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Are the pockets on the SL's the same as the the APC NS?
Will there be another contest for 2010? I just got an SL indigo.... Can we also get more fit/wear pics?
Are these available?
wht happened with these? why didnt you like them?
Anyone have an answer for OP's question regarding the aging characteristics of Shell Cordovan in a wallet?
Anyone know of any Natural Leather goods companies comparable to Tanner Goods but perhaps a little more affordable? I'm looking for some standard belts an wallets that will age nicely and wont cost me too much... Thanks for input.
What an obnoxious email to read. I'm tempted to print out a copy for the sole reason of wiping my ass with it.
bad idea to wear my 2 month old STF's in the rain today?
my threads
Quote: Originally Posted by Regal Anytime you soak and dry the jeans you're gonna lose the creasing that has started, but it will come back pretty quickly, especially if you wear them when they're just a bit damp. Cold soak them inside out with no soap for just long enough to get them wet and you shouldn't lose much indigo at all. If you hang dry them inside out you might even be able to take a blow dryer to the areas that you felt were too stretched...
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