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Yoox almost always lowers their prices before they announce the drops. Chances are they lowered the price last night.
Be warned--some of those may be less than 1st quality. I bought a Lumber Cardigan form them on eBay last year, and the collar was not properly attached/sat crooked; in some of the photos, some of the stitches look imperfect.
When you get the sizing details, please let me know.
I'm very interested--I just need to check on funds. Is there a separate thread for the GTMOs?
In what may be an early Christmas miracle, I believe that a chargeback that a buyer filed (after both eBay and Paypal denied his claims) has been denied. I'd been bracing for a nearly $500 hit.
Those are gorgeous. Wish I knew that was going on.
Would you mind providing actual measurements? UM measurements are often inaccurate.
Would this be a bad time to mention that Unionmade is now at an extra 40% off?
The corporate discount only applies to full-price items.
CROCKETT & JONES SEVERN BOOTS Brand New in Box. $350 + shipping These C&J brown suede boots were made by Crockett & Jones for Barneys. Brand New in the Box, they are in perfect condition, without scuffs or shopwear. 6 hole lacing with a stitched captoe. On the 359 Last, in size 8UK / 9US.
New Posts  All Forums: