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Can someone help me identify these shoes or something like them?? Thanks.
great fit on the mdr, wj4. would you mind posting your stats and the mdr measurements? thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wally_123 ^ geez your jacket is long [[SPOILER]] even if it looks fine that is still a big difference in lengths compared to what he asked for...
what were the back lengths and p2p on the size smalls?
Quote: Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike Roped shoulders. Interesting thing to put on a leather jacket. i thought drew said that eventually goes away after the leather starts to break in and settle
Quote: Originally Posted by osadolor619 Yo, I've never worn board shorts or tanks and I've been in this bitch my whole life. I don't even wear board shorts to tha beach. The white boys in PB or SDSU do wear that but they don't represent tha whole city. ohh, you are the swim in mesh basketball shorts at the beach type
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol they look like leather vaginas. or evil mouths emerging from the darkness great. now i'll think about that every time i see open pockets on a leather jacket
weird that you asked. just got a cheap monday black denim jacket and have been wondering the same thing.i just been sportin a black zip up hoodie under with some jeans and black boots. darker colored plaid shirts work good too
Quote: Originally Posted by halisray Wow Kate Moss's boyfriends face looks like ass. drugs will do that
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