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& apparently no US shipping
Nice pants, zippy. In today's comic relief department, a $1200 pair of Tricker's on eBay
Lorenzo VIlloresi Piper Nigrum today.
Geranium Pour Monsieur
Black Orchid today. I agree that Tilda Swinton is truly remarkable.
Common Projects Achilles Low in Red for $169 at Barney's Warehouse. Size 12 & 13.
I'm also wearing Italian Cypress today.
In my experience, they will describe the defects if you email them. They don't always respond, however. Also, they sometimes respond after the shoes have sold.
FTR reading the descriptions is generally useless, as they don't specify what the defects or flaws are.
WINTER16 gets you 20-30% off orders over $150 at Ralph Lauren. A bunch of exclusions (including full-price RRL, etc.), but seems to apply to all sale items.
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