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I'v actually become a big fan or Sartorial. I agree that the marketing is pretty awful, but frankly that's how I feel about most fragrance marketing, which often reads like bad copy from an undergraduate creative writing class. Aas for the longevity, I'm always surprised by Sartorial: I think it's gone & then suddenly it's there an hour later.
That's a great jacket--I have one. At which outlet did you find it?
Odin Cyber Monday sale: up to 30% off, but you;ve got to dig around to find the stuff that 's on sale.
Naomi Goodsir Iris Cendre today
The journal is the list of sales that Styleforum is assembling: http://journal.styleforum.net/styleforum-black-friday-sale-list-2016/ If you click on the store name for any of the sales listed, the link will send you to their site.
NOt sure if this slipped through, or if it was just listed on their site: Unionmade has free shipping on all orders and 20% off sale items through 11/27
And while we're at it, can we get rid of "artisanal?"
What are the dates on the 40% card?
Malle is still cheaper form essenza nobile, if you don't mind waiting for the somewhat slow shipping. The Euro's taken a beating, so the 50 ml MOnsieur ($150 after discount at NM) is now $120 at EN.
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