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I believe that all natural citrus notes rely on oils that are derived from the peels/rinds--that shouldn't make it stronger. Or do you think she meant that they were using natural (as opposed to synthesized) notes?
25% Cardholder event has begun, runs through the 23rd
I wore Chergui yesterday. Today, a sample of Naomi Goodish Iris Cendre. This could be my next full bottle.
Yes, it's still available. I'll also be adding a number of other Inverallan sweaters in different colors and styes over the next week or so. Note that these are not seconds, notr are they the lightweight wool sweaters that are showing up on eBay. These are first quality, full-weight sweaters.
Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light.
Yeah: fuck that guy.
Yes, that's how it works, as far as I understand.
It's different. They're not sending you a check.
It takes a few weeks, but I've had great experiences with EN.
I'd like feedback on 2 items before i head back to the tailor. Any feedback, tips or tweaks would be greatly appreciated. The first, a navy suit: The second, a tweed jacket:
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