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Thoughts: It's a really good looking wallet! Nicely worn. I expected much worse bending though...that doesn't seem too bad really and I doubt the problems with the cards are due to that slight bend... it is odd how the cards fit those tanner wallets'd think they'd have a slightly better fit... as for the mag stripe... I'd try a business card or something else as a liner... its a shame those wallets have those few minor flaws...they look stellar. Good...
Quote: Originally Posted by PeterParker I've been using a Tanner bifold wallet; however, it's been wreaking havoc on my credit card. In less than a year, I've had to replace my card 3 times because the mag stripe keeps crapping out. I switched to a chip card, and now the chip is failing. I keep the minimum number of cards in my wallet so it's pretty slim; the card in question sits in a slot by itself (the upper right slot). I noticed that all of my...
how is the fade on black NS's?
I'm also waiting on a wallet that we finished discussing a weekend or so ago...staying patient as he's been very in touch regarding everything so far, but have not heard back from him in a while. I def want the wallet we discussed...hopefully it works out soon.
Whats the word on fading in the blacks? Anyone have pictures?
Thanks a lot.... and nice fit IGF
if someone wouldn't mind for this newb, to directly compare the fit/cut of the SL-100 vs. 501 STF... what would be expected differences in cut/fit thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by DenimFreak411 Sup guys I was thinking about getting the ST-100x. Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they stretch enough, such as thigh at all? The consensus seems to be that this denim does not stretch very much. Read the thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles There are a bunch of different things you can do with that cardboard patch if you just aren't feeling it. I'm not a big fan of labels (although I doubt anyone will ever call you a label whore for wearing Levi's). I often make subtle changes to my clothes, be it changing the buttons, removing labels, tailoring or something more creative if a good idea pops into mind. Here are a few options for you. A) just pull...
How heavy is the 501 STF denim? (in ounces)
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