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Scott is good people, he'll get back to you eventually. He recommends horsehide for belts, holds up better and ages nicer apparently.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya 3sixteen+, launching at all Self Edge stores on August 4th. So, what can we expect from the new line? Very curious.
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Quote: Originally Posted by DenimDan Here are a few pics of my J.Crew Cafe racer jacket. It's got about 12 years of wear on it and I love every inch of it. Christ. That is fucking awesome. Wow.
How did this go??? Pics?
501 Selvedge STF's from as linked earlier in thread:
snuff, to what degree would you expect these to shrink?
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy just got these in..will take measurements tomorrow things i dont like: zipper fly, somewhat lower rise and ass fit could be better... prob due to pocket size and placement..but def worth the 78.00 i paid for them i wear a 28 in apc ns and these are 31x34 [see prev post for which jeans] I just got mine in too. I'm disgusted by the PAINTED ON back pocket I...
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Just wanted to say thanks for making the 40% off coupon public knowledge. Plan on picking up a pair of the "Not STF, but really they are" Rigid Selvage 501's. Which ones are these exactly again? link to order form? I ordered the matchstick selvedge...will try to post pics when the come
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