I will respond...
Please note that price do not include shipping. If you're interested, contact me with the items you'd like to purchase, and your zipped (if in the US), or your country (if outside the US), and I will respond with a shipping quote. ***Please note: these jackets are brand new with original price tags, and are not from outlets or closeout centre. There are no ink marks on the internal tags, and they are both in perfect condition.*** Brooks Brothers Own Make 102 Blackwatch...
Not having this problem at all.
Yoox almost always lowers their prices before they announce the drops. Chances are they lowered the price last night.
Be warned--some of those may be less than 1st quality. I bought a Lumber Cardigan form them on eBay last year, and the collar was not properly attached/sat crooked; in some of the photos, some of the stitches look imperfect.
When you get the sizing details, please let me know.
I'm very interested--I just need to check on funds. Is there a separate thread for the GTMOs?
In what may be an early Christmas miracle, I believe that a chargeback that a buyer filed (after both eBay and Paypal denied his claims) has been denied. I'd been bracing for a nearly $500 hit.
Those are gorgeous. Wish I knew that was going on.
Would you mind providing actual measurements? UM measurements are often inaccurate.
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