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Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut i tried several expensive brands. ended up settling on hanes comfortsoft white vnecks. best fit, best value. yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by JKISSI Street Etiquette on Waist Coat vintage brooks brother flathead sebago kenny jcrew shirt ralph tie and glasses uniqlo trousers bass shoes you, my friend, are unbelievably fresh
I'd go for more of a slim straight leg jean, skinny jeans (in my opinion) look bad on most people, but hey, that's just me something like the 511 is closer to what you'd want, or if you're trying to go raw, something like the APC new standard, which, although slightly tapered, still fit more or less like a straight leg
They're not Tom Ford's, those have the little metal "T" engrained into the frame that's visible from the front... +1 Cartier?
socks don't need to match trousers, I realize that it creates a longer looking leg if they do, but it can also look good if they add a splash of color to an otherwise "boring" sartorial area
Ah well... I'll still be coming in (time allowing) to the store in San Fran sometime this weekend
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Phone deal? I guess I really am behind, just skimming the first few pages of the thread, someone mentioned something about SF members getting a discount on a pair of jeans each month for a phone order?
I'm about to go down to San Francisco this weekend, I might have to stop by. Just wondering, as I don't have the time or patience to read through 250 pages of thread, is the SF phone deal thing still a reality?
I totally see what you're talking about, and I think that while certainly noticeable (at least to the wearer), it's not that big a deal ultimately your shoe though
Quote: Originally Posted by Seward1 Try Ledbury. www.ledbury.com Its a shirtmaker that I recently launched for this very reason. I lived in London for years and when I came back to the States I could never find shirts that fit. Our classic line is slimmer cut than most American shirtmakers and we also have a slim fit collection. The slim fits are considerably thinner in the waist and we have got a very good response from men with big...
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