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Unionmade almost always has an additional percentage off of their sales. It's usually 20%; some years, it;'s gone up to 40% during the final days of their sale. I can't recall if they did it last year.
Also, be aware that last night's problem seems to have returned--some thing s are appearing in the cart at a higher price than is shown on the product page.
Some of last year's merchandise now appearing in the Mr P sale. Lots of shoes just appeared.
Sorry--I thought you were referring to the mink/wool/cashmere heavyweight
I hate to be a killjoy, but I don;t see it in the drop-down.
I bought the 9s. They's been out of stock, but just reappeared yesterday.
FYI, the customer service number is a mess. It connects you to Hong Kong. I had to argue with them to get them to honor the price on the site. Unless it's somethign you absolutely need, I'd wait till they get the system ironed out.
Which Slumberhouse?
4 PAIRS OF EPAULET DRIGGS TROUSERS, ALL NWT, SIZE 33 Too many pants! 3 of these are EFF purchases, & I'm listing them here at full price, which is lower than the current MTO price. The Duck canvas Driggs, sadly, have a busted zipper--an easy repair for your tailor--and are accordingly being listed at a substantial discount. Special offer: buy all three wool pants, get the ducks for free Driggs sz 33 Antique Grey Crosshatch Tropical Wool $185 + shipping Driggs sz 33...
NWT Epaulet Driggs Charcoal 120s wool sz 34 $125+ shipping Brand new with tags. Tagged Size 34. Waist: 34.5" Front Rise: 11" Leg Opening: 7.25" Inseam: Unhemmed
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