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This happened last year as well. The short-term fix was to check out as a guest, rather than signing into your account. You'll probably need to call customer service tomorrow to have them apply it to this order.
Ahhh--I see. I had worried that might be the case.
Thanks for this info. I've been happy with Morrrow's for years. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Roman in the shop for quite some time--I'm not sure if he's still there. I've always had great luck with Pancho, but he has;t been there for 6 months or so now. I wasn't crazy at all about the new guy, & he really screwed up one pair of pants. I'm happy to hear that Pancho's still available--I'll be heading his way this weekend.
You need to click on "View All" to get the full list.
Today is Hermes Rocabar. I have a bottle from around 15 years ago that's almost empty. I'm afraid to ask if it's been reformulated.
Yes, but it's a strong nothing.
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Cuir et Champignon
Fat Electrician.
Black Orchid
I don't think it's any longer. The 2298 is narrower in the toe.
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