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Their printed policy: "Price adjustments will be made within 10 days of original purchase date with original receipt present. Only items purchased at full price are subject to a price adjustment."
I got the email, but the link's no good
Oh I can get to the page just fine. It's just that nothing's coming up on sale. Everything's full price.
FYI: Barneys has a single pair of Maltongs on sale for $239 in US 7.5
Where did you get yours? I've been looking for A USA source, but have yet to find one.
MMM recently did a series of Converse that were painted.
15% off 1t Yoox one day only: ONEDAY
I could definitely be interested--this was on the 2298, right?
No. They are different companies, each with their own factory. Sanders does make shoes for other companies: Mark McNairy and, at least at one point, Oliver Spencer.
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