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Amouage Memoir Man today. I'm always frustrated by this fragrance. It's beautiful, but far too faint.
Cardholder's event through March 2. 25% off.
Brian, I never suggested that you're out to get me, nor did I claim that you were breaking the law, only that the Visa agreement says that for card-absent sales, "transactions cannot be deposited until goods have been shipped" (p. 12 of Card Acceptance Guidelines for Visa Merchants). I did imply that you're not really set up to handle online sales, a sentiment that you seem to agree with. Furthermore, despite your haughty italics and despite the several emails I've sent...
The point is, you shouldn't ever be charged until the item ships. It's written into the Visa merchant's agreement.If there's an inventory problem, then you tell the buyer that you screwed up and that the thing they ordered isn't available, and then you don't charge their card. You don't run the sale on their card and then make them contact you to reverse the charge.
So it seems that Carson Street is now competing with Unionmade. I ordered stuff, they charged me for all of it, and days later tell me that none of it's in stock.
They should send you an email when they've processed the return; I usually get one a few days before the return posts to my CC.
Today it's Fueguia 1883's Pampa Humeda, a weirdly green fragrance I keep returning to.
I'd say processing can take about a week.
Parfums Retro Grand Cuir today. A relatively recent acquisition, and already one of my favorite leathers.
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