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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Depends on what you want out of your denim. Personally, I don't buy the same jeans twice and there'd be a lot more similarities than differences with the '47s. If you dont mind...please point out some of the main similarities I'd encounter with SL100 vs LVC '47? How would the cone mills denim compare with the Kaihara? Honest questions, thanks
$300 tops... I was just checking out the LVC 1947's on didn't realize what a slimmer cut that really is than today's 501... I am seriously drawn towards those, that pair they posted is jaw dropping.
What are some good upgrades from my 3sixteen SL100's? I like the slim straight fit, maybe slightly slimmer...just looking to take this to the next level... I know the obvious answer would be 3sixteen+, and I haven't ruled it out, I'm just interested in checking out another brand for my second pair of raws. I've enjoyed my SL's so damn much I think it would be worth it to step it up to something serious for my 2nd pair. Thoughts?
Marty McFly with a pal as Doc Brown. Home Run.
I'm a newb here and I knew this was a mock thread from title and user alone. Well played though.
great thread...
$208, Made in USA..... what would you say is unattractive? the engineer style in and of itself or something specific to this boot?
For my first pair of "quality" footwear that will age gracefully? Would be worn with raw denim mostly in a psuedo-office setting where I can get away with a lot. Quality purchase? Will I find comfort in being in my feet in these for hours on end? Quality leather to age? Other suggestions? Thanks
A new pair of Rainbow sandals is a lot like a pair of raw denim really. The whole draw for a lot of people is that, by putting time and continued wear into something, you eventually come away with something 'customized' to your specific body/movements/wear. Everyone's Rainbows become unique to their foot, just like everyone's denim becomes unique to their wearer. Rainbows are very comfortable once broken in a little bit and are well worth the money. They are also true...
Can anyone identify this design/style/etc?
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