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Not this time, though something similar has happened to me three times in the past.
Who makes them?
I insist that these boots are Sargents because they're made by Alfred Sargent, not by Loake.I know that they're made by Sargent, because instead of staring at online photos and pretending that I know what I'm talking about because someone at some point in an online forum I've been a part of for only a month made some kind of claim about nail patterns, I've actually handled the boots. On the inside, they're labeled with a Sargent last & width: 87D.The only visual...
We've been through this before. The boots are A&S, not Loake.
No idea. I assume they're clearing inventory. THey may get more, but I doubt they'll be the same price.
FYI: Haberdash in Sweden (not the one in Chicago) has a few pairs of Maltons & Stows on sale. THey work out to about $360 shipped to the US: http://www.haberdash.se/en/art/brand/trickers/
Sorry, I thought you were referring to the jodhpurs, which are most definitely Sargent.
The ankle boots are Sargent. I'm willing to bet the wingtip boots are as well.
I can't discuss that at this time.
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