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Woolrich Woolen Mills Fishing Jacket BNWT Size Large. Never worn, only tried on. $100 USD plus shipping OBO
LVC 501's 33x38 selvedege. Never hemmed. Washed twice and worn for two months on and off but in very good condition. $110 USD plus shipping obo. w - 16.5 r - 11 t - 11.5 k - 8.5 h - 8
First post here: J Crew Lambswool Klaxon Howl popover chambray LVC 1947's (These jeans are blowing my mind. Love them so much) LL Bean Katahdins Color is all over the place. Probably most ttl in the sweater pic Criticism is appreciated
For sale is 1 medium Epaulet CPO shirt jacket in grey. The jacket is brand new never worn. Tried it on once. Super thick 21 oz Italian Melton Wool. It's going for $250 USD on Epaulet, will sell for $230 shiped to anywhere in the US or Canada (I am located in Toronto). For anyone that lives in Toronto and can pick it up, I can do $200
I just pickedthese up on ebay for 61 bucks. What I am really interested in is buying into the latest pre-order for some Alden Roy boots from Context. When I saw these on for 60 dollars I figured I would give them a try also. Would this auction price be considered a reasonable deal? Can anyone lend some insight on the AA/B sizing? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by i10casual Thanks to Adele for taking the time to get me a tracking number. Pretty cool to do during a crazy week. I should be so good to my customers. +1 on this. She has been awesome through my consecutive returns.
Also 6'1 here and about 175 lbs. I wear a 33.
Got the grey in medium so I can layer under a bulkier coat (it's -14 C in Toronto today!). Looks awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz what colour are/were these? think you may have washed them too often/soon These were the indigo weird guys.
xposted from BS thread. This is about 3-4 months of solid wear with 2 washes.
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