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I read an article suggesting that we bring back Jason Williams.
AMEX may charge the company. The merchant agreements are not always business-friendly. And yes, the stores may blacklist you for this as well. Mr. Porter has al in in their policies about banning people who return excessively.
Were they marked as final sale last night? I don't recall seeing that when I looked last night.
Pho Bac (which was in the office building kind of place) closed a few years ago & cycled through a sushi restaurant & will soon be a burrito place. Pho King IV is closer to campus, but in a 1-story building, no offices.
But he sometimes quit smoking for the playoffs.
There's a store at 67 Jermyn Street that might stock a few Trickers. Now if only I could remember the name...
The Mastercard
Half of what you paid.
I generally find that they process the return within a week of receiving it. If you use their in-house return label, it can take a while to get to them. If you have Shoprunner, it goes much more smoothly.
You can always buy multiples & return what you don't want
New Posts  All Forums: