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Brand New accessories in orignal packaging from Brooks Brothers Black Fleece line. Prices do not include shipping. I accept Paypal payments in US funds only. PM with any questions. $600 Black Cordovan Belt sz BB2 $275 $250 $215 + shipping Sleek black cordovan belt, size BB@. IT has only 3 holes, which measure 32, 33 and 34 inches from the buckle. [ Cordovan Navy & Red Breast Wallet $275 + shipping Beautiful navy & red cordovan breast wallet. Excuse the blurry second...
The first of these is C&J (341 Last); second of these does seem to be Sargent, assuming the "87D" listed in the description is the Last.
+1 Was just about to post this. It's good through May 7.
Black Fleece shipping is erratic. Often, they ship form individual stores (as opposed to a central warehouse), which means that you're at the whim of a store employee.
I believe the 15% off promotion ended yesterday.
Yes, the 25% coupon (PRIVATESALE25)
No, it's not. If you have Corporate Discount, you get 15% off full price merchandise every day. Today, you get 15% off everything, including sale merchandise, whether you have the Corporate Card or not.
BTW 15% off at Brooks Brothers today.
FWIW, their sales often go live before they send out any notifications.
Nice. Where'd you get it?
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