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The customer isn't always right. Sometimes, the customer is just an asshole.
+1 I was about to suggest Twisted Lily. Love those folks.
Milano suit sold
I accidentally put on Penhaligon's Sartorial today. I was reaching for a different sample, but pulled this instead. I've tried this in the past, & kind of thought meh. Today, though, I'm really enjoying it.
Wow. What a game.
Hello, Kyle Lowry.
Well, according to the statement the refs made after the game, Dion Waiters should have been called with an offensive foul. He also left his feet to inbound the ball, & may have gone over 5 seconds. Later, Aldridge was fouled on the rebound. That, plus the stuff you mentioned, may be the whole story. Translation: it's a massive cluster fuck.
Well, that's half of the story, yes.
This is an excellent summary of everything that went wrong on the final play.
(1) You can find cheaper (and non-defective) Trickers on sale occasionally, but you have to keep your eyes open.(2) Trickers has several PTBs, notably the Woodstock (on the 4497 last) and the Robert (most often on the 2298)(3) The RIchard is a longwing style (which I've see non the 2298 and 4444 last)Retrickers (the eBay site) is hit-or-miss in terms of selection, sizing, and quality.
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