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And while we're at it, can we get rid of "artisanal?"
What are the dates on the 40% card?
Malle is still cheaper form essenza nobile, if you don't mind waiting for the somewhat slow shipping. The Euro's taken a beating, so the 50 ml MOnsieur ($150 after discount at NM) is now $120 at EN.
Just a quick shout-out to Blue Button: I ordered something from them Wednesday night, just before midnight. I received it Friday at 5:00 PM. Basically next day shipping from Canada. For free.
2 Remaining
Blue in Green 20% off Friday & Saturday, + additional 5% if you spend more than $500
Rooney 25% off THANKS2016
Mr. Porter has sent an email giving folks early access to the sale 930% off) which starts tomorrow
Mr. Porter has sent an email advertising early access to the holiday sale (30% off). Says the proper stale starts tomorrow.
I wouldn't be so sure that they'll even fulfill the orders that have been placed. In general, I've had great experiences with BB. On a few occasions, though, I've ordered something that's been listed as in stock & then have been told that it's out of stock & will ship later. Sometimes, they just never materialize.
New Posts  All Forums: