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So how much does one have to spend to be a "Top Customer?"
Actually, I was joking. I've emailed multiple times and never received a response.
Why don't you email them and ask?
That's the Tobacco Color Pop Check. This, as far as I can tell, is the creme houndstooth:
So it turns out that 2 pairs of pants I bought last year from another retailer are in fabrics that match the FF fabrics, including this one: Trying to resist getting the matching jackets.
The Woodstock is on the 4497S last. If you're a 10.5 on the Brannock, I'd go with a 9.5 UK in the 4497S
I had this problem with them two years ago. Only when I sent them photos of the garment with a measuring tape would they agree that their measurements were wrong. It then took a lot longer to get them to agree to accept the return, which they did so begrudgingly and without refunding shipping. I had less luck when the the pants I received last year contained in the pocket a BART ticket and a receipt from a burrito joint, which I took to suggest that the pants had been...
I'd sign with anyone for $118 Million
Brooks Brothers B;ack Fleece Herringbone Tweed Jacket & Pants Size BB1 Please note that prices listed do not include shipping charges. If you are interested in purchasing any items, please PM with the items you’re interested in, as well as your location (zip code or country, if outside of the US). I will respond with a total price including actual shipping charges, and my Paypal address. If I haven’t received payment within 12 hours, I will make the items available to...
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