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Chris,Would you ever consider making these jackets without the functional buttons? They sound like great jackets, but the functional buttons make them very expensive to alter. For many of us, I suspect, that's a deal breaker.
It's actually a fairy common practice online, FWIU.
Trump's Ill-fitting suits
To be fair, the headline he quoted is the original headline. CNN changed it.
Paul Ryan seems to agree.
Alden is excluded. Also, the code is actually "FRENSANDFAM"
Need Supply 25% off FRIENDSANDFAM. Excludes 48 brands.
Decisively incoherent.
AS others have suggested, the sleeves will be a little long (as is the intended style). For the record, I'm also a S in TS; I ordered a S in the jacket. The last picture that oynag posted above is mine--you can get a sense of the length there.
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