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Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light.
Yeah: fuck that guy.
Yes, that's how it works, as far as I understand.
It's different. They're not sending you a check.
It takes a few weeks, but I've had great experiences with EN.
I'd like feedback on 2 items before i head back to the tailor. Any feedback, tips or tweaks would be greatly appreciated. The first, a navy suit: The second, a tweed jacket:
Just got the tweed Bedford. As others have said, it's a little roomier than previous seasons. I think this works we'll, though, as it can now function legitimately as a piece of fall/winter outerwear. My other Bedfords (half a dozen or so) are fairly fitted, which makes them harder to wear, say, with a bulky winter sweater.
Do you all have comparison pics showing the unconstructed vs the natural shoulder?
Do you know how the 81 fits relative to the 4497?
Not cordovan, but I have pair of Roberts in a very similar leather
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