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BTW 15% off at Brooks Brothers today.
FWIW, their sales often go live before they send out any notifications.
Nice. Where'd you get it?
I have that boot. It's remarkable.
So who got the Corthays off of Yoox? And how muc where they?
FYI theses are now listed on the website. The jacket is a Regent.
Inventory has the houndstooth
Call them.
It looks like they've changed the way they calculate the 3-for-X shirt deals. In the past, if I remember correctly, the discount would show up fairly late in the checkout process; now, the discount appears on the items in the shopping cart (i.e. the shirts are shown as being on sale in the shopping cart). The Corporate Discount doesn't apply to sale items, which may explain why people aren't seeing the discount applied to the recent orders.
New Posts  All Forums: